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Mary-Kate and Ashley: Sweet 16 - Licensed to Drive Credits

Dualstar Interactive

Executive ProducersRobert Thorne, Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen
Creator / Co-Executive ProducerTonya Hurley
Co‑Executive ProducerNeil Steinberg
Executive Costume DesignJudy Swartz
Associate ProducerJill Zimmerman
Music SupervisorMichael Pagnotta

n-Space, Inc.

Lead ProgrammerL. A. Brown
ProgrammersSean Purcell, Timothy Schwalk, Mark Walters
Art DirectorStacy Schulstrom Roth
Concept ArtistAmy Williams
Team ArtistJamie Gunter-Boulware
Game DesignerJaime Wojick
ProducerBob Hichborn
N‑GinChris Cammack, Shawn Leaf, Frederic Meraud, John M. Meyers, Derek Nylen
Art Group DirectorW. Randy King
Characters and AnimationChrista Pace Hixon, Dirk A. Jones, Josh Oakes, Joe Pekar
World CreationJeffrey Duval, Troy Jacobson, Jeff Outlaw, Andrew Paciga, Eric Remboldt
Additional ProgrammingBrian Wesley Bacon, Joshua Crow, Adam Smith
Audio ProductionBradley Martin
Quality AssuranceThomas J. Sears
Information TechnologiesGary Meyers
AccountingBecky Kaplan
Office ManagerAthena Schuler
Executive ProducerDan O'Leary
PresidentErick S. Dyke
Special ThanksBrian Hixon ("Samson"), The O'Leary Clan, Cheryl, Timmy, ''Lead Tester'' Patrick, Lisa, Ian, Sophie, Sasha, Misty, With thanks and love to Josie and Beth Pekar, Schwalks, Christi, Mom, Dad, Leslie, Truman, John Elway, El Gato (the coolest cat in town), Darla, Heather, Jessica, Clay, Chad, Reece, Cloe Boulware, John Roth, The 3B's Schulstrom, The Williams Family and Joel, Mary and Simon
Project BabiesReece Boulware (''Razor'' - 11/15/2001), Ian Michael Purcell (2/7/2002), Ashton Kai Jacobson (6/25/2002), Katelyn Ansley Remboldt (9/15/2002)
n-Space is represented byInteractive Studio Management

Voice Talent

Mary‑KateMary-Kate Olsen
AshleyAshley Olsen
TiffanyMary Joseph
ClaireMelissa Ready
BenJeff Wilson
TylerScott Buckingham
ShaneJoey Page
KyleDylan Clements
SamanthaSofie Marchessau
JennyKatie McCloskey
MarisaElisa Cariera
LaurenAllison Baznik

Focus Testing

TestingAbby Peele, Alex Peele, Alex Wegener, Alexander Fulton, Alexis Koula, Andrew Wert, Autumn Bradley, Barb Galicz, Barb Huling, Brentnie Williams, Cassey Ahlgrim, Clara Eck, Cortney Radke, Donell Burnside Jr., Gabby Koula, Jessica Wojcieski, Justin Galicz, Karen Fenton, Katelyn Koula, Mark Moffett, Patrick O'Leary, Rachel Anderson, Ryan Huling, Sam Peele, Virginia Eck

Acclaim Entertainment - Product Development

VP of Product DevelopmentBrett Gow
ProducerEric Hendrickson
Vice President, BrandEvan Stein
Senior Brand ManagerChristina Recchio
Assistant Brand ManagerDevra Prywes
Consumer Service ManagerTara Schiraldi
Creative ServicesMarina Rujevic, Lesley Zinn Abarcar
ManualBill Dickson

Acclaim Quality Assurance

ManagerBrian Regan
SupervisorsBill Handworth, Matthew Canonico
Senior Lead AnalystsBonchi Martinez, Martin Glantz
Lead AnalystsJames Ackermann, Martin Glantz
Project LeadsJason Brown, James J. Seetal, David Boyle
TestersBrian Alcazar, Keith Bishop, Irania Colon, John Evans, Chad Green, Dave Kaplan, Dillon Leano, Joseph Finchum, Matt Fornari, Paulo Jenkins, Jason Moore, James J. Seetal, Steve Seigh, Jennifer Simone, Michael Vallone, Ryan Wade, Brian Wisnowski
Special ThanksSteve Lux, James Daly

Song Credits

''16''The Tapertops (Performers), Troy Jacobson (Lead Vocals / Music / Lyrics), Elisa Cariera (Lead Vocals), Jeffrey Duval (Lead Guitar / Music), Josh Oakes (Drums / Music / Recording & Production)
''Pop Overload''Bradley Martin (Writer / Producer / Performer), Recorded at Goc Studios Orlando
''Rock On'', ''SMRT'', ''Do As I Say''6X (Performer), Appears Courtesy of Daemon Records
''Hello Kitty''Danielle Howle and The Tantrums (Performer), Appear Courtesy of Daemon Records
''Up'', ''Serious''Joy Williams (Performer), Appears courtesy of Reunion Records Inc.
''Almost, Etc.'' Zuigia (Performer)
Zuigia isClint Staj, Greg Howle, Salem Posey, Jonmark Hester
''Write About Me''Jeff Coffey (Writer / Performer)
''My Best Friend''Incredible Moses Leroy (Performer), Ron Fountenberry (Composer), Melissa Ray (Publisher), Courtesy of Ultimatum Music
''As Close As I Can Get''Elisa Cariera (Performer), M. Jason Greene (Writer), Heather Ozio (Writer), Steve Waites (Writer), Published by Anjelito Music Inc., Loco Diem (Administered by Anjelito Music Inc.)
''I'm Gonna Like It Here''Elisa Cariera (Performer), M. Jason Greene (Writer), Heather Ozio (Writer), Ken Parks (Writer), Published by Anjelito Music Inc., Loco Diem (Administered by Anjelito Music Inc.), Quiescience Music

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Credits for this game were contributed by Foxhack (25012)