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Advertising Blurbs
    Control a deadly assassin with seven distinct sides to his personality in Capcom's surreal
    but captivating anime-style action adventure.

    Evil crime lord Kun Lan has unleashed a plague of beasts collectively known as Heaven
    Smile on the world. These creatures roam the streets, killing indiscriminately and leaving
    chaos in their wake. Only one man and his seven alter egos can put a stop to the

    Harman Smith is an unlikely assassin, being aged 65 and dependent on his live-in nurse.
    However, Harman also acts as a kind of intermediary between seven distinct personalities,
    each with their own traits and abilities. Harman can physically transform into any of these
    personalities as the situation dictates.

    For example there's 'group' leader Garcian Smith, a clairvoyant with the ability to turn
    invisible, Dan Smith, a powerful warrior who can slow time, and Kevin Smith, a skilled knife
    expert. Killer 7's story is broken into segments, each revolving around a particular hit, and
    only by mastering the skills of all seven Smiths will you be able to succeed and finally
    defeat Kun Lan.

    Glorious cel-shaded graphics and a unique art style give Killer 7 a highly stylised look unlike
    any other action adventure.

    • Master the skills and fighting styles of seven distinct characters

    • Compelling storyline of revenge and multiple personas

    • Cel-shaded graphics give Killer 7 a distinct and stylish look

    Contributed by DreinIX (10667) on Mar 06, 2008.

Press release (18th May 2005):


    E3, LOS ANGELES May 18, 2005 - Capcom today presents killer7™, a stylized, post-modern action adventure game, will be available in June 2005 for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system and Nintendo GameCube™. Featuring distinct characters, striking cel-shaded visuals and dark imagery, killer7 chronicles the connection between two men whose intertwined paths develop into a complex tale of altering personas and a menacing force that has paralyzed society. killer7 propels players into the consciousness of one man and his killer personalities all the while stopping a wave of indiscriminate violence that is plaguing the world.

    The world has finally embraced global peace. A network of intercontinental expressways has been established, bridging the continents. Radioactive materials and weapons of mass destruction have been eliminated, removing all threats to peace. Then in a major turn of events, the world stood in silence as a new fear was unleashed and the 'killer7' was commissioned to handle this new threat to mankind.

    In killer7, players take on the role of Harman Smith an unlikely assassin who leads a life as the "master" who rules over seven alter egos. Switching between his seven different personalities, Harman employs each personality's unique abilities to complete their mission. Now, a powerful underworld kingpin has unleashed violent creatures onto the world called 'Heaven's Smile.' These crazed soldiers, affixed with horrific smiles, have started to wreak havoc on city streets. It is up to the player to interchange Harman's seven 'partners' and utilize the special powers that dwell within them in order to assassinate Kun Lan, the notorious criminal overlord behind all the madness.

    Among the many features killer 7 will deliver are:
    • Distinctive and visually stunning, post-modern approach to cel-shaded environments
    • Unique cast of playable characters - Each persona has different strengths, special abilities and weapons that help Harman proceed through the game. The seven personalities that comprise the "Smith Alliance" include:
      - Garcian Smith - The only member of the killer7 that can communicate with Harman, he is the leader of the 'alliance' who posses the unique ability to retrieve and revive the bodies of the fallen personalities. The master of telegnosis, his weapon of choice is a silenced handgun.
      - Dan Smith - A marksman with exceptional skills, Dan is a well balanced assassin who has the ability to shoot "Demon Shells" from his revolver that can obliterate enemies with a destructive force.
      - MASK DE Smith - Toting two powerful grenade launchers, he wields the most firepower of any of the personalities. He also uses deadly wrestling moves to destroy objects and obstacles that get in the way.
      - Coyote Smith - A thug and petty thief, he is a skilled lock-picker armed with a modified revolver. His greatest power is his jumping prowess, making him the perfect character for hard-to-reach places.
      - KAEDE Smith - The only female personality of the group, she is a force to be reckoned. Armed with her scope-mounted automatic pistol, she is able to zoom-in and takes out enemies from a distance. She is also able to use her own blood to break through barriers that impede her progress.
      - Con Smith - The blind and youngest member of the killer7 team is blessed with super speed and exceptional hearing that enables him to 'see'. Armed with double automatics, he can unleash rounds with frightening speed.
      - Kevin Smith - A recluse personality that can eliminate a target with ease using a number of masterful knife wielding techniques. This killer can become invisible enabling him to slip through sensors and pass enemies undetected.
    • Change characters any time, any where during gameplay.

    Contributed by Sciere (613090) on Mar 22, 2006. – GameCube:
    Killer 7 is the latest mature themed game from Capcom, makers of Resident Evil and Viewtiful Joe. This boldly artistic cel-shaded shooter features totally unique gameplay elements, high levels of gore, a dynamic and mystery filled storyline, all together creating a one of a kind experience for mature gamers.

    The hard-boiled storyline of Killer 7 puts delusional hit man Harman Smith on the trail of an underworld kingpin named Kun Ran who has unleashed violent creatures called 'Heaven's Smile.' These crazed soldiers, affixed with horrific smiles, are wreaking havoc on city streets, destroying anyone unlucky enough to cross their path.


    • Distinctive and visually stunning, post-modern approach to cel-shaded graphics.
    • High levels of gore as the "Killer 7" tear through Heavens Smile.
    • Unique cast of 7 playable characters – Each persona has different strengths, special abilities and weapons.
    • Exciting blend of action and adventure, with unique gameplay elements that ensure this game plays like no other.
    • Dynamic storyline that promises to deliver shocks, plot twists, thought provoking mature concepts and barrel loads of mystery.

    • Harman Smith isn't alone. He has a few aces up his sleeve. Seven to be exact -- alternate personalities, each with their own unique style of death-dealing.
    • Garcian Smith – The clairvoyant leader of the ‘alliance’ who has the ability to turn invisible and serves as the “cleaner” that recovers the bodies of fallen teammates
    • Dan Smith – Strong and extremely well trained, Dan has the ability to wipe out the enemy with his fiendish destructive force
    • Mask De Smith – A grenade launcher wielding man who is unbeatable with his specialty wrestling moves, countering any attacks brought upon by his enemies
    • Coyote Smith – Has the ability to unleash a frighteningly destructive “Gang Kick” that can knock down enemies with a single blow
    • Kaede Smith – The only female personality of the group. She throws her enemies into confusion by blasting out a shower of blood super-charged with a deadly virus
    • Con Smith – A young man blessed with exceptional hearing. He uses his ability to reveal the locations of hidden items
    • Kevin Smith – An independent personality that keeps to himself. He can eliminate a target with ease using a number of masterful knife wielding techniques

    Killer 7 is set to shock gamers with its new take on how video games can be played.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65800) on Oct 02, 2005. – Nintendo GameCube:
    Killer 7 brings a sophisticated mystery storyline to life on Nintendo GameCube.

    There's an assassin on the loose, and it's you. Motivated by their master, Harman Smith, the assassins of the Smith Syndicate takes aim on a shadowy organization in one of the most original console games ever produced.


    • Ultra-innovative art style and level design
    • Change characters at any time during gameplay
    • Unique movement system
    • Top-notch soundtrack and cinemas

    The cel-shaded noir masterpiece Killer 7 takes you deep into the heart of a struggle between two longtime rivals: Harman Smith and Kun Lan. Kun Lan's Heaven Smile is a group responsible for a wave of unspeakable violence that is plaguing the world. It's up to the Smith Syndicate -- a group of assassins led by Harman -- to stop Heaven Smile in this thrilling story filled with complex plot twists and subplots.

    Know Your Killer

    To defeat the Heaven Smile, you must master the weapons of each character.

    • Garcian Smith: "The Cleaner," he recovers fallen members of the Smith Syndicate and carries around a handgun with a silencer
    • Dan Smith: an all-around marksman who brandishes a custom Magnum
    • Mask de Smith: a former pro wrestler with the strength of a giant and the military-grade artillery -- double grenade launchers
    • Kaede Smith: the only female member, she breaks down barriers with her blood and shoots a handgun with a scope
    • Con Smith: a blind thug with super running speed, he carries two automatic pistols
    • Coyote Smith: a thief with incredible leaping skills and a dead-solid custom revolver
    • Kevin Smith: an albino who can become invisible and uses a knife

    At the start of each chapter, you can switch between a few members of the Smith Syndicate as you play the chapter. To access all of them, you'll need to kill a number of Heaven Smile. To switch characters, you simply press Start and switch to your Smith of choice.

    When you kill Heaven Smile members, you also gain Thick Blood. You'll take that blood to Harman's Room (a save point and power-up spot of sorts) and use it to upgrade your characters' abilities. Upgrading each character equally will prove vital as the game progresses. There's no doubt that you will latch on to a few of the characters and make them your favorites, but you will need the services of each one as the game progresses.

    Graphically Intense

    At first thought, cel-shading might not come to your mind for a hard-boiled, violent game. The cartoonish nature of the art form is often used for lighter fare. But the first time you see a victim of the Heaven Smile, you'll know that (cel-shading or not) this game means business.

    Because of this, the cel-shading adds a surreal aspect to this game of over-the-top violence that de-emphasizes the effect of violence. Instead of witnessing a bloodbath around every corner, your enemies virtually disappear after you finish them. When you do see any blood or gore, it's simply to set a scene and then the focus shifts to the task at hand.

    The Heaven Smile members themselves look like a cross between a zombie and The Gimp from Pulp Fiction. Each one has a weak spot, denoted by a yellow patch. Heaven Smile members come in different varieties as well. Although some walk like they're in a zombie movie, others strike you with deadly accuracy and still others roll at you in the form of a ball with a jingling noise as if they're some child's toy.

    In addition to the great character and scene designs, Killer 7 features many cinematic scenes. Some are cel-shaded like the game but others are done in a darker anime style. These are some of the best, most intense scenes you will see in video games.

    Unique to the Last Drop of Blood

    The only thing that will feel familiar to you in Killer 7 is when the game switches from third-person to first-person for shooting Heaven Smile. Otherwise, Killer 7 gives you a fundamentally unique experience, one that can be quite difficult at times.

    Instead of a traditional free-roam environment, your character moves on a set path. You move by holding down the A Button. When you get to an intersection or an item of interest, options will appear on the screen, and you'll need to decide which way to go or what you want to do. Because of the unique control system, you don't need to look under every rock to try to find clues or items.

    Although everything is generally laid out for you, this doesn't make the game any easier. You're given a map of an area, but you're not told where you are on it. Depending on the difficulty level you choose, you mayl see locations of clues or items and an indication of which Smith is the right personality for the job.

    The music for the game will get you fired up, from the eeriness of some levels to the chest-pounding techno that plays as you advance on the Heaven Smile boss in each chapter.

    Because of all the uniqueness and the quirkiness of the game, it may take you a chapter to get up to speed with what's going on, but once the game gets rolling, you will not want to put it down. Not under any circumstances. If you're looking for an extra challenge, go for the Difficult level. However, it's in your best interest to play a chapter of the Normal level so you can get a handle on what's going on.

    Bottom Line

    This is the unique game that mature gamers tired of the same old thing have been screaming for. Put all your apprehensions behind you and pick up this game.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65800) on Aug 25, 2005.

Back of Case - PS2 (US):

    Killer 7’ is a hard hitting surreal action adventure game starring Harman Smith - a mysterious assassin who can harness the unique powers of his seven personalities. Working together these personalities are the Killer 7.

    Their mission: stop the evil Kun Lan and his minions known as the Heaven Smile from taking over the world.

    • Play any of the seven personalities at anytime, anywhere
    • Characters are equipped with their own customized weapons
    • Unique abilities: invisibility, super speed, blood spray, resurrection and more

    Contributed by Sciere (613090) on Aug 24, 2005.