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Midway Arcade Treasures 2 Credits

Midway Home Entertainment

San Diego Studios Executive VPStephen Crane
Executive ProducerScot Lane
ProducerNathan Rose
Assistant ProducersMatthew Vella, Nico Bihary
QA DirectorPaul Sterngold
Quality Assurance SupervisorKevin Pimentel
Senior Lead Quality Assurance AnalystStephen Scott
Assistant Lead Quality Assurance AnalystLeroy Butler
Technical Standards AnalystsChanel Penley, Matthew Staples
Product Testing AnalystsKevin Duggento, Jonathan Lyons, Eryk Paramoure, Mark Ratley, Josh Stacy, Frank Stankowski
Chief Marketing ManagerSteven M. Allison
V.P., MarketingMona Hamilton
Director, MarketingTim Granich
Associate Product ManagerKatie Ahrenhoersterbaeumer Del Pietro
Director, Channel MarketingGreg Mucha
Channel Marketing ManagerEcho Storch
Channel Marketing CoordinatorJill Kogut
V.P., LicensingCharles Booth
Director, Public RelationsReilly Brennan
PR ManagerTim DaRosa
PR CoordinatorSarah Moschea
Print Design & ProductionMidway Creative Services - San Diego. Ca.
European Marketing DirectorMatthew Broughton
Product ManagerThomas Mahoney
European Product ManagerMatthew Huband
Public Relations ManagerPhil Robinson
Software Product CoordinatorJoanna Hammond
Graphic ArtistYoni Attias
Special ThanksEd Boon, Mark Beaumont, Lee Jacobson, Robert Gustafson, John Podlasek, Regan Kerwin, Michael Burke, Hedy Jardine

Digital Eclipse Software Inc

Lead ProgrammerGeorge Phillips
ProgrammersAndré Chang, Chuck Chow, Clinton Blackmore, Daniel Filner, Dean Gilbertson, Jeff Hanson, Jimfre Bacal, Kevin P. Pickell, Luke Huang, Peter Phillips, Vernon Brooks
Lead ArtistDaniel Lam
SoundRobert Baffy, Tom Johnson
InterviewersGlenn Saunders, Ralph McCarron
Senior ProducerJoe Bonar
Associate ProducerTaylor Miller
Technical ProducerJeff Vavasour
Creative DirectorsTrent Ward, Michael Mika Sr.
Art DirectorsRyan Slemko, Boyd Burggrabe
Production ManagerChris Charla
Executive ProducerAndrew Ayre
Special ThanksDave Acres, Dennis Harper, Ed Logg, Eugene P. Jarvis, Mark Turmell, Mike Hally, Robert Weatherby, Stephen Beall, Brynn Harris, Geraldine Kor, Irene; Zachary & Kyle, Tarmi; Brian & Kiandra

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (56768) and Baza (1905)