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Another Unique game from the masters at Nintendo! Oblio (108) 3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.9
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.9
Overall User Score (20 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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Edutaining Kids (Apr, 2006)
How refreshing! This game is filled with puzzles, features a colorful cast of characters and adorable sound effects. Chibi-Robo! is a good choice for families looking for a game that's different, non-violent, and leisurely-paced.
Nintendo Life (Nov 05, 2009)
Chibi-Robo is an oddity: a game with a simple goal but a great deal of freedom in making the journey. It's a game about tiny altruistic robots helping humans with real problems told in a light-hearted manner that will appeal to a wide audience. This is a game that really defines where Nintendo is coming from as a company: focusing on making people happy and doing good deeds; on helping people rather than shooting them in the face.
Press Start Online (Mar 06, 2006)
There's probably two moments that sum the game up - one is a resolution to a story that looks like lapsing into schmaltz, before giving way to a real belly laugh, the other comes when the plot requires you to climb back somewhere you've just descended from, and you're immediately placed back there by a helping hand. It's just such a simple moment to make the game more pleasurable, but Chibi Robo is absolutely chock-full of them - sometimes they're so subtle you don't even notice. It's a game that rewards hard work, that creates a sense of achievement through mundane accomplishment and tricky exploration. Perhaps most importantly, it's a game that allies a true sense of wonder to the routine, that applies a healthy dose of cynical reality to a primary coloured childlike world.
GameLemon (Jun 02, 2006)
My favorite part of the game is its ability to incorporate a storyline, even though it's so exploration-based. You can follow the development of the characters at your own pace, devoting three cycles in a row to the characters in a single room, then ignoring them for four days in favor of someone else, and they won't mind. Nearly all the pieces of this game add up to an enjoyable and relaxing experience, and an hour or so into it you won't even realize you're not causing the death and destruction that's the object in those other games. Or, you'll realize it, since cleaning is simply not comparable to carnage. But you probably won't mind, because the dulcet tones of Chibi-Robo's scrubbing song will have lured you into your restful happy place.
NintendoWorldReport (Feb 22, 2006)
I most heartily recommend Chibi-Robo to Nintendo gamers, meaning if you bought a GameCube just for Resident Evil 4, don't bother. On the other hand, those stalwart defenders of games like Pikmin, Nintendogs, and Animal Crossing need look no further for their next fix. Everyone else is encouraged to rent, particularly since these characters will soon become legendary, and you wouldn't want to be left out.
Armchair Empire, The (Mar 03, 2006)
Despite its few technical faults, Chibi-Robo is a deviously charming little game, with an addicting quality that makes it hard to put down. You can plug it in for a few moments and explore, maybe just to pick up a few extra Happy Points or discover some extra cash, or explore some nook of the household that just opened up. Given the sparse number of titles for the Gamecube, Chibi-Robo is definitely worth checking out, especially as an appetizer for The Twilight Princess.
Gamers.at (Apr 20, 2006)
Chibi-Robo hat mich bereits bei seiner Präsentation auf der Tokyo Game Show begeistern können. Diesen durchaus sympathischen Gehilfen nun endlich selber am Gamecube steuern zu dürfen war nach der langen Wartezeit die reinste Wohltat, denn im Gegensatz zu den meisten Games, die in die Kategorie „süßes Game“ eingegliedert werden möchten, kann Chibi-Robo mit seinem untypischen Charme auf voller Linie überzeugen. Wer weiß, vielleicht klopft bald Disney/Pixar an Nintendos Türen, um für die Filmrechte für die Animationsfilm-Umsetzung von Chibi-Robo zu bitten? Ich selbst schrubbe nun weiter mit meiner Zahnbürste den Küchenboden - selbstverständlich als Chibi-Robo.
IGN (Feb 03, 2006)
Chibi-Robo can eventually purchase and utilize a blaster in his wanderings, but shooting down hordes of enemies is certainly not the main objective in the robot's daily routine. As the game begins, we learn that the Sanderson family has recently purchased the card-sized robot to help out around the house and as such Chibi's goals revolve mostly around cleaning - at least on the surface.
4Players.de (Jun 11, 2006)
Viele werden jetzt zwar sagen: „Putzen und Aufräumen ist doch langweilig! Ich spiele schließlich Videospiele, um in fremde Welten abzutauchen und nicht um auch noch im virtuellen Leben von Alltagssorgen geplagt zu werden...“ So ähnlich dachte ich anfangs auch, aber Chibi-Robo hat mich trotzdem in einen engagierten und selbstlosen Putzteufel verwandelt. Zugegeben, manche Aufgaben werden mit der Zeit etwas öde, aber es gibt ja auch abseits von Schrubber und Mülleimer eine Welt, die erforscht werden will. Und diese Welt versprüht trotz ihrer schlichten und kindlichen Präsentation einen ganz besonderen, teils sogar geradezu bizarren Charme. Ich hätte jedenfalls nie gedacht, dass ich mich einmal um den Liebeskummer eines Hundespielzeugs oder die Persönlichkeitsstörung eines als Frosch verkleideten Mädchens kümmern würde. Chibi-Robo ist eine Art Oase, in der man sich immer wieder stundenlang verlieren kann.
Nintendo Difference (Nov 10, 2006)
Chibi-Robo est vraiment un jeu à tester. A la manière d'un Animal Crossing, il ne ressemble à rien de connu, et plaira à certains tout en se faisant haïr par d'autres. Mais son principe fait de lui un jeu très spécial et très bon par la même occasion, alors qu'il ne semble pas très complexe au départ. Bref, il ne tient qu'à vous de tester, mais si vous accrochez, vous découvrirez un univers qui ne vous laissera pas de marbre.
While the game ends with family reconciliation, in large part with the help of Chibi-Robo, this uncomfortable family representation mars what could have been a charming kids' game. This title is best for teens and adults who enjoy puzzle adventures and can better handle the interpersonal problems the game presents.
Nintendojo (2006)
Chibi-Robo definitely has all the aspects of a traditional game, but it's so wildly different than the norm that it should be experienced, even by those who are turned off by the idea. 2006 is likely to see a dearth of GC software until Twilight Princess is released, so the value of this title goes up even further. A few problems keep the score from being higher, but both weird and conventional this is a fun title.
Bright Hub (Apr 08, 2010)
All in all, Chibi-Robo is an excellent game. It does not have all that much of a re-play value though. I found that once I completed the game I had no real interest to come back to it. But, Chibi-Robo does however offers hours and hours of game play and for that alone it is worth the purchase. The graphics are stunning for the console, the 3D environment's are all very real looking, and you get a total sense of invading someone else's home while they are there, digging through their things, and seeing what makes them tick. The game overall gives off a feeling of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids; only this game features a pint sized robot as the main character.
JustPressPlay (Dec 06, 2006)
Ultimately, Chibi-Robo is an odd game where you find fun in whatyou’d think were otherwise boring adventures or chores. Maybe it’sbecause the game is so simple, charming, and cute that cleaning up animaginary household is more therapeutic than going through the task ofcleaning up your own. Or maybe it has something to do with the backdropinvolving aliens, talking eggs, and toy mummies. Either way, grab yourtoothbrush and get to work earning those happy points in a familyadventure that might just be the most unlikely fun game of the year.
Gamestyle (2006)
Chibi Robo is a great little game, although can become more of a chore towards the end. Earning happy points for an essential upgrade to advance the story can feel slightly monotonous, and dulls the appeal of the first few hours of play slightly. The story itself is enjoyable, filled with humour and a tinge of sadness, and pushes you to play further to see the outcome. Overall, Chibi Robo is a title which needs a little time to settle in to its groove. Once played for the first hour or so you may not be able to draw your attention away, and will probably find yourself playing for another hour or more. Chibi Robo’s goal is to make his owners happy, and you’ll find that’s just what he does.
Cubed3 (May 26, 2006)
Chibi Robo will likely suffer the same fate as late-in-the-day Nintendo 64 titles, since the GameCube is dying off in many territories now, so it will be unfairly overlooked. It is a great little puzzle adventure, with brilliant character to it and lots of depth in terms of keeping gamers happy. Give this a whirl and you will not be disappointed!
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Mar 15, 2006)
Chibi-Robo is, quite possibly, the best game I've played this year. While it's not for everyone, those who are willing to look past what they could consider childish graphics, and an obsession with housework that's nearly as strong as your mum's, will find a title with as much heart as there is fun wrapped up into a four-inch-tall bundle. Chibi-Robo doesn't deserve to be relegated to being a mere cult hit. Buy a new doorstop.
1UP (Feb 07, 2006)
The story of Chibi Robo's journey to North American shores is not a simple one. First revealed at E3 a couple years back, Chibi Robo was originally to be published in both Japan and the States, and at one point, its North American incarnation was to be called "Teeny Bot." As fate would have it, Nintendo stepped in to snap up the title, perhaps sensing its burgeoning quality, and turned development over to Giftpia creators Skip, Ltd. Chibo Robo ("chibi" means "small" in Japanese), as it would remain, may have arrived rather late in the GameCube's life cycle, but it's still one of the current generation's most endearing games.
GameCola.net (Jun 01, 2006)
Chibi-Robo is, without a doubt, far too cutesy for some. Or most, really, unless you happen to be a fourteen-year-old girl who’s built up defenses for colorful graphics, Full House-esque “aww” moments and characters that are gosh-darn loveable. If you can wade through the adorableness of it all you’ll find one of the best GameCube games to-date; but most are likely to skip over Chibi-Robo based on its looks alone, which is a shame.
Cheat Code Central (Feb 09, 2006)
Overall there is a happy vibe to the game that makes you feel good playing it. The weird characters and storyline assures that this game's appeal is not just aimed at a younger market. It may be cute but it's also smart, unique and challenging.
N-Zone (Jun 17, 2006)
Die kleine Jenny hat Geburtstag und zum deutlichen Missfallen der Mutter hat ihr der Papa einen Chibi Robo mitgebracht. Diese etwa 5 cm kleinen Roboter sind dafür da, unbemerkt im Haushalt zu helfen, sauber zu machen und damit für ein ausgewogenes Maß an Zufriedenheit in der Familie zu sorgen. Ganz uneigennützig sind die winzigen Helfer allerdings nicht: Jeder Chibi Robo hat es sich zum Ziel gesetzt, die Spitze der Chibi-Charts zu erreichen, um zum Super Chibi Robo aufzusteigen. Dabei wird der metallische, stumme Held von seinem fliegenden und umso gesprächigeren Freund Telly Vision unterstützt, der den Spieler mit nützlichen Tipps zum weiteren Fortkommen förmlich überschüttet.
All things considered, this game is a lot more entertaining than it might appear on paper, and if you take a more leisurely pace to completing it, it can last quite a while. The new ideas that it adds to the platformer genre make it a game that is well worth checking out despite the fact that it isn't a pure platformer, and, indeed, many people who are not typically fans of platformers might enjoy it. Is this game going to properly fill the gap left by the fact that Twilight Princess hasn't been released yet? No, not by a long shot, but it would be a good game to kill some of the time in between now and then.
Jeuxpo.com (2006)
Plutôt original, Chibi-Robo est un jeu qui ne manque pas d'attraits et qui se révèle prenant.
NintendoWorldReport (Sep 18, 2005)
Chibi Robo is a really cool new franchise and a fun game, but before you get too excited, be aware that it is far from import-friendly. You’ll certainly be able to enjoy some of the charm of the characters and explore the house without too much trouble, but the game is very heavy on text. If you don’t know Japanese or can’t read some of the Kanji characters, you’ll be left to wander the house until you randomly run across something of significance. Trust me; I did it for quite a while, and when someone asks you for an item, you may not have the slightest idea what to pull out of your inventory. There are translation walkthroughs out there to get you through the main thrust of the game, but that isn’t quite as fun. So, if you have a pretty good knowledge of the language, feel free to import from our pals at Lik Sang, but others interested in the game should pester NOA to keep it from falling silently off the release list.
FOK!games (Feb 24, 2006)
Chibi Robo is een heel aparte game die zeker niet iedereen leuk zal vinden. Het is een soort Pikmin 2 gekruist met een GTA voor kinderen. Er zit enorm veel vrijheid in de game en er is genoeg om je zo'n 15 uur bezig te houden. De uitstraling van de game past verder perfect bij de game al had het allemaal wel veel mooier gemogen en hadden de voetstapdeuntjes van Chibi Robo gewoon weg mogen blijven. Overall is het gewoon een aardige game die kan dienen als welkome afwisseling of als ideale opvulling voor je GameCube collectie. Een 7.
GameSpot (Feb 06, 2006)
Picking up garbage hasn't been this fun since Men At Work, but that really isn't saying much. That's right, the latest action adventure game from Skip and Nintendo has you collecting garbage, scrubbing stains, fetching odd items, and generally doing things that you might play video games to get away from. But as menial and uninteresting as it sounds, Chibi-Robo has plenty of personality and charm to spare, which ends up saving what is otherwise a tedious and unfulfilling game.
Games TM (Aug 11, 2005)
When it comes down to it, as with many Nintendo products it's the 'feel' that sells this title. It's near impossible not to have fun while playing - even if you're determined to hate it - and it's one of those titles that you've really got to play to understand. Chibi-Robo is certainly worth a trip to your local importer.
Jeuxvideo.com (May 26, 2006)
Encore un OVNI de plus pour la GameCube. Impossible à définir, l'expérience de jeu offerte par Chibi-Robo est à découvrir absolument si vous avez envie de voir quelque chose d'à la fois neuf, amusant et atypique. Le soft est loin d'être parfait et son concept ne plaira forcément pas à tout le monde, mais il se révèle facilement attachant. On a maintenant hâte de découvrir de quoi sera fait l'épisode DS.
Deeko (Feb 22, 2006)
At first glance it seems like just another collect and backtrack styled title, but given a chance Chibi Robo is a bit more than that. Underneath its shiny exterior, it's littered with fresh gameplay that cleans up in the cuteness department. So strap on your favorite apron, grab your toothbrush and start scrubbing - and don't mind the frog droppings.
GameSpy (Feb 07, 2006)
It's always refreshing to see game developers try out new things. In the case of Skip's Chibi-Robo on GameCube, there's more than a few new ideas to keep the player interested. It's a different kind of platform game with some neat mechanics, but its slow-ish pace, time constraints and occasionally dodgy camera work can lead to some frustration. On the whole, Chibi-Robo should appeal to a wide sample of gamers, although I fear that it'll get dismissed as being too "kiddy" by most.
Gamer.nl (Jul 02, 2006)
Niets is vervelender voor een gamer dan klusjes in en om het huis moeten doen, wanneer je net die lastige eindbaas wil gaan verslaan in die uitdagende actiegame. Ontwikkelaar Skip is op het gewaagde idee gekomen om over het huishouden een game te maken. Nee, dit is geen The Sims, dit is Chibi-Robo. Een game waarin je als een minuscuul kleine huishoudrobot speelt. Weet je meteen hoe je moeder of vader zich voelt als gezinsmanager. Of zit er meer achter?
Diehard GameFan (Mar 12, 2006)
While it’s not for everyone, Chibi Robo does enough new and familiar stuff in conjunction that it ends up as a fun experience for more people than you might think. The concept will most likely scare casual gamers away, but if you can get past that, Chibi Robo offers up plenty of weird fun, certainly enough to justify giving it a spin. Thumbs up.
The game does have whimsy in a firm chokehold, but it does not have quality in a similar grip, so don't mistake quirky for fun.
G4 TV: X-Play (Mar 22, 2006)
Chibi Robo is an interesting experiment that fails when the scientific method is applied. It may seem like a laidback, go-as-you-wish experience, but with the constant time limits imposed on the player it fails as both a relaxing and fully rewarding game. There are some interesting ideas and themes presented, but they never manage to overcome all the other shortcomings. Save your money for an Aibo.
Yahoo! Games (Feb 07, 2006)
As Chibi-Robo, you're a present given to the frog-obsessed little girl of the Sanderson family. Dad got you as much for him as for his daughter, though, and he's been banished to the couch as a result. Your sole purpose is to make everyone around you -- talking toys included -- happier. Now, that's a nice karmic goal if ever there was one, but there's a dark side to your mission. The Chibi manual (in-game) may state that, "He's perfectly content to wander about, working to make your life the picture of perfection." That's all well and good, but the happiness of the gamer is essentially forgotten.
I'm fully aware that my thoughts on this game are going to earn me a ton of angry hate mail from people who claim that I just don't get this title's true appeal. Well, I have a message for them: Look beyond the "cute and quirky" facade of this game to see it for what it truly is - a dreary, joyless piece of junk that shamelessly tires to get kids to believe that cleaning is fun.
Game Revolution (Feb 10, 2006)
Cleanliness is not next to godliness, it's in the basement ironing his robes. If you don't believe me, play Chibi-Robo, a game in which you play a painfully helpful robot who scours a large house for lost junk. Although it gives you plenty to do within the confines of a domain that is nothing if not fun to explore, it's a long fall from a divine experience.
GamePro (US) (Feb 16, 2006)
As Chibi-Robo, you'll have an arsenal of tools and abilities at your disposal to facilitate your life of familial bondage. You'll have a small depository of default abilities at your disposal in the beginning of the game, such as, Chibi-Vision which points out objects that are interactable, and you can limitedly climb up, pull, push, and pick up and store objects for future use or disposal. Further on into your life of utilitarian serfdom, you'll learn that the toys of the house take on a life of their own when the humans are away and they will help you acquire Chibi-Gear and tools which will augment your default skills with additional platforming, and cleaning abilities, and you'll get some nifty costumes too.
The A.V. Club (Feb 21, 2006)
Cute, but slow and ultimately unrewarding, unless you're interested in becoming the best robot servant in the universe. Then it's the greatest game ever.

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