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Outlaw Golf Screenshots (GameCube)

User Screenshots

GameCube version

Harley is a woman whose caddy you wouldn't wanna be when she loses a match
Opening video displays just what kinda players compete in this golf game, rather exotic selection
Main Title
Main Menu
Select your golfers
Upgrade your player's skills or try out at the tournament
Loading screen is always there to remind you about the controls
Summer playing some mini-games to upgrade her skills
You can see the line of your hit with a given power, but only three times per turn
Ice Trey hoping to hit the truck on the bridge
Before you take a hit, you can see how far will your ball go if you hit it with full strength
You can beat up your caddy to boost up the morale
Ice Trey is taking hard the lost round
As the spectator would say, dumb luck again proves to be better than the skill of a player
Nope, this ain't no meteor, it's a mere golf ball entering the hemisphere
You can always see where the ball went just by looking at the pale faces of the audience, just try not to hit any (yup, that too is possible if accurate enough in your inaccuracy)
Now this is called having a really bad day
Yikes, she landed on to the sand pit, there goes up the nervousness level
Sometimes it's better to aim to get close to the hole rather then trying to score
Now that's what I call a strike, gimme five!
Harley is checking out the rocky terrain and stretches some muscles to warm up
And there goes an excellent strike, and the ball is launched screaming
Come to think of it, they must've mistaken golf ball for a UFO back then in Roswell