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While it may not be considered "pure" or "hardcore," Ultimate Destruction becomes everything you should expect from a video game. It's fun no matter how long you play or how repetitive it gets. It's a perfect example of how video games can be crafted from an idea that isn't necessarily original, but can still become one of the sleepers of the year.
Game Over Online (Sep 27, 2005)
This game is what most superhero games should be. There are many comic-book related items to unlock during the course of the gameplay, and this works very well as a reward for which the fans can strive. Whether you are a true fan of the Hulk or just feel that a game in which you can kill/smash/destroy everything in sight would be a great cathartic experience, you will have a great time with Dr. Bruce Banner's alter ego.
GameSpy (Aug 22, 2005)
Despite the few dings in this giant's armor, the good overshadows the bad by a colossal margin. If you fancy yourself an action fan, it might be a good idea to add this one to your collection. It's one game that's worth the price of admission. Not only is it a great action title, it may very well be the best superhero game for current-gen consoles.
Alles in allem eine der besten Superheldenumsetzungen bisher. Wenn ihr ein Fan des großen, grünen Kerlchens seid, dürft ihr genau jetzt aufkreischen und sofort zum nächsten Laden rennen. Falls ihr bisher kein Fan wart: Nach diesem Spiel seid ihr einer!
If you're talking about what makes the Hulk a great character, Radical's new game has it in spades. I can't think of a more cathartic and enjoyable vent for rage and stress than the one offered as you hurtle through the city of the green goliath's latest adventure. Ultimate Destruction profoundly succeeds at exactly what a sandbox game like this should; it makes the gamer feel a sense of total freedom to move, act, fight and play.
If you're easily discouraged by failure, this might not be the game for you. If you're the type that feels liberated by overcoming a tough challenge, Ultimate Destruction is right up your alley. It's easily an experience that everyone needs to check out with a weekend rental. The side mission mini-games alone are worth playing the game, which vary from simple follow-the-markers, golf variation, field goal kicking cars, to lifting cars and trying to put them as high on a tower as possible. For the hardcore, this should be a pleasure to have in your collection.
IGN (Aug 16, 2005)
As a longtime fan of the Hulk since the 1970s, I've always had a soft spot for videogames based on my favorite superhero. Unfortunately, the Green Goliath hasn't had the same kind of excessive treatment over the years afforded to more mainstream guys like Spider-Man and the X-Men, so the selection of titles out there has been somewhat slim. Luckily, Radical Entertainment's The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction makes that thin assortment a moot point, as it's the deepest, most accurate recreation of the Jade Giant that anybody could ever hope for (and makes other titles based on Banner's alter ego look like the "Rick Jones Hulk" in comparison).
N-Zone (Oct 27, 2005)
Ich trete Lizenz-Versoftungen immer mit großer Skepsis entgegen, wurde in diesem Fall aber äußerst positiv überrascht. Schon nach wenigen Minuten stellt sich ein kleiner Suchteffekt ein, wenn ihr Häuser hinauflauft, Polizeiautos durch die Gegend schleudert und ganze Gebäude demontiert. Dank der zahlreichen Moves bietet Hulk: Ultimate Destruction sogar viel Spieltiefe. Die spaßige Zerstörungsorgie macht mächtig Laune und ist genau das Richtige, um gepflegt abzuschalten.
Throughout my gaming career, I've stood amidst roaring flames and smoldering wreckage with police sires blaring in the distance more times than I can count. I've carried out incredible displays of unbridled destruction in innumerable ways, though the aftermath is typically the same regardless of the game. As I played The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, I once again found myself surrounded by screaming civilians and the twisted shells of vehicles, but I can say without reservation that I've never had this much fun getting there.
82 (Sep 30, 2005)
Puh, gerade noch geschafft. Ein wenig angeschlagen kehre ich von meiner letzten Zerstörungsorgie aus der nächtlichen Metropole zurück, freue mich aber schon im selben Moment auf meinen nächsten, explosiven Einsatz in der Stadt. Herrlich intuitiv, herrlich abwechslungsreich und richtig spaßig gibt sich auch der neueste Marvel Streich aus dem Hause Vivendi. Wer schon immer einmal mit Autos auf Militärhelikopter werfen wollte, der bekommt mit Hulk in Form eines hochkarätigen Action Titels endlich die Chance dazu.
GameSpot (Aug 22, 2005)
In many ways, The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is exactly what a quality single-player adventure based on a license ought to be. It pays ample service to the Hulk fan base through numerous obscure references to assorted comic-book bric-a-brac and lots of unlockable materials, and it manages to get the game portion of the equation down pat, creating a world well-suited to Hulk and his destructive tendencies. Sure, it isn't the deepest, longest, or most technically proficient game out there, but fans of the comic book are sure to have a blast smashing their way through every destructible obstacle the game throws at them, and anybody else with a penchant for obliteration ought to at least give Ultimate Destruction a look.
Nintendo Life (Feb 11, 2010)
The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is a rarity amongst licensed game properties because it makes being a fun game the priority. The result is a lesson for any team working on a comic book game: give the player the abilities of the hero and the tools to use them effectively. Even if you're not a fan of Hulk comics (and we confess that we're not), guiding the Hulk through this well-told tale is incredibly satisfying thanks to rock-solid controls and fun gameplay. You'll find it still commands a decent price on the 2nd-hand market but it's definitely worth tracking down, so go get it and "Hulk out!"
GameLemon (Sep 14, 2005)
This game, along with a wealth of others, is proof yet again that there is a whole genre emerging around the sandbox style of open-ended city-based game play which games like Grand Theft Auto really pioneered. It also goes a long way toward proving my theory that these open-ended games are perfectly suited for comic book adaptations such as Spider-Man and the Hulk. There are some games that are just worth renting and some that are actually worth plopping fifty dollars on the counter for. This is the second kind. Even after you've beaten everything and unlocked the Hulk's different styles of shorts, you'll be back because you'll have a few more buildings to bust into rubble.
Nintendo Difference (Dec 12, 2005)
Un poil moins saisissant que le dernier Spider-Man Ultimate, mais paru quelques semaines avant, ce jeu a tout pour plaire aux bourrins et joueurs stressés en manque de brutalité. Il n’y a pas de sang, mais les coups sont si puissants, si brutaux, qu’on a presque l’impression de réellement frapper. C’est dire. Hulk Ultimate Destruction, c’est un jeu tout à fait recommandable, qui n’est pas excellent, mais qui a ses atouts. Un bon petit jeu que l’on ressort très souvent.
65 (Sep 12, 2005)
Ultimate Destruction est un jeu qui vous défoulera comme aucun autre. On retrouve toute la verve de Hulk dont les capacités n'ont jamais été aussi bien exploitées dans un jeu vidéo et se retrouver face à un mélange de Spider-Man 2 et de Rampage n'est pas si courant. Malheureusement, un manque de variété des missions, des gros problèmes de caméra, des loadings incessants et une difficulté surhumaine ternissent le tableau. Le jeu de Radical conserve tout de même de grandes qualités qui ne pourront que parler au côté bestial qui sommeille en vous.