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IGN (Jan 09, 2004)
Fourth and goal from the trash can, McNabb's your man behind center, Vick's out wide, and The Fridge isn't just in the backfield, he is the backfield. As you scroll through your playbook, you can run a double reverse to Must-See Mike, call an option with Donovan and the big man from the Midway, or maybe even a running back pass to show off the Fridge's arm. These are the types of decisions that make NFL Street so fun, and to make things better, no matter what play you draw up in the sand, the game is so much about improvisation, laterals, flea flickers, and Gamebreakers, the play you pick in the huddle is never quite run to design, and that's a good thing, a very good thing.
89 (Feb 11, 2004)
NFL Street ist für Arcade Fans nicht nur ein cooles Ei, sondern auch eine harte Nuss. Wer pure Action ohne geistige Anstrengung sucht, ist mit diesem Titel nicht gut beraten. Der Weg in die Endzone führt gerade bei hohem Schwierigkeitsgrad, über die Wahl einer guten Taktik. Hinzu kommt, dass grundlegende Kenntnisse des Football Regelwerks vorausgesetzt werden. Wen das alles nicht abschreckt, der bekommt ein spannendes und unterhaltsames Sportspiel geboten, das den Spieler gleichermaßen fordert und zum Lachen animiert.
When it comes to razzle-dazzle and fast-paced gameplay, NFL Street makes NFL Blitz look like a friendly game of flag football. Whether you're freezing the defense in its tracks with a glitzy Signature Style deke move or ramming a hapless quarterback's head into a brick wall, you really couldn't ask for a harder hitting release.
Game Over Online (Feb 17, 2004)
Finally, the amount of unlockable items, while considerable, isn’t really anything special. Many of these objects are random clothing objects, like shoes or baseball jerseys. While some of them impart statistical bonuses, the majority of them are simply cosmetic. This isn’t really worth the time to play through some contest for a pair of shoes or a headband. What’s worse, the majority of unlockable teams are simply comprised of players from other squads. The designers could’ve made this entire feature better by stocking the unlockable section with only status boosting items or a much larger roster of legendary players. As it is, there are only 9 legends available, which leaves out a ton of people. What about Earl Campbell, Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, John Elway, Mike Ditka, Mike Singletary, or a host of other mythological players that strapped on a pair of pads? Perhaps we’ll have to wait for NFL Street 2.
GameZone (Jan 23, 2004)
It was bound to happen. After the success of NBA Street, it was only a matter of time before EA finally made a no rules, all-fun football game. That time is now, and to let gamers know exactly what the game is and who it's from, EA appropriately titled it NFL Street. They've conquered the simulation world with Madden, so let's dive in, score a few touchdowns, and see if they still have what it takes to kick the blitz out of the competition.
Der Umfang des Spiels ist in Ordnung. Grafisch kann man über NFL Street ebenfalls nicht meckern. Als Multiplattformtitel reizt das Spiel natürlich nicht das gesamte Potential des GameCube aus, sieht aber dennoch sehr gut aus.
81 (Feb 07, 2004)
Doch trotz aller Kritik sollten American Football-Fans einen Blick auf die Arcade-Action rund um das Ei werfen. Der Einzelspieler-Modus ist durchdacht, wartet mit abwechslungsreichen Aufgaben auf euch und trotz der kleinen spielerischen Mängel macht es Spaß, sich mit seinem Team nach und nach Richtung Weltspitze zu kämpfen. Und für beinharte Mehrspieler-Duelle ist NFL Street ebenfalls geeignet. Um die Klasse von NBA Street zu erreichen, fehlt aber noch ein gutes Stück...
GamesRadar (Jan 23, 2004)
It’s the American football game that does what little Madden NFL doesn't. You’ll like it if you’re a fan of the sport; otherwise…
GameSpy (Jan 16, 2004)
Football has become too big for its own good. The NFL is (in America, at least) an unstoppable juggernaut that transcends the rule of society and law. It even has the power to reschedule Friends. So NFL Street is a welcome breath of fresh air, stripping the pads and salaries to put players back where they came from, with a ball in hand and no flags to stop a messy play.
GamePro (US) (Jan 07, 2004)
First, there was Madden NFL. And it was good, but it had lots of rules and players, and eventually it became a religion. Then there was NFL Blitz, and it was good, but it lost its way, forgetting its arcade roots and the joy of simplicity. But now there is NFL Street, which offers true harmony between arcade and simulation football games, but with more attitude than both of them put together. Oh, and it's fun, too.
1UP (May 09, 2004)
Football games are often suited for football fans. The authenticity found in a game like Madden can alienate people who are unfamiliar with the sport itself (many girlfriends of Madden fans will attest to this). So when a game like NFL Street comes along, non-football fans are granted access to the fun of football without having to bother with the authenticity.
N-Zone (Feb 11, 2004)
Die Präsentation des Titels ist, wie die der EA-Sports-Big-Kollegen, sehr gut und spektakulär. Auch die Vereinfachung der Spielzüge dürfte vielen, denen Madden NFL zu kompliziert war, sehr entgegenkommen. Die unterschiedlichen Austragungsorte können durch die vielen kleinen Details, die sich unter anderem auch in der Interaktivität zeigen, überzeugen. Von den Gamebreaker-Moves hätte ich mir allerdings etwas mehr versprochen. In diesem Bereich schafft es der Titel nicht, an seinen NBA-Konkurrenten heranzureichen. Arcadebegeisterte Sportspiel-Fans können sich NFL Street durchaus genauer anschauen, Simulationsliebhaber werden aber von der oberflächlichen Spielbarkeit enttäuscht sein.
GameSpot (Jan 12, 2004)
With Midway having recently taken NFL Blitz away from its arcade roots in favor of a more simulation-based direction, there has been a gaping hole in the arcade football genre--one that EA Sports is now more than happy to fill with the newest addition to its arcade sports lineup, NFL Street. Developed by longtime Madden NFL Football house EA Tiburon, NFL Street borrows numerous core elements from EA's other Street franchise, NBA Street, and attempts to implement them into the game of football. Considering the success EA has enjoyed with the NBA Street franchise, it seemed only natural that at some point the company might get it in its head that branching the Street name out into other professional sports could prove interesting.
With Terrell Owens and Joe Horn trying to one-up each other in the TD celebration department – and the criticism both have drawn – the NFL can now officially be called the "No-Fun League." Given the sheer amount of taunting, trash talk, and actual fun being had in NFL Street, it’s almost surprising that the league has sanctioned it. If only there were refs you could take out at the knees.