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J.K. Rowling has found a way to transform people of all ages into devoted Harry Potter followers. Electronic Arts, on the other hand, can’t seem to create a Harry Potter game that appeals to anyone. Although you still spend a great deal of time chasing after runaway jellybeans, the Goblet of Fire has a much heavier focus on button-mashing action than the previous entries in the series. In a way, it seems that EA is trying to rekindle the success it had with The Lord of the Rings games. This is also the first console version that allows players to play as Ron and Hermione. Cooperative play is included, which is a nice perk, but not even having two friends at your side can overcome the boredom of zapping small woodland creatures with a wand. The team-based obstacles are greatly overused and usually have you doing stupid things like putting out fires. Goblet of Fire is the best console Harry Potter action game yet, but it’s still a far cry from good.
N-Zone (Jan 10, 2006)
Dass Harry Potter nicht nur Kinder und Jugendliche verzaubert, scheint Electronic Arts begriffen zu haben. Harry Potter und der Feuerkelch wirkt erwachsener und anspruchsvoller als seine Vorgänger. Dazu trägt das neue Kartensystem und die Möglichkeit, sich zu dritt den dunklen Mächten entgegenzustellen bei. Die Atmosphäre ist sehr gelungen und dürfte Zauberer schnell in ihren Bann ziehen. Lob an Electronic Arts, die es geschafft haben, die Stärken der Systeme gut auszunutzen.
PGNx Media (Nov 27, 2005)
Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire does a good job of recreating the film for fans of the movie. Though it appears to be aimed at younger fans, Harry fans of all ages will find something to enjoy in the game.
78 (Nov 10, 2005)
Nein, auch der vierte Teil macht aus dem offiziellen HP-Spiel kein »erwachsenes« Action-Adventure. Zwar nähert man sich wie Buch und Film einer reiferen Klientel an, aber das Spiel greift einem nichtsdestotrotz noch viel zu sehr unter die Arme: Ihr könnt nicht springen, stattdessen wird automatisch geklettert, sobald man nahe genug an einer Kante steht. Zaubersprüche werden zufällig ausgelöst, ohne dass man mehr machen könnte als auf den Fluch-Knopf zu hauen. All das und mehr macht die Feuerkelch-Versoftung ziemlich kindgerecht – und damit sehr wenig herausfordernd für fortgeschrittene Spieler. Wie auch immer: Es macht trotzdem viel Spaß! Speziell in einer Gruppe spielt es sich dank des hervorragenden Koop-Modus’ flüssig und launig, in diesen Fällen muss man sich auch nicht mit der Solala-KI rumärgern. Insgesamt bleibt eine der besseren Filmumsetzungen – speziell für junge oder jung gebliebene Gruppenabenteurer.
Wer allerdings die Vorgängerspiele kennt, dem wird auffallen, dass der neuste Potter schon eher eine Art Hack‘n‘Slay darstellt und viel seiner Adventure-Anleihen eingebüßt hat. Die Story wirkt eher wie ein Zusammenschnitt aller Potter-Bücher, Das hätte man sicher eleganter lösen können. Doch Dank der Teilnahme am Trimagischen Turnier, des Ausflugs in den Zauberwald und des Showdowns gegen Voldemort persönlich wird Harry Potter und der Feuerkelch zu einem unterhaltsamen Spiel, das viele Spieler, und speziell Potter-Fans, ansprechen wird.
75 (Mar 20, 2006)
Fans of Harry Potter will have no reservations about buying this game, but for anyone else it may be better to rent it first. It’s got plenty of extras and reasons to come back if you’re familiar with the books and films. It would be great to tie it in a little better with more story, but there are plenty of missions to play through. If you’ve played all the previous Harry Potter games expect something a little different, but good nonetheless. If you’re not a huge fan you may want to try before you buy.
GameZone (Nov 28, 2005)
A decent game for the younger set or the casual player, that is faithful to its audience of Harry Potter fans. While it could have had more movie/book elements tied into the gaming experience, the existing game is fun enough.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is a solid action game that should appeal to fans of the books and films etc. Older fans might find the games a little on the simple side and certainly if you've played a few action games what you'll find here will give you no problems at all. Of course if you're looking for a more challenging experience with some challenging puzzles, you may be disappointed. Still the overall presentation of the game is very good and Harry Potter fans will no doubt be satisfied with how the game has turned out.
GameSpot (Nov 23, 2005)
As a platformer aimed at the younger crowd of Potter fans, The Goblet of Fire does a good job at delivering an experience that is in line with the plot of the books. Even if you're an older fan of the Harry Potter books, the game is still worth checking out, especially if you've got two other friends to play the game in three-player cooperative mode. It's definitely not quite as awe-inspiring an experience as seeing the films, but if you want a more interactive take on what it might be like to be in the world of magic, The Goblet of Fire video game will suit you just fine.
IGN (Nov 11, 2005)
We don't have our pocket calculators handy, but we're pretty sure that the Harry Potter franchise has made more than a gajillion dollars since author J.K. Rowling rolled out the first book. The story of the Boy Who Lived and his trusty friends has captivated millions, whether the tale has unfolded on paper, on the silver screen, or on the boob tube in wholly interactive form. The worldwide phenomenon has of course been designed by Rowling, but both Warner Bros. and Electronics Arts have done their respective parts in maintaining the wizarding craze, WB with a series of blockbuster movies and EA with a stream of complementary videogames for all major platforms.
Nintendo Difference (Jan 23, 2006)
Electronic Arts, malgré sa réputation parvient à nous surprendre et à innover pour nous fournir un Harry Potter de qualité. Une excellente maniabilité portée par des graphismes très bons suffisent à quiconque serait à la recherche d’un jeu plaisant et quelque peu magique sur les bords. Bien sûr les fans y trouveront un intérêt encore plus important, mais sa conception même le rend facile d’accès à n’importe qui, pour un plaisir de jeu qui reste constant tout au long de l’aventure…
Armchair Empire, The (Jan 27, 2006)
At the end of the day, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is an entry-level action game for the Harry Potter set, but it's also a game parents will be able to safely play with their pre-teen kids.
Cheat Code Central (Nov 25, 2005)
I would recommend renting this game for a weekend. Although there are a lot collectibles to gather you may not care to replay the game just to compulsively collect everything. The rewards are just not worth the effort in my opinion. Otherwise it's a good revisiting of the movie or novel.
GameSpy (Nov 14, 2005)
The constant action means the Harry Potter series has always lent itself well to the video-game format, and thankfully (albeit surprisingly) EA has mostly improved upon their winning formula, while upping the ante visually and adding welcome multiplayer features, easily making the Goblet of Fire their best adaptation yet. There's still much they could be doing with the series, but Harry Potter fans looking for a way to become part of the adventure certainly won't be disappointed.
65 (Nov 09, 2005)
Electronic Arts aborde ce nouvel opus de Harry Potter sous un angle totalement nouveau. La dimension plates-formes/exploration qui dominait précédemment disparaît au profit d'une action rythmée qui vaut surtout pour la possibilité qu'elle offre à trois joueurs de prendre part à l'aventure. Le soft n'est ainsi pas dépourvu de bonnes idées mais il s'avère un peu limité sur le long terme.
Jolt (UK) (Dec 11, 2005)
The console versions fare better when it comes to the controls, although they’re an awfully long way from perfect. What is worth noting, for positive reasons, is the co-operative multiplayer mode. Like Lego Star Wars, other players can drop in and out at any point in the levels (although you still can’t actually save the bloody game at any point other than between levels), and working together to solve the simplistic puzzles and gang up on the attacking creatures with group casts can make the experience more enjoyable.
GamePro (US) (Nov 09, 2005)
The inability of this series to learn from its mistakes is baffling. You'll often find yourself fighting enemies you can't see because some decorative element in the foreground entirely blocks your view, and you've zero control over the camera. Worse, Harry's a slow-poke at his meat-and-potatoes spell-casting, and any movement leaves your AI companions in the dust. Since many of the simple puzzles require help, this is a constant nuisance. Goblet of Fire adds some interesting enhancements, like bonus-granting Collector's Cards that can be bought and equipped, but it's just too tightly wound to stale gameplay convention to succeed.