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atari missile command

User Reviews

A gem ... so sadly ignored Kartanym (12705) unrated
If you like Zelda, get this, if you don't like Zelda, get it anyway.. Darkflame (18) 4.17 Stars4.17 Stars4.17 Stars4.17 Stars4.17 Stars
It is waaaaay beyond good. (and evil) Mattz1010 (17) unrated
Unappreciated, but Wonderful Martin Greenberg (3) 4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.9
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 5.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.9
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.0
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.1
Overall User Score (38 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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UOL Jogos (Dec 22, 2003)
NĂŁo existe razĂŁo nenhuma para nĂŁo jogar "Beyond Good & Evil", que alĂ©m de ser um dos mais divertidos e criativos jogos dos Ășltimos tempos, Ă© uma prova que nĂŁo Ă© preciso adicionar baldes de sangue para se criar um game de sucesso. O Ășnico defeito que pode ser citado Ă© que depois de deixar vocĂȘ apaixonado pelo mundo e seus habitantes, a aventura parece acabar muito rĂĄpido. Mas nĂŁo deixe isso desanimĂĄ-lo - vocĂȘ nĂŁo vai se arrepender.
Snackbar-Games.com (Jan 29, 2006)
But despite its relative simplicity and brief nature, few games that I've played recently have been as enjoyable as Beyond Good and Evil. Sometimes presentation wins over actual content, and as long as the gameplay is solid that's all I need sometimes. Camera troubles, overall length, and other minor imperfections keep this game from getting a full score, but the heart put into the production of this game prevent any reasonable review from giving it less than a B+. I'm going with a solid A- here, personally. Buy this now -- chances are it's only twenty bucks (US), and worth every penny.
Video Game Talk (Aug 29, 2004)
This game is as close to perfection as one can get, and despite its relatively short length at 10-15 hours, it has become one of my favorite games of any era. However, despite critical acclaim and every indication of being a sleeper hit, Beyond Good & Evil absolutely bombed upon release, so the chances of seeing a sequel, however deserved, are unlikely. Still, the game stands on its own as a shining beacon of what game design can be. As if my unabashed gushing wasn't enough, I'll reiterate for the unsure: Video Game Talk Collector Series.
Game Chronicles (Jan 31, 2004)
I could go on for another few thousand words about the immersive gameplay and just plain brilliant game design waiting for you in Beyond Good & Evil, but I would rather you go out and get your own copy and start enjoying it for yourself. This is a must have title regardless of what system you play it on. Just make sure you play it.
Game Over Online (Dec 12, 2003)
Regardless, I'm very impressed by it, and I want you all to go pick it up. I don't care if you'll never play it, although you should because it is fun. I just want to see what Ubi Soft will do with a potential sequel, how they will choose to broaden and expand what's already a remarkable work.
GameZone (Dec 31, 2003)
With the 2003 Holiday Season finally over, we will now see which games were the best selling/most popular. It is a shame that so many games where released over the past eight weeks, because a lot of high quality games will likely have fallen under the radar. Hopefully a game called Beyond Good and Evil did really well over the holidays because it is one of most inventive and best games I have played during this season.
Classic-games.net (Jul 01, 2022)
Beyond Good & Evil is one of the best adventure games from its generation. A fully realized and compelling world, great art direction, and fantastic voice acting make his a near classic. If there were any justice we would have had many sequels to flesh out this universe. But alas, we must enjoy what we have. At the rock bottom prices it goes for it is a steal.
Joypad (Mar, 2004)
Sa durée de vie joue en sa défaveur. Il n'en reste pas moins l'un des softs les plus réussis de ces derniers mois que vous vous devez de découvrir.
Oldies Rising (Apr 25, 2015)
Magnifique, Beyond : Good and Evil est une aventure qui nous transporte de bout en bout avec des personnages attachants, un scénario bien ficelé, des phases de jeu nombreuses et une ambiance générale transpirant la magie des plus réussies.
(PAL version)
Besonderes Lob gibt es fĂŒr die deutsche Sprachausgabe, die mit coolen SprĂŒchen und witzigen Dialekten fĂŒr Lacher sorgt. Die Grafik steht dem qualitativ in nichts nach und trumpft nicht nur mit sauberer Programmierung und tollen Effekten auf, sondern auch mit einem eigenwilligen Cartoon-Stil, der den Spieler in eine ziemlich bizarre Welt versetzt. Das Gesamtergebnis ist ein bunter Genre-Mix, der sich hemmungslos bei anderen Spielen bedient und aus ihnen das Beste heraus pickt. Zudem sind Thematik und Design schon ziemlich seltsam, so dass dieser schrille Genre Cocktail ein gewisses Maß an Offenheit vom Spieler erfordert. Aber die “Open Minded Player“ unter uns werden die QualitĂ€ten von Beyond Good & Evil zu schĂ€tzen wissen!
Nintendo Life (Jan 02, 2006)
Beyond Good and Evil is a game that focuses on character depth and involvement rather than voluptuous bimbos and their minimalistic stories. It’s an intelligent, refreshing, well-balanced, and entertaining piece of genius– essential for adventure fans. Please do not be put off by the whole ‘photographs speak louder than action’ message: this is truly an action-packed title, just with a bit more class.
GameLemon (Mar 23, 2004)
The bottom line is that I whole heartedly recommend Beyond Good and Evil. Even if somewhat short by today's standards at only 20 hours, the game doesn't compromise with gameplay, looks good, and succeeds at delivering an interesting, engaging story you can relate to. And if you are at all partial to good sci-fi and slamming soundtracks, that should seal the deal.
Jeuxvideo.com (Mar 08, 2004)
Sublime et enchanteur, Beyond Good & Evil fait partie de ces grands titres de l’histoire du jeu vidĂ©o. Une aventure qui nous prend dĂšs l’introduction pour nous transporter dans un monde que l’on croirait vivant et dont on a envie d'apprendre plus. Et puis, au prix trĂšs bas oĂč le jeu est proposĂ©, vous auriez tort de vous en priver !
NintendoWorldReport (Feb 20, 2004)
Beyond Good & Evil blends elements of superb gameplay design and storytelling into a wonderful experience. It is an excellent example of the direction that games are headed. They’re moving into a realm of compelling stories matched with equally impressive gameplay. This is a title that anybody looking for a story in their game would be a fool not to pick up.
Game Critics (Jan 14, 2004)
Beyond Good & Evil stars Jade, a photojournalist with cat-killing curiosity, nimble martial arts moves and a Mona Lisa smile. It's a new game with new characters, but what's stunning about Rayman creator Michel Ancel's latest work is how much his characters seem to like one another.
GameSpy (Dec 19, 2003)
You've probably seen a great movie at some point or other, and later asked, "Who made this?" so you could watch for the artist responsible in the future. I think that's the reaction many people will have with Ubisoft's Beyond Good & Evil. In this case, the answer happens to be Michel Ancel, the soft-spoken French game designer responsible for the first two Rayman games. While they were good and great, respectively, they still didn't properly prepare my expectations for BG&E. Quite simply, BG&E is a tour-de-force of imagination, an electronic window into a fantastic world that exists in only our consoles and a creative French guy's mind. I greatly enjoyed my time in that world, and my only real regret is that it was over so soon.
IGN (Nov 11, 2003)
Can a game offer plenty of finger-twitching action, wow-worthy visuals, and still tell a story that's sophisticated, even profound? Can videogames convey social and political messages and still be a lot of fun? The answer, of course, is yes. It's just that in an industry so focused on technical accomplishment and razzle-dazzle, it's rare when all that style meets some very real substance. With Beyond Good & Evil, we've got one of those rarities. And it's a darned good time, too.
N-Zone (Apr 13, 2004)
Angefangen bei der spannenden Story bis hin zu der faszinierenden Grafik ist Beyond Good & Evil ein Action-Adventure der Spitzenklasse. Die vielen witzigen Minispiele, die Hovercraft-Fahreinlagen und das Sammeln der Perlen motivieren ungemein; man kann nicht aufhören, bis man den Abspann zu sehen bekommt. Und da liegt auch der einzige Kritikpunkt: Nach ungefĂ€hr zehn Stunden Spielzeit ist das Spiel gelöst. Aber der EinfĂŒhrungspreis von 30 Euro ist in diesen geldbeutelunfreundlichen Tagen ein dicker Pluspunkt.
Der Rayman-Erfinder Ancel hat mit Beyond Good & Evil einen hervorragenden Genre-Mix aus Stealth, Rennspiel und Action geschaffen.
GameCola.net (Jan, 2005)
Overall, Beyond Good and Evil is a gem of an action-adventure title, and one of the best games of this genre for GameCube. It is available on all systems and won’t cost you much: the retail price is only $20. Really, it’s a bargain for a game this good. The storyline is compelling, the gameplay clean, and the characters likeable. One can only hope that, despite the low sales, Ubisoft will see fit to release a sequel.
Nintendo Difference (Feb 11, 2004)
BGE est un titre Ă  possĂ©der, d’autant plus qu’il a de forte chance d’ĂȘtre disponible dĂšs sa sortie Ă  30 €. Ubi Soft peut ĂȘtre fier de ce titre et il vient se rajouter Ă  la longue liste de titres excellents de ce dĂ©veloppeur. Maintenant il serait peut-ĂȘtre temps qu’il rencontre le succĂšs qu’il mĂ©rite...
GameSpot (Dec 03, 2003)
While the game feels pretty short, its interesting premise and impressive presentation pick up the slack and make Beyond Good & Evil a game well worth playing Beyond Good & Evil is an action adventure game from Michel Ancel, the man credited with the creation of the highly acclaimed Rayman series. This time out, Ancel is shelving his platform-genre roots in favor of a Legend of Zelda-like game with a heavy focus on puzzle-solving and stealth. While Beyond Good & Evil feels pretty short, its interesting premise and impressive presentation pick up the slack and make it a game well worth playing.
Despite rough sales and price cuts in retailers' post-Christmas inventory, BG&E is a solid adventure title that is well worth a purchase, now that the price is so low. With its beautiful, interactive worlds, intriguing storyline, and clever puzzles, BG&E is the best adventure game for the price.
Gamestyle (2004)
These issues - together with the well-meaning but questionable 'stealth' elements that plague the latter dungeons - are but minor blemishes on an otherwise shining pearl. So, is this the classic example of a 'sleeper' hit then? Perhaps Ubisoft's strategy of releasing a comparatively niche title amongst the Christmas glut was a bad move, but with any luck the resurgence of the game on Microsoft's and Nintendo's consoles will bring in enough revenue to fund a sequel - something the ending not only alludes to but practically begs to see happen.
Cubed3 (Jan 19, 2004)
A true labour of love that is an excellent example of gaming class. Zelda with a camera, talking pigs and breasts this aint. Beyond Good and Evil is a title in its own right. Hugely innovative, wonderfully free-form and beautifully produced if this game doesn't get the public attention is deserves we will be very angry indeed. When it arrives in the UK sometime in March buy it, or feel our wrath.
Bon 15 c'est bien. Un bon jeu, parfois soûlant, hein, bon, nobody is perfect, mais l'aventure est prenante et ne coûte que 30 euros^^!!
1UP (May 09, 2004)
When is it okay for an adventure game to just be an adventure game? Is it all right to withhold points for lack of innovation when everything a game does attempt is superbly executed? Does harping on a weak story unfairly presume to guess the developer's primary intention in making the game? These are all some of the things weighing on a reviewer's mind as he or she plays through Beyond Good and Evil, and the answers don't come easy.

atari missile command