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Written by  :  kawaii (19)
Written on  :  Sep 27, 2003

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Hope you like fast.

The Good

Before there was GX, the best racing game in my life was the WipeOut series. And then GX exploded into my life, and I felt the definition of fast was changed.

The first thing that you notice, before the racing even starts, is the wacky costumes of the racers, and the individual backstory and personality that they are given.

Then, you will notice the plethora of colors that they can each use, and the funny and amusing animations that they do while you choose those colors.

And lastly, you'll notice the speed.

This game is _fast_. There's a lack of words for how fast this game is. It is the type of racing game to get your blood pumping, your adrenaline running, and force you to have a cigarette after it's all done and said.

That's before you even get into the wonderful customizable aspects of the game, where you can build your own F-Zero machine (up to four in one memory card).

The graphics during the race are spectacular, although you will need to be a spectator to really appreciate it. As a racer, you'll be too busy keeping track of the other racers, the turns of the track, and where the super-boosts are coming from.

The Bad

It is fast. Almost too fast.

The problem for this game is that it could take a good three to four hours of solid gameplay with _one_ character before you can master the first Cup with that character. To accumulate the money to _really_ get started on the customization, and the "unlocking" of the characters, it gets repetitive to play the first Cup over and over again with the one character that you've mastered it with.

The Bottom Line

This game is a game for speed junkies, and those who have amazing reflexes. For the rest of us, find a friend who is good at it, and just sit back, and enjoy the ride. Even as a bystander, this game is wonderful.