The Hobbit Credits

Inevitable Entertainment, Inc.

Executive Producer  Jaime R. Grieves
Creative Director  Chuck Lupher
Game & System Design Artie Rogers, Bey Bickerton, Brandon Paul Salinas, Chuck Lupher, Rand Van Fossen, Rhea Shelley
Level Designers  Artie Rogers, Brandon Paul Salinas, Rand Van Fossen, Rhea Shelley
Art Director  Michael Fong
Level Artists  Michael McClelland, Paul Haskins, Greg Omelchuck, Luke Gustafson, Carrie Meade
Character Modeling  Bradley Marques, Jesse Slate, Tom Heimann, Michael Fong
Character Animation  Jesse Slate, Tom Heimann, Martin L'Heureux, Bradley Marques, Shane Tarrant, Michael Fong
Front End & HUD Carrie Meade, Jeremy Howa
Pageturn Cinemas  Michael Fong, Carrie Meade
Special Effects Artist Martin Coven
Additional Character Support Carrie Meade, Greg Omelchuck, Michael McClelland
Additional Level Support Trevor Lemoine, Jesse Slate
Technical Art Support John Versluis, Martin Coven
Technical Director  Andy Thyssen
Programming Stevan Hird (World; Weather & Characters), Mike Reed, Jeremy Howa (Front End & HUD), Waylon Calabrese (Bilbo), Alex P. Cheng, David Russell, Andrew Yount (Special Effects), Andrew Yount (Camera), Andrew Yount (Puzzles)
AI System Architect  Jason Franklin
Additonal AI  Michael Kupka, Paul Masters
Audio Director  Marc Schaefgen
Audio Engineering Robert Brannon (Audio Streaming & Effects)
Music Logic  Michael Kupka
Environmental Effects  Alex P. Cheng, Andrew Yount
Additional Tools & Technology Alex P. Cheng, David Russell, Mike Reed, Jason Franklin, Robert Brannon, Andrew Yount
Voiceover Director  Lisa Riznikove
Script‑writer  Brandon Paul Salinas
Script Doctor  John Mann
Voice Talent Michael Beattie (Bilbo), Tom Kane (Narrator), James Kevin Ward (Gandalf), Clive Revill (Thorin), James Horan (Smaug), Darren Norris (Gollum)
Other Voice Talent  Alastair Duncan, André Sogliuzzo, Andrew Ableson, Brian George, Cam Clarke, Candi Milo, Clive Revill, Darren Norris, Dee Bradley Baker, Grey DeLisle, James Horan, James Arnold Taylor, Jane Singer, Jennifer Hale, James Kevin Ward, Joshua Seth, Kat Cressida, Kath E. Soucie, Michael Ensign, Michael Gough, Nathan Carlson, Oliver Muirhead, Patrick Pinney, Rob Dean, Robin Atkin Downes, Steve Staley, Tom Kane, Victor Raider Wexler, Wally Wingert
Dialogue Editing & Processing Mike Caviezel
Dialogue Recorded By Sonic Pool
Music Composition  Rod Abernethy, Dave Adams
Orchestral Music Conducted By Jason Graves
Concert Master & Orchestra Contrator Simon James
Orchestra  Northwest Sinfonia
Orchestra Recording Engineer Reed Ruddy
Orchestra Recording Studio Studio X
Acoustic Music Recording Studio Rednote Audio
Guitar  Rod Abernethy
Solo Woodwinds  Dude X
Ambient Music  Marc Schaefgen
Dolby Consultant  Kristoffer Larson
Sound Design  Berkley Sound Artists, James LeBrecht, Matthew Spiro, Benjamin Frost, Kush Arora, Marc Schaefgen, Mike Caviezel, Dylan Hunt (In Game), Weapon Foley recorded at Fantasy Studios, Marnie Moore (Foley Artist), Rod Abernethy, Dave Adams (Rendered Cinematics)
Additional Programming  Brian Watson, John Nagle, Michael Traub, Tomas Arce, Adam Hunter
Additional Design  Rafael Jabulani Brown, Bobby Pavlock, Jim Richardson
QA Manager  Todd Raffray
QA Engineers  Kent Raffray, Mark Richards
Chief Executive Officer Russell Byrd
Chief Creative Officer Bey Bickerton
Chief Technical Officer Craig Galley
Chief Art Officer  Cyrus Lum
Chief Financial Officer Judy Stubbington
Special Thanks To  Billy Joe Cain, Reneé Higgs, Billy Spears, Chad C. Cavitt, Jason Kane, Lisa Riznikove, Mike Caviezel, Kristine Bryan, Mitch Soule, Fiona Wilson, Jack Buser (Dolby Labs), Chance Thomas (HUGEsound), Alex Tosspin, Sound Dogs, Hollywood Edge, Jeffrey Green, Rick Stephan, Brian Devine, Brian Watson, Greg O'Connor, Read @
A Very Special Thanks To All of our family and friends, Dahria McClelland, Jaxon McClelland, Baby #2 McClelland, Joan Reed, Alex Reed, Silona I. Bonewald, Jenifer Thyssen, Ethan Thyssen, Tonja Howa, Aubrey Howa, Zoey Howa, Juanita Kupka, Michael Kupka II, Katherine Kupka, Melinda Kupka, Sarah Kupka, The Lupher Clan: Mid; Papa Chuck & Kathy, Gary; John & Christi, Angela and Michael, Angie Balettie, Benjamin Byrd, Melinda Grieves, Andrew Grieves, Madison Grieves, Mimi and Tatu, Daniel Greenberg

Sierra Entertainment, Inc. (a.k.a. Vivendi Universal Games Northwest)

VP Development Studio Kelly Zmak
Development Operations & Production Manager Juliet Pitt
Sr. Administrative Assistant Shari Lindholm
Executive Producer  Ken Embery
Senior Producer  Troy Skinner
Associate Producer  Bernadette Pryor
Tolkien Approvals Coordinator Kristine Bryan
Director of Marketing, VUG Charles Grover Holtzclaw
Brand Manager, VUG  Steve Beinner
International Brand MarketingQuentin Gauthier (Europe), Chloë Rothwell (Asia-Pacific)
Senior PR Manager, VUG Adam Kahn
CGI Cinematic Director James Carey
CGI Cinematic Producer Glenn Oliver
CGI Development Teams Meteor Studios ‑ Montreal, Belyea Animation & Visual Effects Studio - Vancouver, Lost Boys Studios - Vancouver
Dialog Editor /Sound Designer Mike Caviezel
VUG Legal Eric Roeder (Chief Legal Counsel), James Shaw, Tracy Gibbs (Legal Counsel), Pam Teller (Paralegal), Fritz Kryman, Sacha Tarrant (Anti-Piracy)
QA Director  Gary Stevens
QA Supervisor  Ken Eaton
QA Leads  Alex Jacobs, Elizabeth Skoczen, Doug Quackenbush, Tharlie Richardson
QA Assistant Leads  Jason Furler, Katrina Quan, Ryan Condon
QA Testers  Ben Saurer, Bryan Wilkinson, Chad Foltz, Conan E. Chamberlain, Corey Stelton, David M. Carter, Dayna Smith, Doug Yi, Jeff Marcin, Jon Pulling, Kristine Bryan, Lee Thorson, Lester Stocker, Marc Nagel, Niko Simonson, Richard Hager, Suzanne Ford

Vivendi Universal Games, Inc.

Executive VP Worldwide Development Jim Wilson
Senior Producer  Scott Cuthbertson
Creative Director (Tolkien Franchise) Daniel Greenberg
Art Director (Tolkien Franchise) John Slowsky
Music Director (Tolkien Franchise) Chance Thomas
Director of Licensing (Tolkien Enterprises) Laurie Battle
Localization ProducerFiona Wilson (Europe), Siobhan Wallace (Asia-Pacific)
Very Special Thanks  Cliff Broadway, Dylan Bromley, Matthew From, Robert Irving, David O'Conner, Nancy Rinehart, Andrew Shiozaki, Daniel Smith
Package Illustrator Justin Brandstater
Lambo Creative (Manual) Kevin Lamb (Writing), Kim McGovern (Design)

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