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Written by  :  Steve Thompson (126)
Written on  :  Oct 23, 2006
Platform  :  GameCube
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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Better Than The First Game

The Good

Undeniably, this game does not take itself too seriously. From the first cut scene showing the opening to A New Hope in the lego world to the hysterical actions of Jabba's guards in his palace when you build a radio, this game is extremely charming and cute. This helps the game have a feeling that allows anyone to enjoy it. Long-time Star Wars fans will chuckle at the humor and reference while kids can play with siblings or other family members using the drop-in/drop-out co-op system seen in the first Lego Star Wars video game.

The game's presentation is, once again, fantastic. The Star Wars universe has been translated with such detail using Legos that players rarely tire of the game's diverse, plastic environment. Animation is excellent and the framerate throughout the game was top-notch. Audio-wise, the game borrows a variety of tunes from John Williams' now-famous score. It was nice to hear familiar Star Wars tunes in a different environment than most players are used too. The array of sound effects in the game are limited, but never seem to get old (R2D2's "woaaaaah" comes to mind as always raising a smile).

When it comes to new features, Lego Star Wars II does not disappoint either. Players can now build their own characters using interchangable Lego character pieces. This feature seems like a natural inclusion given the Lego-themed world of the game and allows for some very hilarious combinations. Melee attacks also make their debut in this game. While not entirely useful, some of them have a lot of chuckle value. Chewbacca, for example, rips the plastic arms out of enemies with a pop. Speaking of ripping arms out, this game retains all the action of Star Wars without ever being violent. Most of this can be attributed to the fact that, while there may be dismemberment and the like, it all takes place with small plastic Lego characters. Lastly, the game features a ton of wonderful unlockables (I won't spoil any secrets regarding the best one) that will keep players busy collecting Lego studs for hours and hours.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the game carries over some of the bad from the first game. Most notably, the length of the game. While unlocking everything will keep people busy for a while, the actual levels can be stormed through in probably less than six hours. Star Wars purests may also note that some of the story details have been altered to provide a better gameplay experience. For example, Emperor Palpatine DOES use a lightsaber during the final level unlike the Return of the Jedi film in which he simply uses a force lightning attack. Also, if fans weren't keen on the original Lego Star Wars, they may not be that eager to dive into the sequel. That tends to be less of a problem with the game, however, and simply a player's opinion.

The Bottom Line

Fun for all ages! The multiplayer shines and the humorous delivery of the original Star Wars trilogy are the high points. While the game can be completed rather quickly, the sheer amount of unlockables will keep many players busy for weeks to come. If you enjoyed the original Lego Star Wars video game, definately rent this title at the very least! You will not be disappointed!