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Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee Credits

Pipeworks Software, Inc.

Godzilla Development TeamRhett Anderson, Brian Apgar, Robert Caracol, Ron Clayborn, Mark Crowe, Dan Duncalf, Terry Farnham, Mike McGrath, Jarrett Jester, Mark Santesson, Solomon Sliwinski, Simon Strange, Edwin Sutiono, Ryan Trowbridge, Dan White
Additional Work ByBill Barrett, Josh Bradley, Douglas Brashear, Barry Drew, Eric Fenstermaker, Aaron Graham, Gerald Harrison, Lance Hildebrand, Curtis E. A. Karnow, Caitlin Leduc, Vance Naegle, Brian Peck, Connor Salisbury, T. J. Stamm, Tim Underwood
Musical ScoreTimothy Steven Clarke
Sound EffectsTimothy Steven Clarke

Infogrames N. A.

Original Concept and DesignKirby Fong, Mark Crowe (Pipeworks)
Studio Senior VPJean-Philippe Agati
VP Product DevelopmentSteven Ackrich
Executive ProducerSteven Ackrich
ProducerKirby Fong
Technical Director (LA Studio)Greg Marquez
VP of MarketingSteven M. Allison
Director of MarComm Kristine Keever
Director of MarketingJean Raymond
Senior Art Director (Marketing Collateral) David Gaines
Brand ManagerScott McCarthy
Executive Producer (On-Line) Jon Nelson
Sunnyvale Engineering ServicesLuis Rivas
Senior Producer (On-Line) Kyle Peschel
Sunnyvale Engineering ServicesKen Edwards
Director of Publishing SupportMichael H. Gilmartin
Senior Designer (On-Line) Micah Jackson
Senior Programmer (On-Line) Gerald Burns
Director of QAMichael Craighead
QA SupervisorsDonald T. Clay, Jeffrey L. Loney, Ezequiel Nunez
QA LeadPeter Sodbinow
QA Assistant LeadLong H. Pham
QA TestersRoss Russell (AKA Vincent Spades), Michael Deen, Gabriel Navarrette, Sean Lama, Wilfredo Dimas, Corey Eiland, Alden Park Wong, Howell Selburn, Randy Thodas, Joe Acedillo, Kenneth Donato
3rd Party Strategic RelationsJoy Schneer, David Costello
PR ManagersWiebke Vallentin, Matthew Frary
LicensingTim Campbell, Mark T. Morrison
Documentation SpecialistChristopher Dawley
Toho Co., Ltd.Masaharu Ina, Tetsushi Sudo
Special ThanksDavid T. Brown, Rafael Curulla
Director of Editorial & Documentation ServicesElizabeth Mackney
Special ThanksLisa Leong, Patricia Swanson, Matthew Guzenda, Lisette Laboy, Travis Stansbury, Steve T. Madsen, Eric Thomsen, Lorraine Garcia, Alex Jones, Shawn Monroe, Cecilia Munoz, Kristine Keever, Ken George, Mr. Soop, Heather Guzenda, Tim Hesse, Matthew J. Powers, Steve Cavazos, Elsie DeRivas
And Much Suga For...Kurt Busch, Fran├žois Lourdin, Alex V. Cabal, Stacy Lawrence
"Godzilla's Theme" Compose byAkira Ifukube
Special ThanksAll the folks at MMB, Simon and the guys at CRUSH

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