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Go! Go! Hypergrind Screenshots (GameCube)

User Screenshots

GameCube version

Licensed by Nintendo.
The Mark of Spumco, Creators of Ren and Stimpy.
Opening: Decker racing Vert the tiger, or lion... Well he's some sort of big cat!
Opening: The Johnson Brothers, Decker and, Gigi.
Opening:Penny and Piggy Sue.
Choose your game mode.
Wow O_O I never knew that!
Story mode commences, Choose who you want to control, we're taking the Johnson Bros here.
Tutorial: Break the targets.
Tutorial: Jumping on ramps.
Tutorial: Missed a landing.
Tutorial: You get more points for being on fire while doing tricks.
Tutorial: Dancing I think...
Kevin the friendly (?) Instructor explains the deal.
Mr Smith is not happy with the situation.
First Area
Jumping while crushed, that will make the came happy.
Grinding poorly on telephone wires.
Time for a character change.
Bad... Or is it?
Gain points by losing your head...
Doing tricks without a head makes for more points.