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Evolution Worlds Screenshots (GameCube)

User Screenshots

GameCube version

Title screen
The game begins with an easy battle
Introduction: you're not going to fall for this trap, are you?
A cutscene: meeting Pepper for the first time
Exploring a dungeon
Battle: It's a level 10 Mandaskus!
Visit the town to buy items or find members for your adventuring party
You can buy some items in this shop
Ready to fly off on your next adventure?
Receive assignments from Nina
And introducing the bad guy...
Mag attacks Eugene
Uh oh, Mag is poisoned!
Stairs to another floor in a dungeon
Get out alive? I was hoping to...
Agh, machine gun fire!
Uh oh, more trouble?
Each character has different talents you can use in battle
Hmm, should I boost Mag's attack strength?
Hmm, fighting a giant flower...
Mag has a reputation as the #1 adventurer
Pepper prepares to attack
This tank fires its machine gun
Mag levels up
The map; want to head to the Blaze Ruins?
You'll travel to different locations; want to stay here for the night?
Hit points were stolen from Pepper
Mag attacks a guard
Select a special attack
Game over