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Giftpia Screenshots (GameCube)

User Screenshots

GameCube version

Title Screen
Pockle oversleeps...
...thus missing his entire ceremony!
After being sent to jail, Pockle meets his girlfriend, the mayor's daughter
Pockle is released after agreeing to perform community service.
Parole officer, ball and chain, crim outfit, face mosaic - Nanaji Island's penalties are harsh.
The town has become a complete mess since the storm hit
Your first task is to pick up and hand the garbage to your robotic parole officer
How humiliating!
Walking past the N-Mart
A couple of the game's strange characters converse
The mayor rambles on about all the trouble Pockle has caused...
...and his debt of $500, 000!
Pockle will need to repay the money through ATMs
Pockle's girlfriend wakes him up at his house the next day
Inside Pockle's house
The island map
Outside Pockle's house. That Parole Officer doesn't know when to quit!
Climbing the steps
Hmmm... don't know what this is for yet...
Exploring the island
Pockle needs to regularly eat to maintain his stamina - just like Wonder Boy!
The town appears deserted.
Someone should really do something about this mess...oh.
Found a Heart Container, which increases Pockle's stamina!