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A fun party game. Jungle Jim (306) 3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars

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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.1
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.4
Overall User Score (22 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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What else do you need to know? Anything between reading this review and buying Mario Party 6 for your kid is just useless busy work. Kids are smart. They don't care about reviews, they just want to play the damn thing. That's why it got all 5's...because it just doesn't matter.
GamePro (US) (Dec 07, 2004)
With Mario the partying never stops! Mario Party 6 has come rolling along, and you would be completely wrong if you thought Nintendo could never dream up any more addicting mini-games than it has for the previous five Party games.
N-Zone (Apr 05, 2005)
Zu viert ist das Spiel eine echter Party-Kracher. Allerdings hĂ€tte das Mikrofon-Feature besser umgesetzt werden können. Durch die Probleme bei der Spracherkennung von hohen Stimmen ist das Mikrofon fĂŒr Kinder nur bedingt empfehlenswert. Schade eigentlich, daraus hĂ€tte man wesentlich mehr machen können.
Mania (Dec 07, 2004)
If you like MARIO PARTY and you don't live alone in a cave with not extra players, MARIO PARTY 6 with its microphone will keep you jabbering away.
G4 TV: X-Play (Apr 05, 2006)
In the end, it’s still Mario Party, so don’t expect some radical departure from the series norm. The minigames still rule the roost, so much of your enjoyment hinges on your patience for this kind of thing. But compared to the last few games in the series, Mario Party 6 is definitely an improvement and hopefully is an indication of where this series will go in the future.
GameSpy (Dec 06, 2004)
It's been five long years since we first saw Nintendo and Hudson Soft team up to bring Mario Party to us on the Nintendo 64. Pioneering the whole party game genre -- Bomberman still withstanding -- the Mario Party series has peaked and ebbed over the span of five full games. The last two for GameCube both left something to be desired, but the latest incarnation does a few things to freshen up the gameplay and brings home a fun multiplayer game that offers something for all gamers.
Ob das Mikro-Feature aber einen Kaufgrund fĂŒr Mario Party 6 darstellt, ist eher zweifelhaft. Denn letztendlich ist Mario Party 6 ein Mario Party wie jedes andere auch, was man je nach Vorlieben positiv oder negativ auslegen kann. Wer dem Spiel bisher nichts abgewinnen konnte, wird auch mit Teil sechs nicht warm. Fans der Serie wissen aber, was sie erwartet und bekommen auch genau das geliefert. Und wie ĂŒblich der abschließende Hinweis: Alleine macht‘s nur halb soviel Spaß.
Armchair Empire, The (Jan 27, 2005)
Mario Party 6 isn't a bad game. It packs a gimmick to be sure and the improvements are really only skin deep, but it's still a grand party game.
L'investissement est discutable si vous n'avez pas adoré les précédents opus. Sinon, n'hésitez pas ! Mario Party 6 est un grand moment de convivialité.
NintendoWorldReport (Dec 08, 2004)
Most of the new features in Mario Party 6 add little to the overall experience, so it’s hard to recommend the game to owners of either previous GameCube entry to the series. However, if you’re a hardcore fan of the series, the sixth game may be enticing as an expansion pack of new mini-games, which are abundant. Those of you who may have played one of the N64 games but haven’t checked up on the series in a while will find plenty to enjoy in Mario Party 6. In any case, the microphone certainly isn’t a big deal, so don’t base your decision on that.
Jeuxvideo.com (Mar 18, 2005)
Si le sixiĂšme volet de la longue sĂ©rie des Mario Party mĂ©rite un accueil chaleureux de la part des amateurs de "Party Games", on peut tout de mĂȘme lui reprocher de mettre en avant l'usage du micro alors que celui-ci s'avĂšre au final franchement anecdotique. Heureusement, Mario Party 6 se rattrape en introduisant plusieurs bonnes idĂ©es qui pimentent les parties classiques Ă  4 joueurs. Un titre indispensable pour ceux qui pensent que le jeu vidĂ©o est un loisir qui ne s'apprĂ©cie rĂ©ellement qu'Ă  plusieurs.
1UP (Dec 08, 2004)
I'm sure it's going to sound like a total copout when I say something like "If you enjoyed the previous five games in the series, you'll like this. If not, you won't." But that's the reality here. The microphone mini-game selection is too small to make Mario Party 6's appeal that much wider. But for those who appreciate sitting down for a long night of Star collecting and raucous behavior, Mario Party 6 is a polished upgrade with solid improvements.
eToychest (Dec 19, 2004)
With a few completely new changes to the gameplay, and a handful of more cosmetic changes, Mario Party 6 feels considerably more novel than its predecessor did last year. Close examination reveals that most of the innovation is skin-deep, but fans of the series are not likely to care. It is an effective diversion for a large group of like-minded people, and its charms remain somewhat fresh regardless of its failure to truly advance beyond its roots. The implementation of the microphone peripheral is a huge misstep, but a limited number of players may still manage to eke some enjoyment out of its inclusion. Ultimately, Mario Party 6 is not a game that can be recommended to anyone beyond its current fan base, but it is at least a step in the right direction.
Fragland.net (Apr 29, 2005)
Mario Party 6 is a mediocre title. The singleplayer has little to offer seeing that building a party with the computer isn't really easy. The multiplayer is more fun seeing you're playing with your friends, but the action is just too slow to keep you interested.
Those that have played through previous Mario Party games will know what to expect as I presume. Unfortunately, I was only addicted to this game for less than a week, and I say "addicted" loosely. Overall, multiplayer mode is a blast, however single-player mode is useless when compared to the aforementioned. Hopefully we'll see more use of the microphone in future Mario Party titles. Although it was a great idea, I felt as if Nintendo didn't execute their plan [for the microphone] successfully. Fortunately, Mario Party 6 is a solid rental, but for now... wait until it reaches the bargain bin.
While the game offers one of the best mixes of gameplay out of the entire series, I still can't deny that the outdated visuals and audio is really starting to hurt the series. A true recommendation for newcomers or those who are looking for a great multiplayer experience for all-ages.
Jeuxvideo.fr (Apr 15, 2005)
Un nouvel opus de Mario party, et nous voilà reparti dans le délire des minijeux. L'occasion est grande de lancer des défis à ses potes, et de les chambrer. L'ajout du micro est une excellente chose, et permet de se taper encore plus de délires en répondant à des questions ou en faisant avancer son personnages à l'aide d'ordre simple. Le mode solo est sympathique mais un peu trop court. Le Gamecube et Mario forment un duo magique en ce qui concerne les jeux multijoueurs. Quelques nouveautés ajoutées au concept existant et vous obtenez une recette qui marche.
Gameplanet (Oct 20, 2005)
For those who have yet to play a Mario Party game now is as good a time as any to try, especially with the new mic mini-games, but for veteran players, there might not be enough to warrant a purchase.
IGN (Dec 08, 2004)
Mario Party 6 is a really fun multiplayer game when three friends are invited to the party. When playing with three, it's good. When playing with two, it's decent. When playing alone, it can easily turn into a chore where the only reason you're playing is to collect stars to unlock stuff.
Yahoo! Games (Dec 09, 2004)
Overall, the voice recognition technology works very nicely, especially in the mini-games collection. We did run into some trouble in the racing game, especially with multi-word commands like "Get the star!" Unfortunately, while the new voice games are fun and unique, the short list prevents them from becoming the true killer feature. One can only hope we'll see better and more voice-controlled games in future Mario Party titles.
GameSpot (Dec 06, 2004)
What started as a quirky, interesting use of Mario and all his iconic friends on the N64 has turned into an annual bash, which is now in its sixth year. Like pro sports games, with their roster updates and minor mechanical upgrades, each year's Mario Party changes the game slightly, but not so much that it's unrecognizable from its forebears. On the surface, Mario Party 6 seems to offer some of the biggest fundamental changes the series has ever seen. But this is really just a fresh coat of paint on an old building. Luckily for us, though, the building's foundation is still pretty strong, and it stays standing for yet another Party.
Die Entwickler ließen sich endlich etwas Neues einfallen. Neben noch mehr Minispielen, die maximal vier Zocker gleichzeitig austragen, enthĂ€lt das Paket jetzt einen Mikrofon-Controller. Dank Spracherkennung lassen sich Spielkommandos also brĂŒllen. Saucool! Das große Manko von Mario Party6 ist jedoch, dass nur eine Hand voll der rund 80 Minispiele per Mikrofon spielbar ist.
It’s not that Mario Party can’t be a kick from time to time. But when the greatest fun and laughter you get from a game happens when you’re laughing at it, (and not in the nice way, mind you), then something’s wrong. This installment is in several ways a step up from previous years, but the new gloss doesn’t hide some of the glaring flaws that remain in the franchise, and I was left with a general sense of disconnection both from the game and the beloved characters within it.
Games TM (Jan 27, 2005)
Granted, the game still offers almost as much fun as it ever has, but for those of us who've been to all of Mario's parties it's about time he laid on something new.
Diehard GameFan (Dec 27, 2004)
Again, much of this depends on if you have people willing to play with you. If you do not play this game with someone else, you’re not going to be addicted. Playing with friends is an addictive experience however, and you’ll want to go through all of the modes with them to see what the whole game has to offer and to beat each other in the mini-games.
PlayDevil (May 24, 2005)
"Mario Party 6" is a great multiplayer game, not that much improvement has been added except the microphone support but the concept remains the same as always. Just having Fun!
Gaming Age (2005)
The sound and visual presentation in the game are marginally better than the prior games. The game supports progressive scan for a nice crisp image and Dolby pro logic II surround sound. Always the case with this series, Mario Party 6 is best played with 4 players. Pretty much anyone in the family can enjoy the game and it's great to put in the system for New Year's or other occasions. Due to the faster game modes and extremely fun mini-games, this year's iteration scores slightly better than last year's attempt. The concept has been done to death, but as long as gamers keep buying the games, Nintendo will no doubt keep churning them out. If you enjoyed past Mario Party games, then this purchase is a no-brainer.
4Players.de (Apr 12, 2005)
Hoffentlich war das kein Vorgeschmack auf die japanische Revolution. Obwohl ich ein Freund innovativer EingabegerĂ€te bin und mit den Affen-Bongos jede Menge Spaß hatte, hat mir das Mikrofon den letzten Nerv geraubt: die Spracherkennung ist einfach nicht gut genug! Viel zu oft muss man Befehle oder Antworten wiederholen - das nervt. Vor allem, wenn man im Kreis der Familie mit Kindern loslegen will. Abseits der neuen akustischen Hardware findet man zudem sehr viel Altbekanntes, wenig berauschend Neues: Minispiele bis zum Abwinken, Musik fĂŒr Fahrstuhlrocker sowie eine kunterbunte Kulisse ohne Highlights. Wer den VorgĂ€nger besitzt, braucht diesen Teil nicht. Lediglich Party-Einsteiger ohne Kenntnis der VorgĂ€nger könnten auf ihre kurzweiligen Kosten kommen. Schön ist, dass man das Spiel auch komplett mit Controller steuern kann - das Mikrofon ist nicht Pflicht.
Mario Party 6 looks and sounds just like Mario Party 5, which didn’t look much different from Mario Party 4. The graphics are fine if a bit dusty and the board designs aren’t very thrilling. Most of the sounds have been lifted straight out of the last game. There’s no doubt that Mario Party 6 is a decent multiplayer offering, but for the most part, it’s no different from last year’s party. The inclusion of the microphone doesn’t have any notable impact on the quality of the game and the whole formula is starting to look its age. Maybe our host can serve up some more interesting grub next year.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Jul 04, 2005)
All in all, if Mario Party 6 was a real party, it'd be one of those parties where there's nothing to drink but warm Heineken and no one to talk to but people who are having trouble with their boiler and students who've just spent three months in Thailand and want to tell you all about how they got dysentery in Chiang Mai, while a Savage Garden fan hangs round the stereo all night glaring at anyone who tries to suggest an alternative. And so, if we were you, we'd decline the invitation. If you've already got a Mario Party title, the addition of a microphone isn't enough to warrant buying this one. Even if you haven't, don't bother - Mario Party 6 offers too much tedium and not nearly enough fun, mic or no mic.

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