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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Game Boy (US):
    An evil sorcery blankets the land.

    A monstrous dragon, having possessed the king, now rules behind an army of hideous creatures. You are the chosen one, the prince of destiny, who must save the true monarch and restore his kingdom.

    Summon your courage and wit for the myriad challenges ahead. You must battle ogres, cyclopses and elusive skeletons. Search for keys to the wizards' gates that guard the invincible "Sword of Hope". Free the sword and carry its magic to defeat the deadly dragon.

    Go now. It is time to master your fate.

    Beware the evil druid whose wicked spells can steal your strength.
    Journey to the mystical Shamon - he can heal you and bestow magic powers for a price.
    Slay the giant slug beneath an ancient well to claim the stolen key.
    Unravel the riddle within a mysterious dragon painting. It will lead you to the mad King.

    Contributed by ryanbus84 (23648) on Aug 04, 2016.