Star Wars Screenshots (Game Boy)

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Title Screen
Cruisin' Through the Desert in Luke's Speeder
Inside the Jawa Sandcrawler
Tusken Raider!
Mos Eisley
Millenium Falcon
Going up in the stairs.
This animal runs behind you and it attacks with ferocity. Run, Luke, run!
If you jump of a certain height, your life bar is reduced. Look out!
The astrodroid can be close...
This droid has an important message to somebody...
This bug has a powerful attack. Kill it before something of bad happens!
This can be a good hour to kill a distracted enemy!
You're surrounded for two bad guys. Take care!
Heavy artillery!
After some troubles in all Mos Eisley, you finally meets Han Solo!
He has something to talk you...
You must walk a long distance until finding the Millennium Falcon. Be prepared!
A parked Tie Fighter.
OK! Millennium Falcon found, go to space now!
"You don't know the power of the dark side!"
Luke Skywalker, with the lightsaber, cruising the Death Star elevators.
Many different living forms can be found in a galaxy far, far away... like this big noise alien! :-D
Now, Han is surrounded by some droids.
Your next mission is eliminate the tractor beam.
"Where are the exit?"
This compartment in Death Star has a bad smell... and obviously a bad smell boss. :-(
Intermission scene – With the Falcon rescued, it's time to fly and continue its journey to free the galaxy!
A lot of space-shooting-action in Millennium Falcon: destroy some Tie Fighters to advance.
Death Star trench battle on course: non-stop action with the X-Wing!