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BloodRayne Screenshots (GameCube)

User Screenshots

GameCube version

Meet Rayne (intro)
Rayne disposing of a creature with her blades (intro)
Game title
Main menu
Welcome to the swamps of Louisiana
Do mosquitoes drink blood of half-vampires?
Yeah, sure, Mince, nice dress...
Starting the game
Rayne's jumping attack. You'll need it a lot
Rayne entering a defiled church
Picked up some guns
Shooting the baddies
Feeding on a guy while being shot at
Attacking in melee
The enemies are too busy with each other for now
A nice method of traveling
Gruesomely finishing some kind of zombie
Water slowly drains Rayne's health
Fighting the spider-like biomass straight from the horror-movie
Rayne fighting a biomass sack in Rage mode
The map (not really helpful)
Cheat menu
Get over here!
This guy is down and nearly dead, so why not drink his blood?
Should we kill or let him live?
A shootout at a Nazi base
The list of Nazi officers you need to kill
A boss fight
One of loading screens
Near Nazi castle
Feeding on some Nazi soldier
In some ruins during night time
Another boss fight
In the temple
Rayne inside a battlemech
You, sir, are an ugly monster
Aura vision
Disturbing sequence
Rayne in a hotel