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Luigi's Mansion Screenshots (GameCube)

User Screenshots

GameCube version

Title Screen
Professor E. Gadd
The Story
Ghost Training
Gallery of Famous Ghosts
Ghost Suprise
Ghosts are tricky to catch
Toad saves your game.
The Game Boy Horror (GBH)
A mirror.
A boss ghost
Capturing a boss ghost
Catching lady ghost
By capturing ghosts Luigi gets keys to new rooms of the mansion
There's a short description of each ghost
This baby is the first real boss
Such chests appear after boss battles, they grant access to new areas
Turning ghosts into portraits
Ghosts caught in Area 1
Ghost mice in the basement
Pause screen
Luigi accidentally releases all Boos and King Boo
Decoy Boo
Puzzles often require Luigi to light candles
Using Game Boy Horror to detect ghost weakness
Game Boy Horror 1st person 3D mode can be used to take a free look of any environment
Music room
This ghost just can't stop eating
Spooky the dog in the boneyard
Boss fight at the graveyard
Hitting skeleton ghosts with fire
The fortuneteller ghost
Using water element
Bodybuilder ghost
There are some illusionary doors. If Luigi tries to open these he looses some health and gets comically flat
Cloth physics is impressive
A ghost doomed to be showering forever
Upside down
Surreal room opens into space
Items screen
Captured ghosts screen
Fighting Big Boo
Money found so far
Watering the plants and getting some cash
Trying to grab three ghosts at once
The Armory
Frozen room in the basement (slippery!)
Mad painter ghost
Showdown with the "Bowser"