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A lovely Zelda game Asinine (1006) 4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars
An adventure with an amazing presentation! Rensch (216) 4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars
Celda? Hell no!!! It's Zelda!!! Maceart BeefKing (7) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Don't be fooled, this is Zelda at its best Kartanym (12718) 4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars
The #1 Zelda game ever released for a Nintendo console!! Dark Cloud (35) 4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars
Go get A D (3) unrated

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.1
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.3
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.0
Overall User Score (214 votes) 4.1

Critic Reviews

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Bright Hub (Jul 07, 2011)
Overall Wind Waker is a fantastic game to play. The level of difficulty but is relatively easy because the characters respond quickly and accurately to the player commands. The story is as amazing as every Zelda, and the player won't be disappointed with Wind Waker at all. It has plenty of replay value, and you can easily spend more than 3 months this fantastic game. The given score to the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, is a perfect five.
UOL Jogos (Apr 04, 2003)
"Wind Waker" é um jogo excelente que honra de todas as maneiras a tradição da série. O truque para poder tirar total proveito é bem simples (e já vem com uma dica nos seus gráficos): não se deixe levar pelas altas expectativas e tente viver o mundo pelos olhos de um garoto de 12 anos. Raramente um jogo consegue ser tão mágico.
The Video Game Critic (Apr 17, 2003)
Wind Waker has a certain charm only found in Zelda games, and I appreciate how the game never takes itself too seriously. There's plenty of good-natured humor, like the little kid with snot hanging from his nose, and the fact that people give Link grief about his green outfit. You can tell that an extreme amount of effort went into every detail of the game, and the result is near perfection. The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker is truly a masterpiece that stays true to its roots while still feeling new and fresh.
EL33TONLINE (Jan 15, 2007)
The Wind Waker is not a game to be played, it is rather an experience to be had – a timeless fantasy world which is yours to explore. Beware that this is a large and demanding world that requires your full attention and all your curiosity. The action components are certainly not difficult, but Zelda demands things of a gamer in different ways, a certain dedication to details and a willingness to try things and explore every nook and cranny of this beautiful world. It’s quite unlike other games, a world, in every way, unto itself.
Just Adventure (May 15, 2003)
In the meantime, what are you waiting for? Go buy this spectacular (if familiar) game and start playing it right now.
Gaming Nexus (Mar 26, 2003)
This will not dethrone Ocarina of Time or Link to the Past due to the shortness and graphical technicalities; it’s still a very solid Zelda title. This is one of the best tiles to hit the GameCube, and the early frontrunner for Game of the Year.
N-Europe (May 04, 2003)
If there is such a thing as a perfect game, then this is it. Metroid Prime is arguably as good, so it really comes down to a matter of personal preference. And who doesn’t absolutely love Zelda games? What I can say for sure is that GameCube has another solid game that’ll make the PS2 and Xbox fan boys cry themselves to sleep at night (no offense to non-fan boys who like those systems).
100 (Nov 15, 2003)
If you have never played a Zelda game before and are thinking of trying one out, you most likely enjoy this game. Be warned, though, all ye newcomers to the Zelda game series, you may get frustrated in the beginning but if you stick with it your reward will be great. On top of that, I will admit that the Zelda series is not for everyone, perhaps 1/1,000 people will absolutely hate the game. It is most likely, though, that you'll enjoy it but if when you play the game, you hate it, you've found out you're one of those people and you probably shouldn't waste your money on another Zelda game. Anyway, what I'm trying to say here is that The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is a great game that is most likely worth your $50.
ZTGameDomain (Aug 25, 2005)
The Wind Waker has easily taken five days of my life away in one quick, effortless undulation of its sword. At the same time, while playing it I became focused on a reason why I shouldn’t love this game so much. That irksome force stayed with me the entire five days I spent with the game. When I finally approached the end boss and eventually the ending, however, all my pains and qualms I ever had instantly vanished forever, and I will never look back. The game has reached a legendary status, and has triumphed over every game it competes with. This game should stand the test of time over every game released in this time period. The fact of the matter is, once you let Zelda: The Wind Waker into your life, you will never be the same. And that is worth its weight in gold, er…rupees.
Darkstation (Aug 15, 2004)
You may be put off by the game's visual presentation at first, but once you become aware of how well it works, you're simply left with yet another classic game in an already classic series. The navigation, the combat, the dungeons, the characters, and the peril you must face as that young elf boy in green are all fantastic. Link can certainly wake wind, and if all Saturday morning cartoons could provide the exhilaration that this game does, Link could possibly manage to wake me up on the weekend. Until then, a lot of very late mornings will be spent enjoying this masterpiece.
100 (Jun 05, 2003)
Overall The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is a masterpiece, simply put. It is a definite contender for game of the year and the reason to own a GameCube.
AceGamez (Oct 16, 2003)
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is aptly named, as it is a gaming legend that is worthy of the name Zelda in every way. The cartoon graphics are the most fluid, gorgeous, lovingly crafted masterpiece I've ever seen in a game, with atmospheric music and realistic sound completing the experience. The game itself is absolutely huge, tremendously varied, with almost fifty islands to explore, open-ended gameplay, challenging dungeons, treasure and secrets hidden everywhere, dozens of characters to meet and interact with, a talking boat that takes you across the seas and a wand to control the wind. This is the best game yet on Gamecube and one of the best games of all time - simply put, it is a crime of great severity for anyone who in any way likes playing games not to buy this and complete it.
GamersMark (Mar 27, 2003)
The fact is, that with its few shortcomings, there was nothing bad enough for me to want to tax the overall score of the game. There is nothing in the game that gets overly frustration or boring. Does it live up to the standards set by Ocarina of Time… no it doesn’t. But Majora’s Mask didn’t either. But both are excellent games 10 million steps ahead of most games of the genre. Sure this wasn’t the ride I expected on the GameCube but it’s a ride I’ll continue to take until the next Legend of Zelda game hits stores. There’s one word to sum up this game “Epic”. Kudos Nintendo you’ve done it again. Successfully gave the gaming public “The Nintendo Difference”.
Game Critics (Apr 02, 2003)
The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker is more than just a prime example of excellent, near-flawless game design and beautifully expressive art direction. It's the vessel in which you become a hero in a world where the lines between good and evil are clearly drawn. It's where the terrifying and the heartening can be found in easily identifiable landmarks, from a volcano to home where grandma's soup is boiling hot for you. It's where any challenge can be overcome with the abilities you have. It's a lot like being 11 years old again, except that I'm playing it as a 21-year-old man. Because of the game's subtle tributes to the deeper complexities in life, the game is no less compelling than if I were playing it as a child. The difference is that as an adult, I can herald it as a true work of beauty.
Obviously the dialogue is set in stone, but it manages to adopt a cheerful or ominous tone in all the right places. The result is that you feel well and truly encapsulated inside a Legend - the theme, and indeed the game itself.
I'm sure there are many of you out there who haven't touched your Gamecube since Metroid Prime. Hell, if it wasn't for my Super Smash Brothers/Super Monkey Ball habit, I might be in that club. Well for those of you who fit that description, and for anyone else lucky enough to own the little blue box, Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is a gift from the heavens. The graphics, gameplay and all-together fun factor make this an early runner for game of the year.
Gaming Target (Mar 31, 2003)
Thus is the legend renewed. The Legend of Zelda – The Wind Waker is not just the latest, but also the penultimate incarnation of the most classic, timeless, and consistently innovative franchise in the history of gaming. This newest example of the series is no less memorable, gripping, immersive, rewarding, and compelling than its predecessors, and continues Nintendo’s legacy of redefining how we view and play our games. Despite the scores (which measures a game’s quality against that of a system’s existing library) no game is perfect. That said, the newest incarnation of the Zelda franchise definitely raises the bar, once again, by which all other games will be judged, technically and aesthetically. Of course, it’s not nearly the revolution in gaming that Ocarina of Time was in 1998, but it is easily as much an evolution of the N64 gameplay as A Link to the Past was to the original Legend of Zelda.
NintendoWorldReport (Mar 24, 2003)
Inevitably, this game will be compared to the outstanding Ocarina of Time, which is a high-water mark for the Zelda series. Ocarina had the gameplay and story that Zelda fans simply gushed over, and there has been a great deal of concern over how Wind Waker would stack up. Fans, you have not been let down. Wind Waker is the new heir to the throne of Hyrule. Those familiar with the series are going to be grinning ear to ear as missing pieces of the Zelda puzzle are assembled and explained for them. This, coupled with simply the most fantastic final battles ever conceived, will all serve to catapult Wind Waker to the top of any self-respecting gamer’s list. Let the pundits and naysayers miss out; it serves them right for judging a book by its cover. It’s only March, and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is destined to be the best game of the year on any platform.
100 (Mar 28, 2003)
Obviously I could have gone into way more depth in this review of Zelda, but I wanted to just give you a taste of what the game is like without spoiling any aspect of it. I often find that it's much more exciting to notice some of the small details of a game as opposed to reading them in a review. I can assure you that Zelda lived up to the hype for me. I rarely pre-order games and I am so glad that I did on this one. This game gets the two thumbs up from me and I highly recommend anyone with a Cube to get it, especially if you grew up with the original. There was so much more I wanted to go into, but I would rather you experience some of those things and make the connections to the previous games.
100 (Apr 11, 2003)
In The Wind Waker (those titles!), the now-established format of non-linear adventuring — wherein the tense dungeon adventures are perfectly balanced with the light relief of exploring charming towns — is closely adhered to, and there is little here that could be marked down as a major advance. Certainly, only the Japanese could think the controversial cartoon-style graphics look ‘cool’. But who cares? The most vividly-realised world and the most varied game-play of any title on any console, Zelda is a solid bet for the best game series ever, and The Wind Waker — although marginally easier than Ocarina Of Time — is a worthy successor.
RPG Land (Apr 19, 2005)
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker has proven itself to be on the the best Zelda experiences in existence, and definitely one of the best gaming experiences on the GameCube. There shouldn't be a single shelf without this classic resting on it. This game is just pure joy packaged in a little tiny disc.
Wouldn’t necessarily call Shigeru Miyamoto obsessive, but it’s obvious that this legendary game creator is infatuated with the world’s most abundant substance. Recently, Mario got wet and wild in Super Mario Sunshine. Now, Link is abandoning the land of Hyrule in favor of the high seas. While it may seem like video games’ most respected visionary has fallen off his rocker into a dirty puddle, the results produced from the inclusion of this element throughout this game are concrete proof of his astute judgement and unrivaled creative genius.
100 (Apr 28, 2003)
Pour une fois, je me permettrai de défier quiconque de jouer à Zelda : The Wind Waker et de prétendre en sortir déçu. Posséder la console de Nintendo et ne pas tenter l'expérience vous ferait perdre toute crédibilité. Et puis rien n'empêche les autres de se rattraper en jetant leur dévolu sur le pack GameCube Platinum + Zelda version collector. Enfin ce que j'en dis...
Deeko (2003)
What more can one say? This is as close to perfection as one can get. Wind Waker features some of the greatest graphics to date, an easy and intuitive control scheme, a truly epic storyline and a brilliant score to top it off. You simply do not get better than this. That is, until the next Zelda... but as the next one is a ways away, do yourself a favor and indulge yourself in this truly amazing video game experience.
GamerDad (Apr 07, 2005)
While The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker may not meet the lofty standards set by The Ocarina of Time, it easily cements its place among the top games of this or any console generation, especially when it comes to animation, art, music, story and character design. The game will long be remembered for its cartoon look and nicely sets the stage for the future of the series. It even provides a great reason to play through it again to fill the Nintendo Gallery with virtual sculptures of all the game's significant and not so significant characters and monsters. As he's done before on past Nintendo systems, Link delivers the goods.
Game Chronicles (Jan 27, 2004)
The Wind Waker is deep, diverse and bursting at the seams with goodies. Not since I was a little kid has a game instilled this much pure excitement in me. It is an utter masterpiece.
GamePro (US) (Mar 21, 2003)
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker dares to defy the notion that games need to be more ‘gritty and realistic’ by choosing instead to become exactly the opposite. Link’s is an adventure as old as time, but it feels like the most refreshing game in the world thanks to creative daring, insanely superior production values, and above all gameplay that would be fun even if Link were five colors, 16 pixels, and carried a blue monochrome block for a sword.
Nintendojo (Jan 18, 2003)
This game has its own share of small flaws however, and without being the genre-buster its predecessor was, can’t be considered the perfect game. All nitpicking aside, The Wind Waker remains extremely satisfying and is a must-own for every GameCube owner this March.
RPGFan (Apr 30, 2003)
Overall, The Wind Waker is one of the finest video games ever created, and some players may even find that this Zelda surpasses what was done with Ocarina of Time. It goes without saying that anyone could enjoy Link’s latest adventure, regardless of whether or not they even care about video games. The Wind Waker is beautiful, accessible, and most of all, just plain fun. What more could anyone ask for?
GameZone (Mar 30, 2003)
How does one end a review of a game that's just about perfect in every conceivable way? By advising the reader to get that particular game immediately. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is the GameCube gaming event of the year, and it could end up being the best overall game of the year. It should have some fierce competition in the summer and even more in the fall, but for the next few months, The Wind Waker is the only game worthy of this much praise.
PGNx Media (Mar 28, 2003)
All in all, this is the best game since Ocarina of Time came out, and that is quite a statement. That means it beats out Metroid Prime, THPS2, and GTA: Vice City. This is the defining game of our era, and we should all apologize to Mr. Miyamoto for ever having doubted him. This is the new age of gaming, and he has accomplished it.This is the beginning of a new age for Nintendo, get ready, and don't hold back...
Game Freaks 365 (Oct 21, 2003)
If you were a fan of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, there is no reason that you should not be a fan of Wind Waker. Essentially, Wind Waker is a graphically enhanced, cel-shaded journey on the open seas that plays a lot like Ocarina of Time, except on GameCube. In my opinion, the controls are a lot more accessible on the GameCube than the Nintendo 64’s Zelda attempts, which should make it more appealing to some. Overall, I would consider this the best 3D Zelda to date.
games xtreme (Nov 06, 2003)
Overall this game is fantastic, I didn’t really know what to expect as my favorite game from the Zelda series is the SNES version. I can say I was very pleasantly surprised and this game is a must have game. If you rush out now you may be able to get the two disc version, which is fantastic value for money. Very few of you will be disappointed with this well presented title, people of all ages and fans of all genres will appreciate the brilliance of this game.
ActionTrip (Mar 28, 2003)
So, in conclusion, you must have this game. I would say that Wind Waker is a very good buy, especially with the fact that you can get two free games along with it. But even if Wind Waker stood alone, which it does in many ways, it would still be worth every penny you pay for it. The one overriding characteristic of the Wind Waker is that it is fun. And even if I had to sacrifice graphics and sound to make it fun I would still be reasonably happy, but for a refreshing change I didn't have to do that.
GameSpy (Mar 21, 2003)
It's early in the year to be making such bold claims, but I'm going to stick my neck out right now and state that as far as I can tell, there's no other game coming out in 2003 that'll touch The Wind Waker. Nintendo has always been on top of its game when it comes to its own first-party franchises, and The Wind Waker is no exception. I loved Metroid Prime, I enjoyed Super Mario Sunshine, but I unequivocally adore and worship The Wind Waker. I'll be prepared to readily eat my own moth-eaten beanie if another video game arrives later in the year and it blows away The Wind Waker -- and no, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 probably won't cut it in my eyes. Thank your lucky stars for Link, Mr. Miyamoto, Mr. Aonuma, and Nintendo. This really is as good as it gets.
IGN (Mar 21, 2003)
Wind Waker is a masterful achievement -- a shining example, in fact, of how videogames should be made and a case study for developers wondering what makes a compelling game. Nintendo has once again evolved the action-adventure and created a gargantuan world that seems to overflow with mystery and challenge, an epic undertaking that streams across a wide-open sea and through countless islands, into several dungeons, and more. It's all knitted together with a storyline, but it's Zelda's unrivaled design, balanced and varied, and its polished play mechanics and control that ultimately set the game apart from just about every other competitor on the market.
(PAL version)
Bleibt am Ende die Frage, ob The Wind Waker tatsächlich das erhoffte Über-Spiel ist. Die Antwort ist ein klares „Jein“. Für sich genommen ist es auf jeden Fall ein absolutes Hammerspiel und zweifellos ein Pflichtkauf. Die Klasse eines Ocarina of Time erreicht es aber doch nicht ganz - es ist eben auch “nur“ ein Nachfolger. The Wind Waker verhält sich zu Ocarina of Time in etwa wie Super Mario Sunshine zu Super Mario 64. Eine Revolution in der Videospielgeschichte ist The Wind Waker nicht, aber es ist in jedem Pixel zu 100% Zelda, wie man es kennt und liebt. Somit bekommt man genau das, was man sich wünscht, und es wäre eine Sünde, sich dieses Spiel entgehen zu lassen!
Nintendo Difference (Jan 01, 2003)
Il y a des choses que l'on ne peut savoir, faire ou expliquer. Savoir s'arrêter devant l'incompréhensible est la suprême sagesse. (Tchouang Tseu - philosophe chinois)
Game Over Online (Apr 15, 2004)
The Wind Waker is a pretty easy game all in all. It is rare for any damage that Link sustains to take away more than a single heart. In fact, Link can fall 80 feet onto hard ground and only a quarter of a heart will be taken away. Nevertheless, it should take well over 20 solid hours to beat the game and twice that long to discover all that the game has to offer hidden away in its countless nooks and crannies. This is Shigeru Miyamoto’s greatest Zelda-themed creation yet and frankly, you’d be a fool to let this one slip by.
Armchair Empire, The (May 24, 2003)
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is deserving of the Zelda label and a great game. Although there are a couple of annoyances, Wind Waker does too much right (and in spectacular detail) to be ignored and every GameCube owner should give it a shot if not buy it outright. It’s an example of a game that doesn’t skimp on deep gameplay in favor of style – instead, it has both and it’s already a GameCube classic.
Simply put, The Wind Waker is arguably the best game on the machine. It's absolutely brilliant in every way. Whilst it's not the sort of game that will appeal to everyone, you should definitely give it a try. Why doesn't it get a perfect score, you ask? Well, this game is virtually Ocarina Of Time with a very, very shiny coat of paint on it. But don't let that stop you. Get this game.
NZGamer (Mar 31, 2004)
One particular extra is the Nintendo Gallery, where once the player has obtained a colour Picto-Box they will be able to take their photos to a sculpture who will create a figurine of the picture, complete with a short summary of the person. This addition is absolutely fantasic, almost everything in the world can be photographed, even the most insignificant person in the game has their own little story behind them, filling the entire Gallery easily adds anther 10-15 hours to the games length, and this is just one of the many things you can do once the main quest is completed.
Lawrence (Apr 21, 2003)
The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker is the first member of the Gamecube library which can truthfully be called a masterpiece. Hours of puzzles and dungeons to explore, combined with miles of beautifully rendered worlds make it stand out head and shoulders above the rest of the cookie cutter games out there. If you didn't have a reason to buy a Gamecube before, you've got one now.
Nintendo Spin (Apr 25, 2004)
Even though the Wind Waker for the Nintendo GameCube didn't take such a huge step forward technically as the N64 version did, it still delivered a fresh new journey. The story was average, but the adventure was outstanding. The game even had some pretty good replay value. This is a must own for Zelda fans and it was highly enjoyable. The level design is brilliant and just what you'd come to expect from a Zelda game. The graphics are perfectly suited for the game and enable Link to express a wide variety of funny expressions. This is definitely worth picking up and comes highly recommended.
Gamezine (Apr 30, 2003)
Pour finir, je dirais que Zelda : The Wind Waker justifie à lui seul l’achat de la console (ça tombe bien il est en pack avec). Frais, léger et original, c’est un jeu à ne manquer sous aucun prétexte. Les sensations ne sont peut peut-être plus les mêmes qu’au moment de traverser la plaine d’Hyrule sur le dos d’Epona, mais ça n’enlève rien à la magie de ce jeu qui, comme chaque Zelda, marquera sa génération. Qu’on se le dise !
N-Zone (Jul 15, 2003)
Gleich vorneweg: The Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker ist eine wahres Fest für die Sinne. Wer sich mit dem Grafikstil anfreunden kann, wird in eine märchenhafte und magische Welt entführt, die einen gefangen nimmt, bis man das Spiel durchgespielt hat. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad ist perfekt ausbalanciert, der Umfang ist riesig und es gibt jede Menge zu entdecken. Zelda - The Wind Waker hat mir sogar noch mehr Spaß gemacht als Ocarina of Time. Alte Zelda-Fans werden zudem unzählige Anspielungen auf frühere Abenteuer finden.
94 (May 07, 2003)
The Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker gehört zum Pflichtprogramm für alle GameCube-Besitzer. Dank der tollen Atmosphäre lässt sich über minimale Schwächen wie die langwierigen Segeltörns hinwegsehen. Der kleine Held zieht den Spieler sofort in seinen Bann und fesselt ihn mit seinen hypnotisierenden Kulleraugen für stundenlange Sitzungen vor den Fernseher. Ein umfangreiches Spiel mit grandioser Präsentation und abwechslungsreichem Gameplay - was will man mehr?
IC-Games (Jul 30, 2003)
In conclusion, this game is near perfect. If I was forced to pick a game of the year at this point, I could easily and with good conscience pick this one. There are literally no flaws and everything is constructed and delivered with beauty and grace. No one will deny the love of run and gun shooters that seem to flood the gaming marketplace. This reviewer has certainly played his fair share of them, but it is games like The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker that quietly crosses the bridge between entertainment and art. Nintendo has once again delivered a real masterpiece.
DarkZero (Feb 13, 2005)
All elements described above come together to give a rich and immensely enjoyable experience. Link is alive, as are the inhabitants of the tiny islands scattered across the great ocean. There are many surprises, pleasing and unfortunate, resulting in a quest of skill and prowess. The few niggles that hinder the gamer damage the overall experience minimally. As a result, The Wind Waker brings to light a vastly different Zelda experience. There is no other game like it, including anything already in the series. But there was no reason for concern. The title provides an engaging adventure, filled with mini quests, puzzles, treasures and battles. Nintendo had dared to go where other developers would not, developing a title in a series that is radically different from its predecessors. However, the end product is a masterpiece. A solid addition to the series.
Daily Game (May 06, 2003)
OK, so I'm obviously not entirely speechless, but the words I do have to say about The Wind Waker are seldom anything but praise. This game has an extremely high production value, an adventurous storyline, a great mix of platforming and action elements and several nice throwbacks to everything magical about the Nintendo of old. This is not only the best game I've played on the GameCube, it's one of the top five games I've played on any of the next-gen systems. It's also probably among the top three games on any platform, including PC, that I've played so far in 2003. Look out, because Zelda is certainly a candidate for Game of the Year in 2003.
GameSpot (Mar 21, 2003)
While some may be a little put off by the late-game item fetching and the game's easy puzzles and boss battles, The Wind Waker is nonetheless a strong achievement in every way, from its stunning graphical presentation to its tight control and interesting story line. It may not have fallen too far from the tree Nintendo planted back in 1998, but the way it refines one of the polygonal generation's most important games makes The Wind Waker every bit as much of a must-own game as The Ocarina of Time was before it.
Kaze no Takuto ist als actionorientiertes Adventure auch ohne Sprachkenntnisse durch viel Ausprobieren und gelegentliche Hilfestellungen spielbar, dennoch geht viel vom Soaß verloren, denn die Story ist wirklich lesenswert. Bei diesen 92% sind also durchaus die Frustmomente durch stundenlanges Hängenbleiben mit einkalkuliert. Dennoch macht das Spiel unglaublichen Spaß, denn viele Szenen sind einfach exzellent durchdacht und an Genialität kaum zu toppen. Die deutsche Version befindet sich gerade in Arbeit und wenn der Übersetzer Joe Shanel (unter anderem Final Fantasy 9 für PSOne und diverse Mangas) die Sache nicht gerade voll in den Sand setzt, können wir auf unsere Japan-Wertung durchaus noch ein paar Prozente draufschlagen.
Quebec Gamers (Apr 16, 2003)
Pour conclure, après avoir terminé le jeu, je peu simplement dire que ce Zelda est tout aussi bon que les autres, mis à part un gros manque de nouveauté! Mais selon moi, le prochain Zelda devra faire beaucoup plus que celui-ci de ce côté là, et nous apporter plus de nouveautés. Ceux qui avaient aimé Ocarina Of Time et qui en redemandaient, auront ici quelque chose d'assez semblable. C'est un excellent jeu, un peu court, mais tout de même très intéressant pour tout fan de Zelda et aussi pour les nouveaux venus.
Netjak (May 05, 2003)
Aside from those three gripes, the game was a joy to play and had the same familiarity that OOT provided. It's a must have for any Zelda fan without hesitation. But, if you haven't picked up the game and are comparing it bit-for-bit with OOT; then I will guarantee you will be let down.
91 (Apr 30, 2003)
Wie skeptisch war ich nach den ersten Spielminuten, wie begeistert nach einer Stunde! Hinter der kindlich-naiven Fassade verbirgt sich ein fantastisches Abenteuer, das der Zelda-Reihe und seinem Schöpfer alle Ehre macht. Die Inszenierung der Geschichte enttäuscht zwar aufgrund fehlender Sprachausgabe, schwacher Dialoge und recht flachem Spannungsbogen. Aber Zelda-Vater Miyamoto präsentiert mal wieder einen ungeheuer motivierenden Mix aus Kämpfen, Jump`n Run und Rätseln. Der sanft ansteigende Schwierigkeitsgrad, das klasse Leveldesign und vor allem die Unmenge an spielerischen Möglichkeiten sorgen schnell für durchzockte Nächte. Und dass die Comic-Grafik neben verblüffend lebensechten Animationen auch derart stimmungsvolle Wechsel von der sonnigen Idylle bis hin zur bedrohlichen Düsternis zaubert, hat mich wirklich beeindruckt. Nimmt man den innovativen Wind-Zauber hinzu, geht kein Weg an Links Odyssee vorbei!
Gaming Age (Mar 31, 2003)
Overall The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is the most fun I?ve had on any system since Metroid Prime. The game is pure fun in a box. For all those readers out there that harbor doubts about this game because of its graphics, do yourselves a favor and at least rent the game to give it a chance. I must mention that the text and story throughout the game is fantastic. There are many humorous moments that the translators at NOA deserve credit for. If you like Zelda games, you?ll love The Wind Waker. Don?t miss out on the potential game of the year.
The Next Level (USA) (May 07, 2003)
Overall, Wind Waker is far from perfect. Complaints about the level of difficulty, the camera, and the occasional tedium associated with sailing or dungeon-crawling are all viable. While Zelda generally merits the highest of expectations, I'd rank Wind Waker right below Metroid Prime on a list of top GameCube games. That said, a game doesn't have to be the best game evar to be worth a purchase and a playthrough, and this one certainly does almost everything right. Wind Waker combines a massive, engrossing world with personable, believable characters, a fun, intuitive game engine, and plenty of nods to Zelda fanatics to create a legendary experience for all ages.
Game Revolution (Mar, 2003)
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker certainly has a lot to live up to, as the series is perhaps the most cherished of all Nintendo franchises. Gladly, it does not disappoint. While the game has some minor pacing and audio problems, the brave new art style, tightly evolved gameplay and humorous story takes the famous series in a bright, new direction.
RetroGame Man (Oct 12, 2016)
Overall, this is my 2nd favourite Zelda game next to a Link to the Past. While it might be a slight be shorter than most Zelda games, its fun all the way through, feels extremely fresh, and looks and plays like an absolute charm. Few games are a fun to play as this one.
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is a exemplary release, worthy of the legendary series. It is enjoyable, flexible, and highly polished, with enough gameplay to keep you occupied for weeks, or even months for diehard fans. There is so much you can do in this game, you’re bound to find something enjoyable if you have any interest in an action adventure without gallons of blood and guts. Unquestionably, this title has earned a Seal of Excellence. However, it is not perfect: Most notably, while fans of the original title will surely find this game enjoyable, they will also find it extremely easy to defeat, with unusually light penalties for dying. The camera and interface aren’t bad, but clearly could have been better in some ways. These minor issues aside, The Wind Waker serves as a gleaming example to invest in a Gamecube if you haven’t already.
Legendra (Mar 26, 2005)
Ce n'est pas parce-qu'il n'a pas réussi à relever le défi de dépasser les précédents épisodes, que Wind Waker n'en n'est pas pour autant un bon jeu. Il écarte toutefois avec brio toute les remontrances au sujet de son esthétique. Nous avons là un grand jeu, certes pas aussi parfait que dans nos rêves. Mais ce qu'il y a de bien avec The Legend of Zelda c'est que tout ou partie de ces rêves se concrétise un jour. Nintendo n'a pas rêvé ici de perfection, mais plutôt d'émotions, de voyage de rencontres et surtout d'aventures. Wind Waker n'est pas un jeu parfait, c'est un jeu à l'image de nos rêves, de nos souvenirs, un jeu humain.
GamesCollection (Oct 18, 2008)
The Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker é un gioco particolare, che richiede di porsi dinanzi a lui senza i "pregiudizi" derivanti dall'essere diverso da quello che ci si aspetterebbe da un episodio di Zelda. Visto in questo modo, e giocato come se fosse un qualunque altro gioco, è difficile non trovare The Wind Waker bello ed emozionante a modo suo: un cartone animato giapponese interattivo ben fatto, non troppo lungo e non troppo corto. Certo, pensando al nome che porta, è difficile non pensare "se solo avessero fatto questo, questo e questo, sarebbe stato ancora meglio", ma tenendo lontani questi pensieri il gioco si dimostra un buon gioco. Non è eccezionale come Ocarina, ma a modo suo è divertente, oltre che essere una coraggiosa dimostrazione di quanto la grafica non sia il metodo di paragone più importante per giudicare un videogioco.
Edge (Apr 16, 2003)
Zelda virgins might well play The Wind Waker and deem it the best game they’ve ever encountered. To those of us who already have an idea of what to expect, though, it’s ‘merely’ brilliant.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (May 07, 2003)
Överhuvudtaget är det svårt att tycka illa om Links nya äventyr. Det är spännande tack vare dess oväntat händelserika story samt erbjuder en stor spelvariation. Trots små minuspoäng så är det inget snack om att Wind Waker, tillsammans med Metroid Prime, är ett av årets starkaste spel såhär långt till Gamecube. Problemen i spelets många grottor är väl avvägda och att misslyckas och falla ned för ett stup bestraffas inte med döden, utan man får försöka igen. På det sättet undviks att man behöver springa om långa sträckor. Allt som allt känns det som ett väl sammanhängande och involverande äventyr. Gamereactor håller redan nu tummarna för att även nästa Zeldaspel ska vara cel-shadat, för det är ju såhär Link ser ut - egentligen.
90 (Jan 08, 2011)
Fazit: "The Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker" ist für mich der Lieblingstitel der 3D-Zelda-Spiele. Es gefällt mir durchaus besser als der realistische Nachfolger "Twilight Princess". Ich vermag es nicht richtig nachzuvollziehen, wieso viele Zelda-Fans es aufgrund der Andersartigkeit direkt im Vorfeld als schlecht abgestempelt haben, ohne sich darauf überhaupt eingelassen zu haben. Es hängt wohl mit der Engstirnigkeit der Menschen zusammen. Ich vergebe aufgrund der etwas zu langwierigen Seereisen neun von zehn Punkten sowie eine klare Kaufempfehlung, zumal die Erstausgabe des Spieles die Bonus-Disc mit der Master Quest-Variante von "The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time" aufweist.
Nintendo Life (Nov 10, 2007)
Overall the Wind Waker is a huge achievement in every way, a must have title for your GameCube library. It provides a decent storyline, complemented by stunning visuals, beautiful melodies and a fantastic battle system. Despite this great combat system, fighting offers no real challenge at all, even the boss battles are too straightforward and simple. The large chunks of the game dedicated to collecting various items may also frustrate for the more impatient gamer. However, these flaws pale in comparison to the breathtakingly refreshing appeal the visuals have created.
90 (Jul 07, 2003)
Don't get me wrong Zelda is a great game. Hell at times when things are firing on all cylinders its fantastic. All of the enclosed levels, where you fight weird and wonderful creatures only to then face a massive boss battle are simply magical. It's the surrounding elements that package them that will put many people off. Zelda - The Wind Waker may be suitable for all ages, but I'm just not sure if it's enjoyable for all.
Video Games Daily (Feb 17, 2003)
It seems, for every success Wind Waker, there's a fault. The sad thing is that apart from these faults Wind Waker is truly a fantastic game, that could have been the best Zelda game ever, if more time were put into it. Wind Waker is visibly rushed. The number of dungeons and items is disappointing, as mentioned before later areas are much poorer than earlier ones and the game is artificially extended with long boat travel and a tedious collect-a-thon part near the end of the game. With these complaints aside, Wind Waker is one of the best games we've played in a long time.
Boomtown (Apr 30, 2003)
Playing through both games, I’ve come to the conclusion that Wind Waker is indeed the natural progression from Ocarina – it’s the same epic style, with an equally heroic storyline. Zelda is indeed the stuff of legend.
AllRPG (Apr 02, 2003)
The Legend of Zelda : The Wind Waker is the new Zelda game for the Nintendo GameCube. I should be able to end the review right there, but I suppose for some out there some clarification will be in order. One of the most revered titles in the gaming industry, Zelda games have defined each of their respective eras and introduced gaming concepts from exploration to second quests to battery saves. While hardly a departure, Wind Waker builds on recent instalments as well as harkening back to the series’ roots, all the while succeeding in being one of the most enjoyable and captivating titles of the year.
Cheat Code Central (Aug 23, 2005)
The points positive for owning a GameCube just increased with the release of Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. This action adventure title takes advantage of the Cube's capabilities and is destined to do for it what Ocarina of Time did for the N64.
Cubed3 (Mar 30, 2003)
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is deserving of the Zelda label and a great game. Although there are a couple of annoyances, Wind Waker does too much right (and in spectacular detail) to be ignored and every GameCube owner should give it a shot if not buy it outright. It’s an example of a game that doesn’t skimp on deep gameplay in favor of style – instead, it has both and it’s already a GameCube classic.
90 (UK) (May 01, 2003)
However, as must be plainly obvious, we're besotted with The Wind Waker in ways that we can only begin to explain. We could stand around all day talking about it, and if our bosses didn't crack the whip so much, we probably would. It makes us feel happy and gleeful about gaming again. And you know, even when you think you're playing it thoroughly, you'll stumble across things in one of the latter dungeons and think, "well, cripes, that probably applies to all of them". Did you use Tingle everywhere? Did you find the Pictographs? Did you help the Koroks water their trees? Despite failing to create a rounded world where every last pixel counts, Shigeru Miyamoto and his team have packed the world with subtlety outside the main quest that will take many months and probably several lengthy replays to truly uncover, and it an adventure you can see yourself playing again and again. Not the Zelda game, then, but utterly brilliant all the same. And the best is thrown in on a bonus disk anyway.
Cincinnati Enquirer (Apr 08, 2003)
Easily the finest game to grace the GameCube to date, "The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker" will not disappoint dedicated fans of the series and will likely attract a whole new generation of gamers looking for an accessible, addictive and attractive fantasy adventure.
90 (Aug 05, 2004)
It's an awful lot easier to be a critic when there is something to criticise; here, there's nothing that detracts from Wind Waker's sheer, bold magnificence as a feat of electronic entertainment. Wind Waker probably won't win everyone over. Some will still sigh and shake their heads and wonder at what might have been had Miyamoto stuck with Ocarina of Time's moody, serious style and created a hyper-realistic aesthetic wonder of a game. There will still be those too blinded by rose-tinted recollections of the wonders that were Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask to see Wind Waker in all its magnificence. There's always a slightly enhanced version of Ocarina of Time on the bonus disc for them. When playing Wind Waker, it's impossible not to succumb to its charm and unashamed freedom of imagination. Zelda: The Wind Waker is a work of genius. Make the most of it.
Nintendo took a big risk with the game's presentation and setting, especially considering this is the first console game in the series set outside the traditional world of Hyrule, but it has created as compelling an experience as any of the earlier Zelda games. Not to be missed.
Geeks Under Grace (Aug 23, 2014)
Wind Waker is the story of a young boy who rises up when the land is in a dire condition. He faces his fears, sacrifices of himself, and shows others the greater good in life. Because of that, I believe that The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker is a game that no Gamecube (or Wii) collection can be complete without.
At a Christian viewpoint, this game is fairly violent with the hack-and-slash action. But, that?s the least of your worries. *This May Be A Spoiler* At one point in the game, you enter a ?Tower of the Gods? and take tests form the ?Gods?. These ?Gods? the three goddesses that ?made the earth and all life on it?, which is totally against the Christian view. *Spoiler End*
neXGam (2003)
Vereinzelte Unkenrufe und Pessimisten hin und her, das Spiel ist der erwartete Tophit auf dem Cube und mit Sicherheit einer der zahlreichen Kaufgründe für den Würfel. Wer letzteren bisher noch nicht zu Hause hat, sollte übrigens ab dem 3. Mai den Händler seines Vertrauens aufsuchen. Dann soll nämlich ein limitiertes und preisgünstiges Zelda-Bundle auf den Markt kommen - warum nicht gleich zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe schlagen?
If you have bought all of the previous instalments, then you will really want to get your hands on this. Zelda fans will love it, and most other serious gamers will soon find that Windwaker is extremely addictive. Another winner of a game for the Zelda series.
RPG Kingdom (Nov 11, 2004)
Toujours dur de conclure, mais bon, quoi de nouveau dans ce Zelda sinon cette petite touche d’originalité qui permet de faire oublier tout le conformisme de la série. C’est le petit « pas comme les autres » qui permet une transition ensoleillée dans notre vidéothèque en attendant le Zelda 2 déjà annoncé. Un épisode d’une beauté relative quoique remarquable mais qui vous emmènera dans un monde que tous les fans ont déjà visité mais d’une autre manière et pour à nouveau, des centaines d'heures de plaisir. En bref, un jeu qui ne mérite vraiment pas d’être dénigré.
Overall, Zelda: The Windwaker is an excellent game. An interesting story, vibrant imagery, and challenging quests that don't always focus on violence provide hours of entertainment.
Le Geek (Dec, 2003)
While not quite measuring up to the perfection of the first N64 title, Windwaker is a great game and well worth your time.
80 (May, 2003)
The GameBoy Advance hookup is a neat invention that will keep people playing with friends, but you can only play a single player adventure for so long. However, I'm sure after a few months of not playing this game, you will go back to it and start the legend over again. There is a new game + feature in the game, like in Chrono Trigger, but I have yet to do that so I can't really comment on it. This game is great. Not as good as OOT, but definitely one of the best titles of the year. Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker rocks, and everyone who didn't want it because of its looks is missing out.
RPGamer (Mar 27, 2003)
In the end, Wind Waker might not win any awards for originality but it will endear itself to the hearts and minds of the gamers who undertake responsibility for Hyrule on their shoulders for their first time. Raise anchor; set sail; and may you be one of the fortunate few who press onward with the wind at your back as your search for the Triforce continues on the GameCube...
80 (Aug 29, 2004)
I thoroughly enjoyed playing through the wind waker, and plan on doing it yet again. If you can see past the graphics, there's definitely a worthwhile game underneath.
Insert Credit (Apr 23, 2003)
Miyamoto is of a different class and philosophy from most game designers of today. He comes from an older school, from a time when we didn't know as much as we do now -- and as such, we didn't know what was impossible. We also didn't have much of a history -- so it was up to artisans like Miyamoto to create one for us.
For a while I actually did believe that this game was absolutely fantastic and mind-blowing, but then I’d have to spend a half an hour travelling from place to place or fishing for treasure for a fetch quest, and I realized that in all honesty I enjoyed the recent PS2 game Dark Cloud 2 far more. And for a Zelda game, being second-best is absolutely unheard of.
To conclude this review let's look at the good and the bad. The good: gameplay and graphics. The bad: story and music. Is Wind Waker an rpg game that fans must get? No. Is Wind Waker a game that Zelda fans must get? No. However if you got some spare cash lying around and you see Wind Waker in a sale's bin at a cheap price then you just might want to pick it up. It can't hurt to get this game but there are definitely better rpg games out there.
It's a shame the same couldn't be said about more of the game. While The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is far from awful, and while it is one of the better titles on this system or any system if you're willing to overlook its flaws, the fact remains that this is still a game with which you are likely to share a love-hate relationship. With a few more dungeons and a lot less sailing, this is one title that would have definitely deserved to be considered perfect. As is, though, it's a flawed masterpiece. Considering the drought of masterpieces gamers have seen lately, though, we'll have to be satisfied until the sequel we're all hoping comes about.
Overall, I can say that while there were moments of pure enjoyment, there were far too many moments of ennui that overwhelmed my experience. I'm not sure where the minds of the designers were at the time, but whoever thought spending large chunks of time just sailing in one direction needs to have their job credentials questioned; this aspect alone pretty much kills the rest of the game. As a standalone product, it serves its purpose and can be described as 'okay'. As a Zelda game, it is disappointing (and even a bit on the easy side, save for the final boss which is more annoying than difficult). If anyone was to ask me my top three Legend of Zelda games (or heck, even my top five), this game would not appear on the list, as so many Zelda games have done it better. I have yet to try the more recent offering, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, but hopefully it's a little more true to the classic formula: more puzzles, more action, and less mindless sea travel!