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Metroid Prime Screenshots (GameCube)

User Screenshots

GameCube version

Title screen
Samus Aran
The opening sequence
The game starts here...
Rolling through some tight spots of this spaceship...
The inventory screen
Escaping an explosion
You might want to get out of here quick!
On the surface of Tallon IV
Incoming critters!
Use the scan visor to search for clues
Searching the Chozo ruins...
Continuing on from a save point
Use the morph ball to roll through narrow tunnels
Fighting a very large plant like creature!
Avoid the poisonous water!
The chilly Phendrana Drifts
Study the creatures of Tallon IV with the scan visor
Firing missiles...
The deadly Magmoor Caverns
Samus has arrived.
Lock-On Targeting
Object Scanning
Frost Collects on Samus' Visor
What the heck is that??
Charge Beam
Use spider-ball mode to get through this tight passage.
Parasite Queen
Grappling Hook