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    Sometimes, the best man for the job is a duck. Donning cape and cowl, Disney's Donald Duck is off to save the world in Disney's PK: Out of the Shadows from Ubi Soft.

    Donald Duck is Mild-Mannered?

    By day, Donald works as a security guard at Uncle Scrooge's newly bought Ducklair Tower. The company's super-computer (dubbed "One") calls upon Donald to protect the world from alien invasion. With a little technical wizardry, the computer transforms Donald into PK, hero of tomorrow.

    The "PK" stands for the scientific Latin classification Platyrhynchos Kineticus which loosely translates to "Energized Duck". Retaining his hot-tempered nature and impeccable comic timing, PK must stop the assault of the dreaded Evronians and their assorted minions. One of these, the CoolFlames, bears more than a passing resemblance to archrival cartoon duck Daffy.

    Gadgets and Gizmos Galore

    Combining comic book storytelling with classic Disney humor, PK: Out of the Shadows features straightforward 3D platforming and shooting. PK comes equipped with a multifunctional gizmo known as the X-Transformer.

    This device allows PK to fire plasma blasts at Evronians, hard-to-reach switches and destructible obstacles. By pressing and holding the R Button, PK will automatically lock on a target for easy aiming and maneuvering. You can switch among targets by pushing the C-Stick.

    Ducks Can Fly, But Can They Jump?

    Platform-jumping plays a huge part in your adventure. Since your travels take you through plenty of sci-fi environments, expect most of these platforms to hover or levitate. Often, PK must shoot a switch to activate a platform.

    As PK moves through the levels, he will gain new abilities when the situation warrants it. For example, when you come across a gap that is too far to bound by normal means, "One" will create a gadget that allows PK to jump farther.

    The prospect of completing each huge stage can be intimidating. Thankfully, PK can activate Teleport Stations (check points) by collecting glowing green orbs known as Activation Star Icons.

    Ducks In Distress

    Being a hero isn't just about shooting bad guys and leaping from one area to the next. You must also rescue at least 40 scientist hostages before PK can reach the Evronian Mothership. This is your only hope of saving Earth. You can locate nearby scientists by their oh-so-cute cooing.

    The game's story is told via comic-book style cut-scenes, complete with panels and brightly colored sound-effect bubbles ('"Krak!" "Zap!") straight out of the '60s Batman TV series. Donald himself looks as though he's just stepped in from one of his cartoons, thanks to the well-implemented cel-shaded graphics.

    Overall, the game sports an attractive mix of cel-shaded objects and simple but bright textures. An excellent electronic soundtrack propels the relentless action.

    Donald: Duck of the Future

    Ubi Soft and Disney Interactive have crafted a lengthy action-adventure with plenty of comedy and classic Disney charm. Strap on your mask and save the world in Disney's PK: Out of the Shadows.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65848) on Dec 01, 2005.