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Written by  :  Kain Ceverus (34)
Written on  :  Jan 03, 2007
Rating  :  4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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Let's freaking party!

The Good

This is an extremely fun game for the Cube. There are somewhere close to 100 games or so, each different with special rules and button combinations, which makes each game interesting and unique. Hours of button-smashing, friend-beating hell fest of fury and limbs flying. A boat-load of game styles and six different maps to play, with specific rules and requirements to beat the level.

A nice array of characters to use with adjustable difficulties and options of teams. The variety of unlockables really helps sweeten the deal. This version also holds a special place in my heart for the Microphone Games! You use the microphone to steer a car or call someone's name to summon them. So many cool games and levels, and the visuals are really, really nice.

The Bad

Well, this game should be on the PC, to allow multiplayer function and I'd actually like to create my own Mario-esque character. That'd be one hell of a function. Also, the story is pretty darn weak, even though it's not needed. They didn't need to give a story, but by adding a small one, it only made it worse.

The Bottom Line

Don't rock the boat, play some kickass mini-games on it. This game will keep you playing for hours on end, but is relatively short-feeling unless you're trying to unlock every possible thing. Definite buy for any Mario fan.