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Written by  :  Andrew Shepard (1412)
Written on  :  Dec 03, 2005
Platform  :  GameCube
Rating  :  3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars

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More action, violence, better music, but is quite off from the great elements of the film.

The Good

Man! The sword fighting moves and archery are beautifully done! The music in this game is just as beautiful as the movie's music, and it is a great way to accompany your moves. It's great to try all the different ways to fight in this game. Folks who like to use sword-fighting techniques will like the way the Clive Owen figure moves in this game.

What I like about the levels is that they actually have a little more action, and it adds suspense to what the levels is taking part from the movie, such as the levels in the last chapter, in the movie we basically just see the same area with the knights, Woads and Saxons fighting, but in the game we actually are getting more time to fight, because there are six levels in that chapter. Also we have more suspense during the ice battle, because it involves more than just shooting arrows at the Saxons, we now try to help Bors and Tristan.

With the music the game features a whole lot more, that should have been in the film and in the movie there are only seven different music scores, and in some levels the music actually matches with the background of whats going on in the level.

Konami studios didn't just put in better music and more suspense, but they also came up with cool weapons and good background elements. The forest levels feature some woodland animals in the background and even the levels that feature saving peasants have farm animals in the background, that stuff isn't very common in the film. And some weapons like the explosive barrels and the metal horse that shoot out lava are quite unusual especially for the late 400's.

Finally the scenes from the movie used before the level or at the end of the level, are nicely done in color and the lines said by the actors are nice and loud.

The Bad

To begin the game intro and ending sequence have lost a lot of the stuff that the parts in the film mention, the parts are literally skipped. The music used in the intro is used at the end instead of a different tune or even the music just redone a little.

The game featuring scenes from the film to describe what level we are about to play, has got some parts all out of order. It should be like the way the film has them. This is common in a lot of game based on movies made.

Sometimes the controls in the game are done kinda bad, and might bring up confusion, like in the third level of the last chapter it took me an awfully long time to find out how to ignite my arrows and blast the shielded Saxons.

Also you can't replay a level you've already done until you've finished the game. Finally the 3-D graphics might have been drawn poorly or might move poorly in some levels and in the intros that are 3-D.

The Bottom Line

If you remember in The Lord of the Rings games with the scenes in the films, you might be disappointed here, because the scenes are just totally out of order in some levels. But it won't disappoint you if you thought the movie was exciting, with more action and suspense in the levels and new music score you will be happy, so give it a go.

The levels will also give you a little confusion and the controls might also get a little out of hand but you will have the controls help that pops up before the level and can get you into the game a lot.