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GrooveRider: Slot Car Thunder Credits

Encore Software

Senior ProducerKenneth S. Rosman
ProducerT. J. Higgins
Quality Assurance ManagerFadi Awed
Quality Assurance LeadRon Duke
Quality Assurance TestersAndrew Simpson, Nicolas Batshon, John Batshon, Mike Daly, Danny Yanez, Kenneth Kupis, Joel Nation
Vice President of MarketingJill Griffin
Director of MarketingBetsi Shepherd
Director of Public RelationsLinda Duttenhaver
Creative Services ManagerThom Dohner
Product Marketing ManagerCandice Uyloan
Vice President of Licensing & Business DevelopmentRichard Lowenthal

King of the Jungle

Executive ProducerStephane Koenig
Creative DirectorJoe Myers
Technical DirectorRaffaele Cecco
Lead CoderSteve Howard
CodersLauri Sarkka, Thaddaeus Frogley, Alex Darby
User InterfaceMark Banger, Paul Margrave
Lead ArtSimon Harrison
ArtPaul Ellinor, Mike Heverin
QA ManagerBarry Smith
DesignRobert Churchill
ProducerAnthony Hinds
Special ThanksNDL, The.Test.Station

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (237781) and codemonkey_uk (185)