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Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.4
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.3
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Overall User Score (7 votes) 3.3

Critic Reviews

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Gaming Target (Oct 23, 2002)
So here’s the deal. AM2 set out to deliver a direct port fresh from the leftovers of the back alley arcades, and they’ve succeeded. However, without any redeemable qualities for a long-term investment, 18 Wheeler is merely a short adventure that was ultimately always destined for the arcades only. Nevertheless, for a rental, you really can’t go wrong.
In no way do I want to suggest that 18 Wheeler is a game you should stay away from, but like the edge of the Grand Canyon, approach cautiously. It is NOT the home equivalent of the arcade version, but it's a reasonable substitute for people who want to bring a piece of the arcade home. As a fun rental, especially for a party game, it promises to delight a crowd and really impress your trucker friends. 'Hey, these gamer types are okay!' My neighbor has instructed me in the secret cabala of driving a truck in such a way as to approximate a veritable Highway Shao-Lin Style. The transmission of this style would no doubt thrill you, but some secrets are too precious to pass on. Play 18 Wheeler for yourself as a rental before you decide if the amount of play is enough to justify adding this one to your permanent collection.
GameSpy (2002)
If you like the Dreamcast version of 18 Wheeler and you still have that system and a copy of the game, save a few bucks and buy something else.
Mag'64 (Jun 18, 2002)
Für Truck Fans und Leute, die sich mit der (leider nicht gelungenen) Country Musik anfreunden können, bietet 18 Wheeler einige Stunden Spass. Leider wird Dauermotivation nicht geboten, da einfach zu wenig zum Freispielen möglich ist (Packungsrückseite wirbt mit: "...tonnenweise knifflige Minispiele"). Aber wo sind die nur geblieben? Vielleicht kann Acclaim diese Mankos bei einem eventuellen Nachfolger bereinigen, sodass das Spiel in höhere Wertungsweihen emporschießt. Das Spielprinzip mit den Trucks ist auf jeden Fall interessant und würde noch viele Möglichkeiten offen halten um aus einem durchschnittlichen Truckerspiel ein hervorragendes Brummi-Erlebnis zu machen.
Même si Sega a ajouté un mode Parking amusant (des épreuves où il vous faudra manoeuvrer avec dextérité), et un mode Contre la montre dénué d´intérêt (Il ne se fait pas sur les mêmes circuits que le mode Arcade, mais sur ceux fermés du mode 2 joueurs), le jeu ne vous résistera guère plus d´une après-midi ! Alors, 18 Wheeler, un jeu à éviter? Eh bien? Pas vraiment non plus ! Si à l´époque de sa sortie, sa durée de vie le disqualifiait de manière scandaleuse, il en va autrement aujourd´hui : Le fait de pouvoir se procurer le titre pour une poignée d´euros en occasion atténue beaucoup ce défaut. Rien que pour les musiques country jouées au Bontempi (merci Sega !) et pour le moteur physique qui gère le déplacement des lunettes de soleil sur la planche de bord en virages (en vue interne), il faut s´essayer à 18 Wheeler ! Quelque part, 18 Wheeler, c´est un peu le jeu de l´apéro, celui qu´on grignote vite fait pour se mettre dans l´ambiance avant de passer au plat de résistance.
The gameplay is somewhat engaging, though, as your travel the countryside with your freight. Amazingly, your semi can cover the continental US in about 10 minutes. Still, I'd rather just get out and walk.
55 (Jul 05, 2002)
Un titre dont le défaut principal est d'être clairement limité. Son intérêt tiendra les joueurs en haleine durant à peine quelques heures, ils en feront très rapidement le tour au vu des possibilités bien trop restreintes et d'un principe de jeu qui bien qu'amusant s'essouffle assez vite.
IGN (Mar 05, 2002)
As an arcade game, this is a novelty, but a thoroughly satisfying one. But if you're considering paying $50 for an hour's worth of racing -- without the added benefit of the arcade cabinet, horn, and steering wheel, I might add -- the novelty factor quickly runs dry. Especially since this isn't even a particularly new arcade racer.
Game Over Online (May 13, 2002)
Considering the fact that 18-Wheeler only offers around 3 hours of game time, it should come as no surprise that I do not recommend this game outside of a one-night rental. Even then you’ll probably be bored with the game after only your first time through. After racing through five different locales and hearing countless taunts from the rival trucker, you’ll be more than ready to put this game away and not think about it again until 18-Wheeler is re-released on the PS3 in 2007.
Game Chronicles (Apr 24, 2002)
18-Wheeler American Pro Trucker is a fun game in a mindless sort of way. The gameplay and controls are super-easy, allowing you to dive right in and transport your loads across the country. Unfortunately, the trip across the USA is a short one, divided into a paltry five stages with each stage only taking minutes to complete. If you must play this game then rent it, or better yet, head to the nearest arcade where you can spend a few dollars and enjoy it in all its intended glory with the big wheel, horn, and bench seat.
GameSpot (Feb 21, 2002)
18 Wheeler, which was less than impressive on the Dreamcast, is even less so when presented on the technically superior GameCube.
(PAL version)
Man merkt deutlich, dass 18 Wheeler auch auf dem GameCube nur eine Schnellumsetzung ist die sich von den anderen Versionen (DC, PS2) in nichts unterscheidet. Die PAL-Version hat übrigens deutsche Bildschirmtexte und ein bisschen englische Sprachausgabe. Die Soundeffekte kann man durchgehen lassen, aber die Countrymusik ist schon ganz arg an der Schmerzgrenze. Verdammt, wo ist bloß mein Cowboyhut?
Tu dir einen Gefallen und lass das Spiel liegen!
Gaming Age (Apr 10, 2002)
18-Wheeler American Pro Trucker is first and foremost an arcade game. Game companies need to realize that bringing certain arcade games onto consoles may have its benefits, and also consequences. Crazy Taxi made a successful transition because the developers decided to add more modes to increase the replay value of the game at home. Unfortunately, 18-Wheeler should have stayed at the arcades. The game at home offers nothing but a quick thrill, albeit a rather cheap one.
The Next Level (Aug 16, 2002)
18 Wheeler is a game very reminiscent of a late Eighties, early Nineties arcade racer, only with much higher quality audio. The gameplay is simple, the graphics are bright and functional, and the fun factor is high while the game is in session. Once the ride is over, you may want another go, or you may not, but you will not be disappointed. If this were a snack it would be a 20-oz. soft drink - not too filling, it goes down well, but it is best accompanied by something else.
Gameswelt (Jul 23, 2002)
Tja, was soll man von einem Spiel halten, wo das Schreiben des Reviews mehr Zeit in Anspruch nimmt, als das Spiel selbst? Eigentlich ist es fast eine Frechheit, was Sega da präsentiert: magere vier zudem noch kurze Strecken, ein paar LKWs, unmotivierende Minispiele und Spielmodi und das alles in technisch veraltetem Gewand. Immerhin fahren sich die Kisten recht vernünftig und auch der Sound geht zumindest auf Motorenseite in Ordnung. Der Titel hätte mit einem vernünftigen Umfang ein netter Fun-Racer werden können, so ist der Kauf von '18Wheeler' bei 60 Euro für maximal 30 Minuten Spielspaß allerdings reine Geldverschwendung.
Without at least ten more routes in the main game, additional modes of play, bonus vehicles, or incentive to attain high scores other than for posterity, 18 Wheeler cannot be recommended for a purchase. The simple, straightforward nature of gameplay is over far too quickly and the appealing aspect of smashing into buildings and cars is largely neglected. In the end, this payload is too basic to keep players occupied for the long haul.
Nintendojo (2002)
I wouldn’t have a single qualm with this game if it were an exclusive rental in a Blockbuster promotion, but because it’s a full-price purchase, this is a different issue. The game is fun, but it just doesn’t last and its replay value is very, very limited. Combine those elements and you’ve got a sad situation. This is a great rental, though!
GamePro (US) (Mar 11, 2002)
GameCube owners deserve better than this unimproved port of an inferior Dreamcast game.
Video Game Generation (Nov 05, 2005)
18-Wheeler is the type of game you beat once and then never touch again, and the Parking mode adds very little much-needed variety. The key problem here is not with the quality of the product; it's with how much of it is offered. If they had given us 20+ stages, this would've been a decent purchase. As it stands, it's recommended only for those obsessed with big rigs or if you find it really cheap on eBay.
GamesFirst! (May 15, 2002)
Look, it's a competitive market out there, even on the Gamecube, and there's not a lot to recommend about American Pro Trucker. It's too short to justify a purchase even if you're crazy about driving games, and there are more appealing games for rent-The Simpsons Road Rage and Crazy Taxi offer a similar arcade driving experience of significantly higher quality, and that's where I'd put my money first.
NintendoWorldReport (Jun 03, 2002)
Here we have another port where there’s simply not enough to do, even for a rental, let alone a purchase. The game does have its moments, and it always slightly more fun with another body, but there’s no reason for anyone to own this one unless there’s someone out there who needs to own every single GameCube game. You should try to play it, but don’t rent it unless you’ve got a rent one-get one free coupon around, because you’re better off plunking about $3 worth of quarters into the actual arcade unit rather than having had to pay for this disc to waste space in your GameCube for 5 days.
GameZone (Apr 04, 2002)
A game should provide hours of entertainment, not minutes. 18 Wheeler may entertain younger gamers for a short while, but serious gamers should avoid 18 Wheeler like truckers avoid exercise.