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Written by  :  Zovni (10633)
Written on  :  Mar 20, 2004
Platform  :  Game Boy
Rating  :  1.8 Stars1.8 Stars1.8 Stars1.8 Stars1.8 Stars

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About as interesting as the "Star Wars (Tm) Official Toilet Paper"

The Good

Super Return of the Jedi is your standard early 90's licensed side-scrolling platformer which only differentiates from the other assorted Mario clones because of it's action-oriented gameplay and the use of the Star Wars license and characters. Well, there's actually a little more to it than that, but if you want to put in a nutshell what's good about this game then that's about it: Entertaining and proven gameplay with good, responsive control, simple jump-n-gun action and the characters, vehicles and levels based on the worst of the original Star Wars flicks. Pretty much everything the Gameboy was supposed to do right.

As with all of the SNES-originated Super Star Wars games this one adds to the mix the option to play each level as a selection of characters (or different versions of a character) from the movie's cast. So for instance you get to choose wheter you want to storm Jabba's Sail Barge as Luke, Leia (as Boush or whatever she called herself) or another character each with their own weapons (ranging from blasters to lightsabers) and abilities. So yeah, Han might be able to shoot things from a distance, but can he jump as far as Leia? Or can he deflect oncoming fire? Your call man.

Another nice gameplay-enhancing gimmick is the alternation between the jumping sidescrolling sequences and unique vehicle sequences based on the many sequences from the movie seemingly written for this purpose (such as the speeder bike race through the forest, the millenium falcon's trip into the Death Star, etc...) In these sequences the action shifts to a different perspective and you control the vehicle from a top-down or 3rd-person perspective.

The Bad

Significantly downgraded graphics and sounds, tough the later remain somewhat moody in an 8-bit sort of way. Poor replay value aside from the possibility to play the levels as different characters but since the dull level design and the lack of significant challenges hardly make it worth the waste of time.

The Bottom Line

Generic platformer which altough playable (remember Nintendo was the king of these games back in those days) isn't able to hold your interest anymore than a passing fly would.

For game-deprived Gameboy owner with nothing better to do only.