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GameSpy (Jun 07, 2002)
Although the game feels more like an upgrade to FIFA 2002, it still is a very thorough representation of the 2002 World Cup.
Eigentlich könnte man FIFA Fussball WM 2002 getrost als billige Abzocke einstufen. Wären da nicht einige gewichtige Veränderungen, die ein Nebeneinander von FIFA 2002 und FIFA Fussball WM2002 rechtfertigen. Die WM-Lizenz ist nicht nur marktschreierisches Tamtam, sondern bringt tatsächlich eine große Portion Atmosphäre ins heimische Wohnzimmer.
83 (May 31, 2002)
Mit FIFA Weltmeisterschaft 2002 präsentiert EA auch für den GameCube einen Grafik- und vor allem Akustikleckerbissen, der Euch eine packende Fußballshow auf die Mattscheibe bringt. Wer schon jetzt das Flair der kommenden WM genießen will, sollte sofort zugreifen. Allerdings bleibt das eigentliche Fußballspiel trotz netter Arcade-Features und vieler Top-Animationen auf lange Sicht wenig befriedigend: zäher Spielaufbau, zu wenig Spielmodi, eine kritikwürdige Ballphysik und schnell einstudierte Standard-Tore dämpfen Motivation und Spielspaß auf die Dauer. Insgesamt hinterlässt der Kick einen guten Eindruck und lässt das enttäuschende ISS2 deutlich hinter sich, aber an die spielerische Qualität und Tiefe von Pro Evolution Soccer (PS2) kommt der WM-Titel nicht heran. Aber der GameCube ist ja noch jung...
IGN (Apr 24, 2002)
It seems like it was only yesterday that FIFA Soccer 2002 hit stores and now we've already got another soccer game from the good folks over at Electronic Arts. I purposely avoid the word sequel, because 2002 FIFA World Cup isn't really a follow-up as much as a sort of director's cut or an add-on chapter to last year's game. As the name suggests, EA's latest focuses squarely on the World Cup tournament which takes place in Japan and Korea from May 31 to June 30 of this year. Though FIFA 2002 featured a Road to the World Cup mode, players who wanted to take their favorite national team to victory were out of luck: qualification was as far as you could go. 2002 FIFA World Cup picks up where the old game left off and brings the excitement of the tournament home like no other game, but it's an upgrade and a downgrade at the same time.
Nintendojo (2002)
Again, I don’t agree with EA sports whoring the World Cup license and not living up to it by providing a full assortment of options. They either should’ve included more teams and a “season” option or simply just lowered the price by about twenty bucks (CAN.) to make this a novelty purchase that’s certainly worth those type of bucks. Having said all that, this game kicks its predecessor in the ass. It looks better, plays better, sounds better and damnit, it just feels right. If you have the first GC version of FIFA you may just want to hang on to it until FIFA 2003 comes out with a full franchise mode instead of trading it in for the Coppa di Mondial version of FIFA. Make no mistake, this is a better playing game and presentation, but it is lacking serious depth.
GameZone (May 11, 2002)
While 2002 FIFA World Cup is an excellent game on its own, it doesn’t surpass its cousin, FIFA Soccer 2002. Casual players of FIFA Soccer 2002 won’t need to pick up this title, but die-hard World Cup fanatics will be engrossed in the atmosphere and authenticity of the recreated World Cup experience.
NowGamer (2002)
There is, however, an excellent four-player mode that, coupled with the slick presentation, makes it feel as if you and your friends really are taking part in that most important of football events, and it’s certainly the most atmospheric of the three football titles on offer. But, as it stands, why bother when you have two superior footie games available – ISS2 for its lovely intuitive controls, and Virtua Striker 3 for arcadestyle action. It’s great to see the FIFA series on the rise though, and our hopes for the next instalment are very high indeed.
75 (May 13, 2002)
Coupe du Monde FIFA 2002 ne déroge pas à la règle des FIFA et de son optique très arcade. Si le jeu est assez réussi, les amateurs de foot plus technique et moins grand spectacle, préfèreront peut-être se tourner vers ISS 2. Par contre, si vous voulez déjà vous plonger dans l'esprit Coupe du Monde, vous savez ce qu'il vous reste à faire.
GameSpot (May 02, 2002)
If you already own FIFA 2002, then there really isn't any reason to own 2002 FIFA World Cup, and if you don't own FIFA 2002 but are looking for a soccer game, you should get that game instead.
DarkZero (Sep 02, 2003)
The game is pretty good and does well duplicating the World Cup and the great sensation of soccer/football. Sadly, there isn’t much to do and it does get boring when there isn’t anyone to play multiplayer with. It is pretty cool for collectors to have this as a collector’s item since it’s licensed by FIFA and all.
Netjak (Sep 28, 2002)
I'd say that the controls make for a good, not great soccer game. I think you score a bit too much, but I also don't think that your average gamer is going to want to play through a 1-0 victory in extra time. The game pales in comparison to the actual World Cup, and isn't a very good representation of it. I wished that this game would have just waited till 1-2 weeks after the Cup ended to set everyone's stats again, or ideally 1-2 months to touch up the players unique looks. So, a minor disappointment, but easily one of the better soccer game experiences I've had. If you want to feel all inspired, check out the nice Bonus Materials and find out what soccer (or football) means to people around the world. Good stuff.
GamePro (US) (Apr 24, 2002)
2002 FIFA World Cup arrives for the GameCube less than a year since its last appearance with a fancy new look, but not much more. If you already own FIFA 2002, upgrading to the World Cup edition actually gets you fewer teams and play modes. Instead of the field of over 400 teams in last year’s edition, now you choose from 41 (plus a handful more that can be unlocked) and either compete in a Friendly match or the World Cup itself. EA makes the most of the license and does do a great job at simulating the grandeur of the experience, but it often feels shallow and forced as if the whole thing were directed by Micheal Bay. Another GameCube soccer alternative, Virtua Striker, does a much better job of recreating the rewarding feeling of earning your way to the World Cup after months of training and team management.
Game Revolution (May, 2002)
While possessing some nice play mechanics, FIFA World Cup 2002 for the PS2 isn't going to redefine soccer gaming any time soon. Rent it if you want, but the lack of depth makes it a tough buy.
NintendoWorldReport (May 07, 2002)
In the future, I hope they ditch the Star Player concept completely. The world has too many arcade soccer titles out there as it is. Unless you’re a serious hardcore World Cup nut, this game is a rental at best. It’s fun for a while, but knowing the 2003 installment is just around the corner, 2002 FIFA World Cup just doesn’t have what it takes to hold up for the long haul.