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Mr. Driller: Drill Land Screenshots (GameCube)

User Screenshots

GameCube version

Title Screen
Opening movie with a J-Pop song
Main menu
Who are these shady figures?
Mr. Driller and his friends have been invited to Drill Land
Select your Game Mode
The Hole of Druaga Briefing
You'll have to drill enemies to attack them
You can also use Dristones to power yourself up
Battling the dragon for the key
Once you've got the key, you'll need to teleport elsewhere using a Dristone
World Drill Tour Briefing
Nearly cleared India
Brazil only has two different block colours
Reaching Australia and the Opera House
Star Driller Briefing
This power-up causes meteors to rain down - not good.
Nearly cleared 200 meters
This power-up increases your max air
Uh oh! Black hole!
Drindy Adventure Briefing
Grab that gold!
That boulder has started to roll towards you...
Boulders become even more dangerous when there's only two colors
You've been given speed holes
Horror Night House Briefing
Ghosts lurk in the blocks, but you're safe on the pentagrams
Injecting the blocks with holy water
Killing the ghost has revealed a gem
Clear! How gruesome.