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Advertising Blurbs

"Nintendo Winter 2002" promotional booklet:

    Multi-player madness hits Nintendo GameCube with Mario Party 4, which includes 50 all-new mini-games and multiple, fully-rendered 3-D game boards.

    Nintendo's favorite bunch of characters is back; Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong, Koopa, Toad and the others have prepared several boards inside the Party Cube. By rolling the dice and taking part in mini-game antics, you'll compete for the prizes and prestige.

    In this latest entry in the Mario Party line, you'll be able to take advantage of the all new Mini-Giant system, which will place items on the boards to make characters grow larger or smaller in order to access different areas of the game boards and trigger special events. A new Tag Battle has been introduced, allowing two-person teams to compete against each other.

    Whether you decide to take on the computer or a group of friends, Mario Party 4 is sure to be a celebration for all ages.

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4670) on Feb 26, 2006.
    Mario Party 4 is the wildest multiplayer get-together Nintendo has ever thrown. 1-4 partygoers compete in 50 all-new mini-games that will excite and entertain the entire family.

    Nintendo’s all-star line-up is together again in the GameCube sequel to the popular Nintendo 64 Mario Party games. Mario Party is back, with all-new Mini-Games and even more mega-fun; so grab your friends, choose your favourite Nintendo all-star and get ready to battle your way through a four-player party across new and exciting 3D game boards.

    Join Mario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi and their friends in the biggest party ever on the Nintendo GameCube. Earn special birthday presents inside a brand-new Party Cube for Mario and the gang, but finding presents won’t be that easy, as players will have to battle each other out in over 50 new mini-games! Try to unlock them all and see if you are up to the challenge of the Mario Speedwagons, Basketball Shootout, Chain Comp Fever, DownHill Skiing, Hide and Go Boom, Para Sailing, and dozens more. You can also supersize your fun, and buy new special items from Shy Guys Shop to make you grow or shrink, so you can stomp opponents or squeak through shortcuts as well as many other magical items.

    Enjoy the story mode where you party it out to earn all of the special presents, or get ready for the multiplayer fun as family and friends compete to see who is the mini game champion. With over 50 all-new mini games and other surprises this party will never end.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65800) on Oct 02, 2005.
    The host with most is ready to party hearty!

    Toad, Koopa and other party-planning pranksters have hidden birthday presents for their closest friends inside the Party Cube. To win the presents, Mario, Yoshi, Peach and other Mushroom Kingdom favorites will have to plunge into a circus of minigame trickery.


    • Challenge your friends to see who's best in 50 amazingly clever all-new minigames!
    • Interactive game boards are stocked with item shops, mystery spaces and shortcuts like roller-coaster rides.
    • A cool Mini-Mega system allows you to grow larger or smaller. Depending on your size, you'll be able to access exclusive areas or trigger special events.
    • Team up with another player in Tag Battle Mode and compete in a team-versus-team struggle for the most stars.

    As always, keep an eye out for Bowser and his trouble-making goons. Whatever it is they're up to, it can't be good. Even Whomp and Thwomp have rockin' surprises for you in their Extra Room!

    Bottom Line

    Packed with great surprises, wild multiplayer action and zany challenges, Mario Party 4 is your ticket to a sure-fire good time. And it's only for the Nintendo GameCube!

    Contributed by Alrightya (333) on Jun 25, 2005.

Back of Case:

    Mario Party's back,
    with all-new Mini-Games and even more MEGA-fun!

    Nintendo's all-star lineup is together again! Toad, Koopa, and others have hidden birthday presents inside a brand-new Party Cube, but finding the presents won't be easy. Grab your friends and battle your way in a four-player frenzy across brand-new game boards. Collect coins and win the most Stars to claim your birthday presents!

    Supersize your fun! With the Mini-Mega system, special items make you grow or shrink, so you can stomp opponents or squeak through the smallest shortcuts.

    3-D game boards! All-new, fully rendered boards open the door for even bigger and better parties!

    Over 50 Mini-Games! Unlock them all, and see if you're up to the challenge of Mario Speedwagons, Chain Chomp fever, Hide and Go BOOM, and dozens more! Up to four people can play!

    Contributed by Jeanne (76427) on Jan 01, 2003.