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Through the eyes of a bounty hunter. Adzuken (854) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
In Tallon IV, one of the greatest games ever is born. SiriusCrane (9) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
An epic adventure that helped me understand the genre WWWWolf (452) 4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars
Omagosh.......... Justin Bailey (10) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
When art rules, and gameplay suffers... Vecster (24) 2.8 Stars2.8 Stars2.8 Stars2.8 Stars2.8 Stars
It was alright while it lasted.... AxelStone (37) 3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars
The first-person fans' dream come true.. MrBee (29) unrated
The best available GC game Paul Jones (288) 4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars
I really wanted to like this game.... James Kirk (168) 2.8 Stars2.8 Stars2.8 Stars2.8 Stars2.8 Stars
Metroid Prime...the FPS that just plain rules! Dark Cloud (35) 4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.1
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.3
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.0
Overall User Score (194 votes) 4.1

Critic Reviews

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The Game Hoard (May 02, 2022)
Metroid Prime is a first-person shooter where the action is about understanding enemies and avoiding danger rather than accuracy, this approach gelling well when the platforming and exploration value how you use your skills rather than if you can point and shoot at something quickly. The atmosphere of Tallon IV is rich with its music, subtle details, and most importantly the scan data that adds captivating context to a world that already said so much just with how it is laid out. This is a world realized both as a setting and as a place teeming with secrets and navigational hurdles, the player’s interest piqued as the scope of its understated story expands and its traversal challenges continue to provide new abilities and dangers that are just as complementary.
Retro Game Age (Sep 25, 2015)
There’s nothing more that I can say that the mountain of game of the year and best game ever awards haven’t. Metroid Prime is currently one of the highest rated video games of all time and with good reason. All of its constituent parts come together to create one of the most memorable journeys I have ever embarked on. This is not just one of the GameCube’s best titles but also one of the best video games ever made. Classic.
RetroGame Man (May 28, 2017)
In summary, this one of my favourite Gamecube/Wii games. It’s an amazing action-adventure game that draws players in with amazing game mechanics, smart game design, and exceptional visuals and music. This game is highly recommended and one of the top 10 games I have ever played. I am hard pressed to find anything to criticize – it’s as close to perfect as you can get.
Gaming since 198x (Feb 11, 2013)
Metroid Prime est un triomphe, un jeu qui donne espoir dans le jeu vidéo, où l'ambiance de science-fiction inspirée d'Alien – une inspiration totalement assumée et revendiquée – colle au jeu comme un Metroid affamé sur une Varia Suit. Réussir à passer la saga Metroid à la 3D était un pari dangereux, mais Retro Studios a tout simplement créé un nouveau mythe. Bel exploit.
Level (Nov, 2004)
Festivitatea de premiere se închide aici, bilele albe au ajuns unde trebuie, iar eu, mai mult decât mulțumit de cele 30 de ore de Metroid (în mod sigur vor fi mai multe, dar am un articol de terminat), mă duc să propovăduiesc cuvântul Metroidului pe care o să-l slujesc cu credință până ce se va înroși GameCube-ul ca para focului.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (May 07, 2003)
Metroid Prime är allt jag befarade att det inte skulle vara. Retro Studios har skapat det överlägset bästa Gamecube-spelet hittills och en underbar uppföljare till ett av mina absoluta favoritspel.
Nintendo Life (Aug 06, 2011)
Metroid Prime is still one of the greatest games of all time, but its success doesn't lie in any one avenue; its organic sense of progression, brilliant art design, extraordinarily dense and explorable world and innovative gameplay mechanics are all still impressive on their own, but it's the way the game is able to tie all these elements into one “thing” that makes this game a must-play classic for anyone who considers themselves a gamer.
UOL Jogos (Nov 29, 2002)
"Metroid Prime" faz pela série o que "Super Mario 64" fez pelos jogos de plataforma: inventou uma maneira de se adaptar o gênero perfeitamente ao mundo tridimensional. A Retro não apenas inventou uma fórmula que certamente será copiada muito no futuro, mas conseguiu adicionar novos elementos que levam a série Metroid a um novo patamar.
Metroid Prime är en lika fulländad 3D-tolkning av ett klassiskt 2D-koncept som The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time och Super Mario 64. Gumpei Yokoi skulle ha varit stolt.
Games TM (Jan, 2003)
While no game is ever perfect, ten out of ten doesn't necessarily indicate that. Instead, a game that scores full marks should be one that not only offers an incredible gameplay experience, but also an experience that you can't find anywhere else. If you want examples you only have to look at Super Mario 64, Final Fantasy VII, Ocarina Of Time, Gran Turismo and the arcade version of StreetFighter 2; games that, had Games TM around at the time of their release, would all have scored ten out of ten simply because they totally revolutionised the genre they represented. It's this distinction that turns a great game into something truly special - a distinction that Metroid Prime displays in spades, which is why we feel it deserves a 'perfect' ten. Buy it, play it, love it and then play it all over again - there really is no other way to describe it. Just brilliant. Utterly brilliant.
Game Revolution (Nov 25, 2002)
I haven't felt this close to being an intergalactic space mercenary since I was poorly dressed up as Samus eons ago for Halloween. Hey, at the time, nobody knew she was a girl. But hours after I beat Metroid Prime, I could feel the urge, like the shakes, to again don the armor and make my way into Tallon. Despite all the arguments that Metroid should have been in the third person, this is a fantastic, top-notch effort and a simple must-have for anyone with a Gamecube. Be Samus - play Metroid Prime.
The amazing graphics, environments, music, and feeling of total immersion take video games to places uncharted. It's the first adventure game in a long time in which I felt driven to keep playing all the way through to the end (Which will take you a solid 30 hours if you really want to be thorough with those missile expansions and energy tanks). The story line is fascinating, slowly unfolding through computer logs and wall carvings. Finally, it's Metroid, pure and simple. This game just smacks of the classic series re-vamped for the next-gen Gamecube. Even if you haven't played the original games, if action-adventure games are your thing, Metroid Prime is probably the best on the market. And if you've been waiting 8 years for another Metroid game to come around, don't even hesitate to go out and get Prime. I can unflinchingly say it is the best game for the Gamecube, and one of the top ten games of all time.
N-Europe (Dec 08, 2002)
Overall Metroid Prime is the greatest game out on the gaming market right now, but that is just my opinion, though most people will agree with me. And do remember this: Metroid Prime is, and I repeat, IS a first-person adventure, so don’t go thinking that you will be just going around blowing things up. This game is superb in every way minus the controls, though you do get use to them. Get this game when you can.
100 (Nov 26, 2003)
In conclusion, it's safe to say that Metroid Prime is one of the greatest games of all time (it's by far the best game of 2002). Nintendo has been 3 for 3 in turning their most loved franchises from 2D to 3D with great precision. I'd say that Metroid Prime is a very unique adventure that has you in the first person pretty much the whole game (except while in the morph ball). MP's graphics are extreamly amazing, the sound and music is some of the best currently. If you have a Gamecube and you don't have your job as a Gamecube owner and buy this amazing game...if you don't have a Gamecube, find any means possible to play Metroid Prime since the is the type of game that people will be reminiscing about in 10 years or so.
GamesFirst! (Jan 12, 2003)
Here I am getting to the end of my review and I just know that there are little gems that I have forgotten. That is OK though because if you have gotten this far into the review and not decided that you have to at least give Metroid a try than I don’t know how to help you. Metroid Prime features beautiful graphics, music, and gameplay. It is driven by a compelling story line that is fresh yet laced with nostalgia. This is the type of game that should sell consoles (which I’m sure it has). If you let this title pass you by you will be denying yourself an essential videogame experience.
GamersMark (Nov 25, 2002)
Nintendo did it with Super Mario 64, they did it again with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and done once more with Metroid Prime. They have re-envisioned one of their 2D classics into a 3D game that will without a doubt go down in videogame history as being one of the best games ever. Metroid Prime is phenomenal; a game that no GameCube owner should go without…Wait, let me rephrase that. Metroid Prime is a game that no gamer should go without. It’s pure genius from start to finish and a game that not only redefines a genre but a company. Nintendo with the assistance of Retro Studios proves that they are still the best in the business without muttering a single word but with a game that is pure gaming perfection.
Daily Game (Nov 22, 2002)
It’s hard not to wax poetic about the experience that is Metroid Prime, but there has not been a sequel this true to its heritage, yet fresh and new since … well, since Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. But Nintendo better make room on their awards wall, because Prime is on track to make those games look like Fisher Price toys. When the only real complaint that can’t be debated is the lack of a widescreen option for those with the means, you know you have a real winner
Darkstation (Dec 23, 2002)
Metroid Prime’s strengths are so overwhelmingly impressive that its minor faults quickly become an afterthought. It’s quite simply a remarkable game, and a stunning achievement for a first effort from Retro Studios. A title that no gamer should miss.
ZTGameDomain (Jul 12, 2005)
Well, it’s about time I pry myself away from this game long enough to write up a review about it. Metroid Prime has finally reached our grubby little hands, and after eight long years, that bodacious babe bounty hunter Samus Aran has finally reached…the 3rd dimension! *cue twilight zone music* Nintendo has passed the reigns to industry newcomer and 2nd party developer Retro Studios this time around. After an incredible amount of controversy, pessimism, speculation, and just downright hatred for the Metroid franchise going to a first-person perspective, Retro Studios has made all the rabid fans (myself included) stick all their feet in their mouths. And believe me, that’s a LOT of feet! Read on dear friends, and see why one of the greatest games in history might have to pass on the torch to his three-dimensional brother.
Insert Credit (Nov 25, 2002)
I asked a while back if Super Mario Sunshine was "the next level" of games. Now, I answer that question. The answer is "No." Super Mario Sunshine is not the next level of games. Metroid Prime is. For its every moment of "pure" gaming that could have easily been twisted into something shamelessly cinematic, for every Morph-Ball-tunnel and hidden energy tank, for every insane boss and jolt of nostalgia, for every perfectly-integrated puzzle, for everything it represents, for the intent study of games past and present that went into its creation, Metroid Prime is the future of its medium. I dare say it is better than Super Mario 64 was to Super Mario World, than Metal Gear Solid was to the original Metal Gear. I dare say it is better than the guaranteed-awesome new Zelda can possibly be. Game-makers of the future, build from this.
Gaming Age (Dec 07, 2002)
Metroid Prime is the best game to hit the GameCube, and the best game to hit any system in the past few years. No game has captivated me more or been more fun than Metroid Prime in a very long time. Not since Ocarina of Time have I been this impressed with a game. It?s so rare that a game this good comes out that it would be a shame for anyone to overlook it. If you have a Cube, buy this game. If you don?t have a Cube, buy one for this game. Metroid Prime gets my highest recommendation.
Armchair Empire, The (Dec 10, 2002)
There haven’t been many games this year that I’ve awarded a perfect score to. In fact, only one other game – Morrowind – has hit the rating ceiling. It’s got to be an extra special game that scores a perfect rating and Metroid Prime (MP) is an extra special game – and maybe the best game of 2002. If you own a GameCube, you owe it to yourself to at the very least rent MP if you don’t buy it outright.
The Next Level (USA) (Feb 06, 2003)
You could probably go on with your life having never played this game, but that's like going through life without clothes. Metroid Prime is a necessity to a worthwhile, fulfilled existence.
100 (Dec 20, 2002)
Metroid will cater to the tastes of so many gamers. Obviously the FPS freaks will feel right at home, and I believe the platform junkies will love this challenge. For those of you that appreciate a game for visuals…this game will not let you down either. Metroid is easily the best looking game for the Gamecube. The environments are exactly how you would have imagined they should be, if you are a fan of the series. To be able to bring it to life as Retro did, is quite an accomplishment. In my opinion this game is a buy. Go out trade some games in and own the first real good Gamecube game. Hopefully this is the beginning of more quality games to come.
I am pleased to say though that butchering is not the case here, as the new Metroid Prime follows the mold of great classic remakes of Contra: Shattered Soldier and Rygar: the Legendary Adventure, and shows that GameCube owners FINALLY have a strong title that is original to their system.
Game Chronicles (Jan 30, 2004)
For the amazing sound and graphics, the amount of solid playtime, and game design that's a work of art, I give Metroid Prime my highest rating.
GotNext (Jul 24, 2006)
Every GameCube owner should have his in their essentials collection, because Metroid Prime is like that perfect gift you didn't ask for, or even know you wanted.
Metroid Prime has defied a troubled development to become an instant classic on an increasingly more impressive machine. From the very beginning of your adventure, to the final confrontation against Metroid Prime itself, you will be enthralled and enraptured. The best adventure since Link weaved magic with an Ocarina and the singular best 3D, First-Person Adventure ever, Metroid Prime is a landmark in game design, and shall stand as a bulwark against Nintendo's recent doubters and critics for years to come. It is a universe flawlessly designed, packed full of adventure and excitement and a Pandora's box of unique surprises. It’s time for all 'gamers, everywhere, to descend on Tallon IV...
Game Critics (Jan 08, 2003)
The control, story, graphics, and sound are so tightly interwoven that the distinctions between them eventually dissolve, leaving behind a whole experience that is memorable above all for how simply it draws you in and how easily it keeps you there.
AceGamez (2002)
Metroid Prime stands up not only as the most original, diverse and simply awe-inspiring game on the Gamecube, but as one of the five best videogames I have ever played. No review can really do justice to quite how fantastic the game is and the only advice I can offer is that you play it for yourself. Anyone with a Gamecube who doesn't have Prime is doing them and their Cube a disservice. Anyone that doesn't have a Gamecube should buy one, even if just to play this game. Quite simply, Metroid Prime alone is worth the cost of a Cube. Consider yourself told: Metroid Prime is absolutely essential.
Planet GameCube (Nov 19, 2002)
Nintendo clearly saw the potential that the Retro staff was struggling to realize, and with a little close tutelage, the two companies are now ready to unleash that potential upon the world. Until now, Splinter Cell and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City were the front runners to be Game of the Year, and deservedly so. Let them have it. Retro Studios will just have to settle for usurping Super Mario 64 as the best video game ever made.
The visuals are untouchable, the gameplay is tight, and the mood is hauntingly captivating. It is simply mind-blowing on so many different levels.
Lawrence (Mar 10, 2003)
Best game ever made? Easily. It's a tie between this and Ocarina of Time. I lost as much sleep. I spent at least 15 hours beating it the first time and came away feeling satisfied from every video game pore in my soul that yearns for solid content. When I started playing other "just good" video games again, I felt cheap.
Metroid Prime is, truly, one of the greatest games ever made. Worthy of both the Metroid franchise and the Nintendo name, the first 3D adventure in the series has ended up as arguably the best, despite its harsh criticism at its announcement. Retro Studios has pulled off something great, a game that is so unbelievably polished it is hard to find any flaws without being too picky, save for the one glitch. With a good 30 hours of gameplay, as well as a few bonuses to encourage further play time, no self-respecting gamer can afford to miss Metroid Prime. It’s fantastic.
Netjak (Dec 02, 2002)
If you hate First Person Shooters then I recommend renting this game before you invest your cash right away but chances are if you are a hardcore Metroid fan, you will love it anyways. New comer Retro Studios still did an absolutely fantastic job with their game here and if you don't fall in love with the liquid smooth graphics or heart pounding sounds, then maybe the addictive gameplay will lure ya in. Like the past Metroids, I couldn't stop playing it until I did everything possible there is to try out and believe me it's gonna take awhile to beat this one. It's not really better or worse then the awesome Super Metroid but I'm glad there is finally another Metroid, it's not fair that we should have to wait 8years to play one, especially when the games are this good. "Don't miss it!"
Nintendo Gamers First (Feb 03, 2003)
If you have a GameCube, get this game. If you don't have a GameCube, buy one and get this game. It's a game I would recommend for anyone except the people who hate to backtrack through previous environments, and if you have a GameCube you shouldn't deny yourself such a wonderful gem.
IGN (Nov 11, 2002)
From the amazingly polished gameplay design to the gorgeous visuals and atmospheric soundtrack, Metroid Prime is unquestionably a must-have masterpiece and a show horse that all forthcoming adventure titles will be judged by.
Consoles Plus (Jan, 2003)
Metroid Prime est une merveille. Ce jeu d'action a su conserver toute sa saveur et l'apport de la 3D ne dénature pas l'esprit de la série. Bien au contraire !
Consoles Plus (Apr, 2003)
Très certainement le jeu le plus abouti de la Game Cube, par son graphisme, sa prise en main et son scénario. Une merveille à ne pas manquer.
(PAL version)
Metroid Prime erfüllt nicht nur alle Erwartungen, sondern übertrifft diese bei weitem und sichert sich damit einen festen Platz im Videospiele-Olymp. Die Umsetzung von 2D auf 3D ist so perfekt gelungen, wie es bislang nur Spiele wie Super Mario 64 oder Zelda: Ocarina of Time geschafft haben. Minimale Schwachpunkte, wie zum Beispiel eine etwas überladene Steuerung, werden durch die fantastische Atmosphäre, das ausgeklügelte Leveldesign, die einwandfreie Technik und das nahezu perfekte Gameplay mühelos vom Tisch gefegt. Allein dieses Spiel rechtfertigt den Kauf eines GameCube, und wer Metroid Prime einmal angespielt hat, lässt es so schnell nicht wieder los. Und nicht vergessen: Im Weltraum hört dich niemand schreien...
This game comes with a truckload of hype after winning almost all Game of the Year awards last year and I can safely say: it kicks ass! While hardcore FPS fans might be a little put off early with the amount of exploring that has to be done, those prepared to put in some serious hours will be constantly enthralled as the puzzles unravel. A visual and sonic masterpiece, MP is destined to go down as one of the best computer games of all time. Samus Aran, you've done it again!
Worth Playing (Dec 29, 2002)
Every time you sit down with Metroid Prime the experience is always entirely different thanks to the ever-expanding environment and numerous enhancements that you'll consistently come across. It’ll take around 20 hours to complete the first time through, but there are a few surprises in store for those who reach the end-credits. Namely, the inclusion of the original Metroid game in its entirety, although in order to unlock it you’ll need a Gameboy Advance, link-cable, and copy of Metroid Fusion for the GBA. Once you download 50% of the Chozo scripts an art gallery will open up. But these bonuses are just gravy and their presence isn’t required for incentive to play the game. Quite simply, Metroid Prime is currently the reason to own a Gamecube.
Nintendo Spin (Apr 30, 2004)
Not buying this game would be missing out on a very good experience. With 20 or more hours of game play, this game is semi-epic and a good choice for players who enjoy puzzles with a robust mix of action.
GameZone (Nov 23, 2002)
Retro Studios could end up being the best game development company that Nintendo has ever worked with. Metroid Prime is 100% Metroid. It may not seem like it at first, but believe me, it is. Retro Studios has taken a classic 2D series and moved into the third dimension without a single mistake. I'd buy a GameCube for this game alone! "What, you mean to tell me that this game is worth $150?" Yep, that's right. If there is one GameCube game that I wish had never ended, this is it.
Gaming Target (Nov 26, 2002)
Despite its rather deliberately slow pacing in the beginning and a few extremely minor flaws, Metroid Prime is superb. No, it’s more than superb, its borderline orgasmic. If ever you needed a single reason to purchase any console, Metroid Prime is it for the Gamecube. In fact, if this game came with a $200 price tag, I would have gladly paid it without hesitation. This is the reason why I’m a gamer and I will forever remember this game, like those in the series that preceded it. Just go buy the game and forever be satisfied with your purchase.
Game Over Online (Sep 12, 2003)
Every time you sit down with Metroid Prime, the experience is always entirely different thanks to the ever-expanding environment and numerous enhancements that you'll consistently come across. Quite simply, Metroid Prime is currently the reason to own a GameCube.
If you have a GameCube, you must get this game. If you don't have a GameCube, now is the time to get one.
GameSpot (Nov 17, 2002)
Let's get right to the point: Metroid Prime is the best GameCube game to date. It's one of the best games on any platform this year, and, for good measure, it's also the best game yet in Nintendo's highly acclaimed Metroid series. Many were rightfully skeptical about whether an unknown Texas-based developer could take the classic open-ended, side-scrolling action adventure gameplay formula of the Metroid series and successfully translate it into 3D. And these are the people who will no doubt come away most impressed of all with Metroid Prime, which is in every respect a pure and true successor to the series of games that inspired it. At the same time, those who have never played a Metroid game before are likely to be just as taken with Metroid Prime. This first-person action adventure game is filled with so much detail, style, and originality that literally every gamer should play it.
Technisch setzt Metroid Prime systemübergreifend neue Maßstäbe. Also, entweder erweitern wir unsere Grafikwertung auf sechs Punkte oder werten nachträglich alle anderen Spiele ab. Man kann es weder beschreiben noch mit Screenshots darstellen, man muss es einfach gesehen haben. Die Atmosphäre ist unglaublich. Dieses beklemmende Gefühl, in dieser riesigen, fremden Welt ganz auf sich allein gestellt zu sein, zieht sich durchs ganze Spiel und ist wahnsinnig fesselnd. Die umwerfenden Effekte und der dramatische Soundtrack vermitteln ein so intensives Spielgefühl. dass man seine reale Umgebung völlig verdrängt. Schade nur, dass sich PAL-Spieler noch bis zum März 2003 gedulden müssen.
DarkZero (Jan 09, 2005)
Metroid Prime is a game long in coming, but was well worth the wait. Averaging out at about twenty hours of play time (far longer than any other Metroid game, and indeed longer than most games of today), with huge, memorable boss battles, a huge amount of unique power-ups to collect, and even a decent story, Metroid Prime is a definite candidate for GCN game of the year. Is it worth buying? Definitely. Even FPS fans who know nothing of Metroid will find it a fun ride.
Nintendojo (Jan 29, 2003)
Other than those complaints, I have to say that, much like going on a date with your mother, Metroid Prime is definitely a satisfying journey to go through. The soundtrack and sound effects are magnificent and the visual candy is stunning. I've been pleasantly surprised before and Retro has done a good job of proving my initial expectations of their ability wrong. Metroid Prime is a solid game, but is it a system seller? I'll save that "system seller" mantle for Strip Porn Poker 128, thank you very much. I will say that Metroid is a game that is way above average. I'm impressed.
GameSpy (Nov 19, 2002)
Metroid Prime is one of the finest games I've ever played. I'm still reeling from how incredible my experience with the game was. More than anything, though, I adore the fact that the negative speculation surrounding Prime's development is now obviously unwarranted. Nintendo made damned sure that Retro Studios' project lived up to the hype and what you're left with is a game that takes the ever-so-precarious leap from 2D to 3D with resounding success.
Metroid Prime allie avec audace le gameplay accrocheur de la série à une 3D somptueuse et immersive. Fascinant et grandiose !
GamesCollection (Oct 21, 2008)
Metroid Prime è un gran gioco, senz'altro uno dei migliori per GameCube. Consigliatissimo a tutti gli appassionati della serie e ancora di più a chi non lo conosceva: così, tanto per creare nuovi adepti...
Nintendo Difference (Jun 02, 2003)
Un très grand jeu, digne de la saga mythique. Après dix ans d’absence, on est cent fois rassuré de voir que la flamme est ravivée par un studio aussi inattendu que prometteur. Les auteurs de Turok, Half-Life, ou autres FPS renommés (ou du moins quelques-uns ayant participé à ces jeux, de près ou de loin), se sont vraiment taillés une très très sérieuse réputation après ce coup de maître. On a très hâte de voir leur prochaine production.
PGNx Media (Nov 25, 2002)
By far and away, this is the best Nintendo game of the year and a game that is sure to raise hell for Vice City when the top honors roll around. Buy this game or you might as well consider yourself a non-video game fan. Congratulations, Retro Studios. You lived up to the task of meeting the master.
Although Metroid Prime is violent, and it does have bloodshed, the creatures that are being killed are mostly insects, and are purely made of science fiction, nothing else. These creatures include the devious Space Pirates, the only humanoids in the game, and the frightening Metroids, a parasitic life-form known only for it's energy gatering tendrils. However, the game's creatures are rather startling at times, and can be very shocking to almost cute. The environments range from a gothic type lair to some of the most beautiful environments that have ever been constructed in a game. The puzzles are also challenging, and there are also ghosts incorporated in the story of the game. Overall, the game is not appropriate for youngsters or anyone easily frightened. Think twice before handing this game to a nine-year-old.
NintendoWorldReport (Dec 04, 2002)
By now it should be clear that Metroid Prime is a classic game. Casual gamers, hardcore gamers, and Metroid fans alike will be utterly delighted with what Retro Studios and Nintendo have achieved. This is a must-buy if ever I’ve seen one.
95 (Mar 20, 2003)
Pas la peine de s'étendre encore plus, Metroid Prime est un indispensable de la ludothèque GC, voire un incontournable ludique toutes machines confondues. Un gameplay innovant, riche et prenant en font véritablement un titre d'exception qui, à mon humble avis, devrait faire des émules comme d'autres productions Nintendo l'ont déjà fait. A moins d'être allergique au concept, voilà un titre qu'il faut connaître.
From utter blasphemy to unadulterated praise, my time with Metroid Prime stimulated a whirlwind of emotions. As a lifelong aficionado of the series, I had doubts as to how Retro Studios would successfully incorporate Metroid’s high-flying, two-dimensional gameplay into the framework of a first-person shooter. It didn’t seem like a viable genre for a game of this caliber, but to a certain extent, Retro Studios proved me wrong. The only aspect of the Metroid universe that isn’t expressed to its fullest capacity is Samus’ leaping prowess. In such, you won’t find yourself spinning frantically as you bound from wall to wall. You can leap across platforms and will eventually unearth a double-jump upgrade, but as a whole, these movements seem more appropriate for a space-age wheelchair with jump jets than the powered armor that we know and love.
Gamezine (Mar 22, 2003)
Bon je crois que vous l’aurez compris en lisant ce test, Metroid Prime est un must sur la petite GameCube (avec le futur Zelda et bien d’autre encore…) voire toutes consoles confondues. Une tuerie graphique mais aussi dans tous les autres domaines (durée de vie, jouabilité). A moins d’être fou ou débile profond, Metroid Prime est un incontournable pour la GameCube. Alors le seul conseil : après avoir lu ce test (magnifique lol), une seule chose à faire, FONCEZ DANS VOTRE MAGASIN DE JEUX VIDEO !!!!!
Metroid Prime is a must buy for anyone who grew up playing the classics or for someone wanting to spend some hours playing through a good straight-forward 'shoot anything that moves' game.
The wait for Metroid Prime has been long - but now that it’s here, you simply must get a hold of it. This is the best game on the GameCube, period – it could also be the best game on the current generation of consoles. The game looks brilliant, the game sounds brilliant, and the game plays brilliant. The game IS brilliant. Further more, if you have Metroid Fusion, a Game Boy Advance and a link cable, you can hook them up for some bonuses, including the original NES Metroid game. Not a bad little bonus.

If you have a GameCube, you need this game. If you don’t have a GameCube, this could be your incentive to get one. Check it out.
Atomic Gamer (Dec 03, 2002)
While Nintendo has lost a massive part of its market share in the last five to seven years, it's games like this that will bring them back to the forefront of console gaming. As long as they allow excellent developers like Retro Studios the freedom to make great games with their proven franchises, Nintendo will prosper.
94 (Mar 08, 2003)
Die Retro Studios zeigen auf imposante Art und Weise, dass auch Videospiele-Klassiker den Sprung in die 3D-Welt schaffen können. Besonderes Lob gebührt den Entwicklern für die perfekte Umstellung in die Ego-Perspektive. Dank fantastischer Grafik, einer höchst intuitiven Steuerung, logischen Rätseln und vielen Gegnern kommen weder GameCube-Besitzer noch Action-Adventure-Anhänger an diesem großartigen Spiel vorbei,
N-Zone (Jul 15, 2003)
Wow! Metroid Prime ist ohne Zweifel eines der beeindruckendsten Videospiele der letzten Jahre. Vom durchgestylten Leveldesign, über die grandiose Grafik bis hin zur innovativen Steuerung setzt Metroid Prime Maßstäbe für alle zukünftigen GameCube-Titel. Metroid Prime ist der beste Teil der Metroid-Saga, und das will viel heißen. Denn bereits Super Metroid auf dem SNES gilt als zeitloser Meilenstein der Videospielgeschichte. Wem das immer noch nicht genügt, der kann sich das GBA-Spiel Metroid Fusion zulegen, das man mit Metroid Prime verlinken kann. So kann man einen zusätzlichen Anzug sowie das Ur-Metroid vom NES freischalten.
GamingTrend (Oct 29, 2005)
This is game of the year on the Gamecube, hands down. Is it game of the year on all the consoles? That is a more difficult question to answer and ultimately one for you to decide, not I. For those who must know my opinion though, I would say yes.
93 (Mar 28, 2003)
Wieso scheitert Metroid Prime so deutlich an der 100-Prozent-Marke? Ganz einfach, weil das Storypotenzial nicht ganz ausgeschöpft wurde, die Gegner-KI ab und an schwächelt und das Speichersystem nerven kann. Das sind jedoch alles kleine Krümel auf einem köstlichen Spielspaßkuchen, den es so gebacken wohl nur bei Nintendo gibt: Ein scheinbar simpler Mix aus Kampf und Erkunden mutiert dank einzigartiger Atmosphäre, die Auge und Ohr von der ersten Sekunde an fesselt, zum komplexen Spielerlebnis. Das grafische und spielerische Niveau ist so hoch, dass man sich vom Prolog bis zum großen Finale in einer lebendigen und in sich stimmigen Welt fühlt - ein riesiges Action-Biotop für Genießer. Unterm Strich bleibt für Samus Arans Ausflug daher nicht weniger übrig als ein glänzender Award und ein begeisterter Tester, der sich der Euphorie aller anderen Magazine jubelnd anschließt. Ich sehe weit und breit kein einziges Spiel, das auch nur ansatzweise an dieses Science-Fiction-Kunstwerk rankommt.
Quebec Gamers (Dec 14, 2002)
Pour conclure cette critique, je peux dire que la transition de Metroid vers le 3D est un succès. Tous les éléments que vous pouviez aimer des versions précédentes sont de retour ici. Côté graphiques et ambiance, c'est je croit le jeu le plus beau que j'ai vu à ce jour. Il fait très science-fiction, et ses environnements sont dans la plus pure tradition de Metroid! C'est un petit bijou de ce côté-là! Toute l'ambiance de Metroid a été transportée avec succès en 3D. Comme je le mentionnais plus haut, au départ vous commencer avec une Samus avec aucune habilité précise, mais plus vous progressez et plus vous découvrez de nouvelles habilités, et plus le jeu devient bon! Une belle réussite!
92 (Apr 09, 2003)
MP on erinomaisen hyvin sovitettu 3D-painos klassisesta pelistä, ja ehdottomasti hankinnan arvoinen jos pidät aiemmista osista tai muuten vain erilaisesta 3D-toiminnasta tyypillisen Quake- / Half-Life -menon sijaan. Yhdessä GameCuben kanssa parinsadan euron hintaisessa Metroid Prime Pakissa se edustaa kerrassaan erinomaista hinta-laatusuhdetta. Omintakeisuudella on kuitenkin myös hintansa: epätavallinen kenttäsuunnittelu ja kontrollisysteemi ei välttämättä miellytä kaikkia FPS-faneja. Tämä kuitenkin kertonee enemmän ihmisten jumittuneista mielipiteistä kuin itse pelistä.
90 (Dec 31, 2021)
I’ve given Metroid Prime an endless amount of praise because it deserves it. The sheer number of game of the year awards the game has speaks to its quality. Metroid Prime is one of the greatest games of all time and one of the best in the GameCube library. One word sums it up: classic.
90 (UK) (Mar 21, 2003)
Despite all the early niggles, the bottom line is Metroid Prime is a landmark next generation title and builds itself into one of the best games we've ever seen. The true mark of its genius is that even when it annoys the hell out of you, the compulsion to keep on playing never wanes. The punishment-reward relationship is ever present, (and arguably has too much of the former and not enough of the latter at times) but the more you play it, the more abilities you unlock, and the more satisfying the game becomes. Would we buy a GameCube to play it? At the crazy prices doing the rounds at the moment it would criminal not to. Patience is a virtue; buy Metroid Prime and be virtuous.
One of the best GameCube games available - Metroid fans will not be disappointed.
Edge (Dec 23, 2002)
After Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64, this is possibly the most accomplished three dimensional update of a 2D title Edge has witnessed. It is seamless. The sensation of familiarity, the kind that you only really get from Nintendo sequels, is sensational – you’d expect the change of perspective to completely alter the way you feel within Prime’s world yet this isn’t the case. The Metroid environment has been so faithfully recreated that within minutes of starting the game everything feels exactly the way you’d expect it to. And that’s because as with all Metroid instalments this is essentially the same game, albeit this time it happens to also be masterfully updated for a new generation. The same atmosphere, the same pace, the same delicate balance. The same utterly astonishing experience.
Random Access (Feb 02, 2011)
All in all, Metroid Prime is, essentially, the next generation of the series, resulting in the most difficult Metroid game at the time (maybe if they had put a few more save points in, I'd be saying otherwise...). Two more games were released to close the Metroid Prime trilogy over the remaining lifespan of the GameCube and the blooming years of the Wii (as well as a couple of misfit titles on the Nintendo DS), and so the Metroid Prime legacy has come to a close. And, of course, they did not lose sight of Metroid's roots, allowing players to unlock the original NES Metroid (if they have a copy of Metroid Fusion on hand, ready to link up, of course), so there's certainly good Metroidy value here. Nintendo has since worked closely with Team Ninja over at Tecmo for the subsequent evolution of the Metroid series (Metroid: Other M), the likes of which unfortunately polarized much of the fanbase, mostly by making Samus a big wuss.
90 (Apr 01, 2003)
This is still another great title for a great little console and GameCube owners could do a lot worse than pick this one up. Other console owners should feel left out, but I wouldn't lose much sleep over it if I were you. It was a few months late arriving on these shores and, though it's been worth the wait, perhaps expectations were riding unreasonably high as a result. Ultimately though Metroid Prime is a great game but it just lacks that killer instinct.
I have no doubt that even the most accomplished player, with walkthrough in hand will be able to get 40+ hours of play from this title. Every moment of it a joy. Samus Aran is back. Investigating an apparent derelect, she uncovers a plot to genetically enhance the always present Space Pirates and their creature allies. From this point on, we are treated to some of the best environments to come out of the Gamecube to date. From jungles and surface ruins to underground caverns and frozen wastes, Samus works her way through a diverse set of locals, looking for clues, eventually to find the reappearence of Metroids and their genetically enhanced masters. Also, as a side quest, Samus picks up the mission of restoring the planet Tallon IV, and unlocking the mysteries of its former residents' disappearence...
Boomtown (Mar 19, 2003)
Metroid Prime supports the connectivity feature between the GameCube and the GameBoy Advance, and if you own Metroid Fusion for the GBA, you can unlock a complete port of the original Metroid game, which was released back in 1986. You can unlock lots of other stuff such as a harder mode, if you complete the game. Features like this add to the already impressive experience that Metroid Prime is. If you need a reason for buying a GameCube, this game is that reason.
AllRPG (Dec 16, 2002)
Everything in this game is just implemented flawlessly. Taking things like the grapple beam and spider ball that one would never imagine could be brought to a 3D game and pulling them off with flying colours just speaks momentarily on the experience this game is. Factor in the connection bonuses with Metroid Fusion and you really can't come up with enough reasons to go pick this one up. It really is all here. Multiple endings, image galleries and the NES classic Metroid are more than enough reasons for you to keep playing this one after completion. Stop reading this review and go play the best game of 2002.
Cubed3 (Apr 27, 2003)
There isn't any multiplayer in Prime but does there need to be one? The game like Zelda and Mario wouldn't really be suited too well to a multiplayer unless it were to be a cooperative challenge rather than an all out frag fest as seen in the likes of James Bond 007 Night fire and Timesplitters 2. A cooperative mode would be very nice but we'll just have to wait and see if Retro includes it in the next Metroid game, seeing as it will be confirmed at E3. The length is pretty long maybe 25 hours for the good gamer but with the addition of the GBA link up you get the Fusion suit which looks good but even cooler you get the original SNES classic when you finish Fusion!
GamePro (US) (Nov 15, 2002)
Still, even with its minor problems, Samus?s latest adventure is a perfect tribute to the Metroid we all know and love. Salute to Retro Studios and Nintendo for giving us the industry?s Holy Grail?a next-gen game that significantly upgrades the genre while keeping all the classic feel of the original. Well done, folks, well done.
Warning! This exclusive sci-fi epic's mind-melting action and puzzles may sizzle your brain. But the tricky controls could put some off.
But if you're expecting something like Halo for the Gamecube, then think again, this game is something else entirely - more an adventure of exploration than out-and-out FPS. If you have a Gamecube then you'd be an idiot to miss this game, a truly amazing solo experience that would have surely benefited from a more standard control option and a two-player mode.
You create the story by finding its tattered pieces, you create the arsenal by collecting technology upgrades, and you create the objectives while exploring the surroundings. The one thing you don't have to create is the fun. Metroid Prime is Grade A material from start to finish.
Metroid Prime, all things considered is definitely one of the best Nintendo games to date. Retro Studios have brought an excellent series bang up to date and the transition from a 2D SNES game into a 3D environment has been very smooth indeed. Indeed the gameplay will feel very familiar to long standing Metroid fans, which is an incredible feat when you consider that most games don't survive the transition from 2D to 3D let alone retain the feel of the original games. There are one or two omissions in regards to subtitles but the bottom line is that the game is enjoyable for deaf gamers. With it being the first must own title to be released on the GameCube this year, you're definitely not going to want to miss out on it.
Factornews (Mar 20, 2003)
Bénissons Retro Studios et Nintendo ! Non content de sublimer encore le gameplay par le passage à la 3D de la série, Metroïd Prime devient haut la main le meilleur FPS solo tous supports confondus grâce à une réalisation sublime, un gameplay original très bien pensé et un level design d’anthologie. Voilà la nouvelle référence qui devrait être difficile d’aller surpasser avant un bon bout de temps.
88 (Jan, 2003)
After you beat the game an option for a hard mode comes up. This allows for us skilled bounty hunters to go at it at an advanced level if normal was just to easy. If all this weren’t enough go out and buy Metroid Fusion and a GBA to GCN adapter. This allows you to unlock not only the fusion suit for Metroid Prime but also allows you to play the original Metroid emulated on your GameCube. How sweet…killing Metroids old-school style. If you take your time to really enjoy this game you can get up to fifty plus hours out of this baby. Go Prime it up my friends.
The Video Game Critic (Jun 28, 2007)
Metroid Prime's clever puzzles are far more thoughtful that the standard pull-the-switch stuff. You can only save your progress at specific locations, but these tend to be well placed. The controls are somewhat unconventional, and this has been a sticking point for many gamers. There's no strafe control (unless you're locked on), and that can be problematic. But the overall quality and playability of Metroid Prime is more than enough to win over any skeptics.
Press Play On Tape (Feb 28, 2021)
Metroid Prime is een briljante game. Hoewel sommige mensen het wellicht niet kunnen waarderen dat je vaak terug moet lopen over Tallon IV, langs plaatsen waar je al geweest bent, waar je dezelfde creatures nogmaals moet afmaken, zal dit spel menig gamer laten juichen van geluk. Ik durf gerust te zeggen dat ook bijna 20 jaar later dit nog steeds één van mijn favoriete Gamecube titels is. Mocht je verzamelen voor dit systeem, dan is er geen enkele reden om deze titel niet aan te schaffen. Kopen!
Electric Playground (Dec 03, 2002)
But, while Metroid Prime engages on no level other than gameplay, that gameplay is so perfectly tuned and refined, so continuously evolving and clever that you'll keep playing and playing, even when you're frustrated, even when you're honestly just a little bored with the back-tracking, and even though you don't care about the character or story. You'll keep playing because the gameplay is so good, and the satisfaction of completion is so rich. The marvelous gameplay will actually wow you at times, and Metroid Prime puts to bed any doubt that Nintendo publishes the absolute best playing games in the business.
Overall, Metroid Prime is a winner. It’s wonderful to see that game companies still honor classic characters and series with modern updates. Now if only the Big N would make a GC title starring Stanley the pest exterminator…
Game and Player (Sep 09, 2009)
Even today, in a world where first-person shooters have been honed and tuned into near perfection, Metroid Prime holds a strong appeal as a unique experience with tons to offer. Three years after I originally played it, I still found myself swept up into the thrill of discovery and anticipation, despite the relative age of the game. I would strongly recommend it to anyone with a 'Cube or a Wii. Check it out. You'll be glad you did.

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