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A bad bomb Tailsbandicoot (16) 1.75 Stars1.75 Stars1.75 Stars1.75 Stars1.75 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.7
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.6
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Overall User Score (11 votes) 3.6

Critic Reviews

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GamesAreFun.com (GAF) (Apr 23, 2003)
Bomberman Generation is a sharp and addictive multiplayer title with a solid one player mode to boot. The games characters are all cel-shaded and animate smoothly and seamlessly. The quality of the character animation gives off a stunning effect in both adventure and battle modes.
GamePro (US) (Jun 24, 2002)
One of the classic and quintessential video game franchises arrives on the GameCube with its timeless lesson of problem-solving through the proper placement of explosives. Bomberman Generation, though, is a more balanced offering than other games in the series with an in-depth one-player Normal game including Pok mon-esque mini contests that plays like Zelda with bombs instead of swords and shields.
Consoles Plus (Dec, 2002)
Bien qu'en 3D, l'esprit de la série est respecté ; mais c'est dans les modes combat que se trouve tout l'intérêt de ce soft, aussi indispensable que Super Smash Bros.
N-Philes (2002)
Overall, Bomberman Generation is the best Bomberman yet. Hudson and Majesco have produced one great title that will have you coming back for more – both in single-player mode and multi-player mode. The single-player mode could be tiresome for a few players but if you’re a fan at all of the series – or even if you’ve never played it before – chances are that you’ll fall in love with it. Be sure to give this game a try.
(PAL version)
Nur für Einzelspieler lohnt sich Bomberman Generation sicherlich nicht. Das Einzelspieler-Abenteuer ist ganz okay, rechtfertigt aber nicht den Kauf. Wer jedoch ein bis drei Freunde vor seinen GameCube zerren kann, wird mit Bomberman Generation garantiert lange Spielnächte verbringen!
Gamesmania.de (Jan 13, 2002)
Bomberman ist und bleibt Kult. Nach einigen eher schwächeren Umsetzungen der Spielidee für mehrere Konsolen, kann Bomberman Generation durch einen spritzigen Einzelspielermodus und die altbekannten Qualitäten des Protagonisten überzeugen. Ich hätte mir noch ein wenig mehr Story und weniger lange Dialoge gewünscht. Ansonsten klar zu empfehlen, auch für Kinder.
Wer mit dem Gedanken spielt, Bomberman Generations zu importieren, sollte sich vorher drei Fragen beantworten: Mag ich Bomberman? Mag ich es auch noch, wenn es Cell-Shading-Grafik hat? Mag ich es auch dann noch, wenn es Cell-Shading-Grafik hat und sich im Spiel Pokémon-Elemente befinden? Wer alle drei Fragen mit ja beantwortet, dem steht wohl ein wahrer Lustkauf bevor. Wer eine oder mehrere Fragen mit nein beantwortet sollte genau abwägen...
IGN (Jun 12, 2002)
There was once a time when a game's simplicity and straightforward design could be respected if it yielded an experience that was just plain fun. In the modern day, games are often expected to feature stunning visuals, sweeping soundtrack scores, and complicated, broad-ranging gameplay. However, Bomberman developer Hudson has always walked the road of simplicity. That said, it's no surprise that the GameCube-only Bomberman Generation offers up a rewarding gameplay experience with an old-school single-player 3D adventure and addictive 2D battle support for multiplayer. Fans of the series will find the title a must-have, parents looking for a wholesome game the whole family can enjoy should absolutely make the purchase, and gamers just looking for a retro throwback to good ol' classic gaming will, at the very least, want to pick it up at the nearest rental store. Round up three friends, gather around the TV, and prepare for hours of battling. The B-man is back.
Classic-games.net (Apr 29, 2022)
Bomberman Generation has it all: a great quest and a full-fledged and fun multi-player mode. They knocked it out of the park with this one. I enjoyed the N64 games so had high expectations and was not disappointed. Hudson Soft and Game Arts created a winner, don’t pass this one up.
Le concept est simple, la prise en main rapide : voici l'exemple type du jeu efficace en mode multijoueur.
Kombo.com (Nov 14, 2003)
Overall, Bomberman Generations is a wonderful experience for both younger and older gamers alike. If you are a fan of the series like I am, you will feel right at home with the way the game works, and will probably end up liking the multiplayer modes better than the single player. If you are not a fan of the series, I suggest you rent the title first, and then purchase the title if you and your friends get hooked to the multiplayer mode. I will say it again my friends; Bomberman is back.
GamesFirst! (Jun 28, 2002)
At the end of the day, Bomberman Generation remains one of my favorite games thus far on the Gamecube. If you're familiar with the series, then this would be another nice addition to the library, but if you're brand new, then I'd suggest renting the game first just to make sure you're into the whole puzzle-bomb bit. I see a lot of potential for this series to revitalize itself by going online in the future (although that's purely speculation on my part), and I plan to be all practiced up if it ever does. Imagine, multi-level puzzles where you could either play against others or in a team mode to solve even more complex challenges. That would be cool, but for now Bomberman Generation and its co-releases on the GBA will have to sate my eager tastes.
Cubed3 (Mar 14, 2003)
As I said at the start, those that have sampled Bomberman on the SNES will find this to be more of the same and people who have only experienced the subsequent next-generation titles will think this is an amazing turn-around! So what about the rest of the population then? Let me put it this way: You will struggle to find many multi-player games for around the £20 mark (which is what you can get it at now!) that are better than this…and you get a more-than-average solo adventure tagged on as well. Sounds like a bargain, huh? I would definitely have to agree…
GameSpot (Jun 11, 2002)
It's hard to get too caught up with any of the shortcomings, though. After all, the surprisingly addictive and deceptively clever Bomberman Generation has gotten the series back on track. The game has an extensive single-player experience, complete with monster raising, and a multiplayer mode that is worth the price of the game alone, so fans of Bomberman or multiplayer action should take notice. The cel-shaded graphics, while not technically astounding, are appropriate and clean, and it's good to see a classic franchise reborn in such an impressive fashion.
My recommendation even a couple months ago would have been an emphatic "get this game", but with Jetters out, my recommendation is going to be read both reviews, and get one of the two. With Jetters being a budget game, the price point won't be drastically different, and each of the two games have distinct advantages and disadvantages.
Netjak (Jul 01, 2002)
Even if you haven't played the series for a while, this would make for an ideal rental. A great party game, will keep the gamers going for hours. I also like the "kid-friendly" attitude of the game, and should make picky parents happy with the light-hearted atmosphere. Overall, the game gets thumbs up from 'ole sixey and you should at least give it a good rental.
Jeuxvideo.com (Dec 11, 2002)
L'incontournable Bomberman vient enrichir de bien belle façon la liste des softs multijoueur sur GameCube. Si le jeu n'est pas particulièrement surprenant, il constitue l'occasion idéale de renouer avec un système de jeu toujours aussi fun à plusieurs et définitivement indémodable.
The Next Level (USA) (Jul 16, 2002)
After dotting all the I's and crossing all the T's, players will likely walk away from this game satisfied with their purchase. The adventure is long enough to keep a player busy for hours, even before inviting unsuspecting friends over for a Bombermarathon. To add to the replay value, special lightning cards are hidden among the levels. Collecting all of these opens up Max as a playable character. This longevity, along with the strong graphical presentation, fun multiplayer contests, and Charabom training, make Bomberman Generation a solid way to bide GameCube owners' time until Nintendo's first- and second-party barrage hits this fall.
NintendoWorldReport (Jul 24, 2002)
I feel like these are two different games bundled in the same package, and I’m not alone. My friend Antonio, hates the single-player, but is going to buy it for multiplayer. It’s really a mixed bag. Once again, multiplayer is a must, but if you’re looking at the single-player experience, it isn’t worth more than a rental.
4Players.de (Jan 10, 2003)
Von der technischen Seite zeigt sich der Bombenleger zwar Hudson-typisch spartanisch, aber erfüllt voll und ganz seinen Zweck, wobei die Musik allerdings mit zum nervigsten gehört, was derzeit aus den Lautsprechern schallt. Spielerisch bietet sich ein gespaltenes Bild: Für Einzelspieler gibt es ein nettes und unkompliziertes, aber keinesfalls berauschendes Spielerlebnis, das allerdings bei einem jüngeren Publikum für viel Freude sorgen dürfte. Dass für heiße Multiplayer-Duelle der altbekannte Kampf-Modus integriert wurde, der seit SNES-Zeiten für Furore und glühende Pads sorgt, nötigt jedoch besonderes Lob ab. Das einfache, aber unglaublich effektive Spielprinzip macht Spaß wie eh und je und hat uns in der Redaktion einige Mittagspausen gekostet, weshalb wir mit dem Multiplayer-Award auch nicht gezögert haben.
As usual, the frantically paced multiplayer game stages will draw the most attention for the older Bomberman fans, and it doesn't disappoint at all. Well, except for the fact that Sega's Saturn Bomberman and Bomberman Online for the Dreamcast supported more than 4 players at a time. But other than that (and those sickeningly cute Charaboms), there's nothing that should stop you from running out and picking Bomberman Generations up. Just drink a lot of water to wash down the sugar coating, and you'll do just fine.
GamersMark (Jul 15, 2002)
With a mix of excellent old school gameplay and the insane multiplayer found in previous Bomberman games, Bomberman Generations is quite possibly the best Bomberman game yet. If you’re unfamiliar with the previous games in the series then I suggest a rental first just to stay safe but old school gamers and Bomberman fans should seriously consider picking this one up.
GameSpy (Jul 19, 2002)
Thankfully, with more modes, fabulous visuals, teeth-grindingly sweet music, and cel-shading a-plenty, it becomes much more than a remake; you'll be able to reminisce about past outings, recreate classic and all-new strategic battles, shake your head maniacally from side to side to drown out the infectious tunes, and give thanks that a classic gaming franchise has been revamped without losing its charm. If it wasn't for the sometimes-tedious boss battling difficulty of the later stages, and lack of thousands of new powerups, we'd wholeheartedly recommend it. Instead, Bomberman Generation is definitely worth a rental, and then an acquisition once you remember just how great this gameplay is.
Nintendo Difference (Sep 29, 2002)
Bomberman Generation est étonamment un jeu très prenant. Jouez-y au moins une fois, il vaut vraiment la peine, surtout pour les nostalgiques.
The Game Hoard (May 30, 2019)
Bomberman Generation’s game flow swings back and forth quite often. When you’ve got a few good Charaboms to increase your options and the boosts to use your bombs well, action and puzzle solving in Bomberman Generation can be satisfying, areas offering up a variety of puzzles and a few bosses able to maintain a dynamic fight. However, when you’re at your weakest, battles can be incredibly slow, and there are puzzles in the game that are awkward to complete even with the right Charaboms due to the few options you have for handling your bombs. Periods of enjoyment can screech to a halt when you need to place a bomb just so or fight a boss that drags on, but creative level designs and a multiplayer supplement do prevent the title from being a chore.
Random Access (Nov 15, 2012)
Bomberman Generation is one of those games where, even while playing, you are really on the fence about whether you love it or hate it. I still haven't figured it out. On the one hand, it's a fairly innovative game with a variety of features and a certain level of character customization at your command. On the other hand, the game can deliver headaches of snoozery at any given moment.

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