Super Robot Taisen Screenshots (Game Boy)

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Game Boy version

Title screen
Choose a team
Upgrading the team leader
Starting out in one corner of the map
The main command menu
Certain units can be transformed from the special menu
The enemy movement phase
The white squares show where you can move
ZZ Gundam attacked by a Zaku
Shooting back
Guncannon can attack from a distance
Choose a weapon for your attack
Moving in between two Zakus
One Zaku is destroyed
Getter Q should be on our side, but isn't
Strategical map of the level
Negotiating with Afrodite A, she agrees to join you
Taking out the last enemy standing, at forces' end
Epilogue of the first level
The menu between games
Starting out with a decimated team on map 2
Strategical view of map 2
Negotiating with a Zaku is pointless, they're enemies by nature
Finding a homing missile in a base
Texas Mack agrees to join your team