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Super Mario Land Screenshots (Game Boy)

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Game title
The beginning...
One of the secret tunnels
The plant gives you the ability to launch fireballs
Use your shots to get coins from narrow spaces
A bonus at the end of each level
Diverse scenery
You can kill the boss or just jump over him.
You only get to the bonus games after bosses or by reaching the upper exit of a level.
These enemies shoot their heads at Mario.
Mario on Easter Island?
Riding a rock to get past the spikes.
In a cave
Do you like flying platforms? Good, because there are a whole lot of them in this game ...
Another boss
Mario in a submarine
Mario vs. angry hopping Chinese vampires
Mario in an airplane
Mario enters to the coins room but he needs to hurry up to clear the road
Classic Mario Gameplay TM
money, money, money....
Flying platforms
Jump, jump, jump - go to the right....