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Takes the first game and adds fun twofold. Jungle Jim (305) 4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars
Everything the first game had plus more Da-Flea (33) 4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.8
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.1
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.1
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.7
Overall User Score (32 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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Bright Hub (Dec 02, 2008)
Due largely to these factors, Pikmin 2 definitely winds up being the better of the two Gamecube entries in this series.
First off, relegate the 45-page instruction manual to drink coaster duty and stick with the built-in tutorial. What seems outrageously complex on paper—propagating, herding and commanding sentient little plant-men called Pikmin—is actually easier than intimidating the elderly once you start playing. The controls make a lot of sense even if the story line (which revolves around collecting enough "treasure" to bail out your indebted interstellar freight company) seems like something Hunter S. Thompson would have found scrawled on his bathroom mirror after a mescaline binge.
Jive Magazine (Oct 03, 2004)
Overall, Pikmin 2 is a masterpiece of fun. While the game may seem simplistic, there is a lot of depth to the gameplay that is left up to the player. The mechanics of the game have been refined and expanded upon since the original, turning what was already a good formula into a truly great and addictive one. Many gamers may overlook this title in anticipation of the onslaught of high-profile games coming later this year, but don't let yourself be one of them. This is one game that belongs in any GameCube owner's collection.
100 (Oct 15, 2004)
Pikmin 2 is a well designed highly entertaining game that pulls in aspects of real time strategy games with elements of puzzle games that makes it a wonderful lighthearted game for everyone. It packs the same high quality gameplay that Nintendo is known for and brings with it a unique creativity that is refreshing in this time of rehashed concepts. Pikmin 2 is definitely game I am glad to have in my library and Gamecube owners should definitely give it a try.
GamePro (US) (Sep 10, 2004)
It doesn’t break as much new ground, but it’s still Nintendo’s secret masterpiece. Pikmin 2 is an exercise in loopy game design genius an offbeat delight that defies classification, despite some passing resemblance to a Muppet-themed RTS. Then again, that’s what the original Pikmin was, too. Theoretically, that makes Pikmin 2 an unoriginal sequel to one of the most original games of this console generation but who cares, really, when you’re having so much fun?
Lawrence (Sep 07, 2004)
Pikmin 2 is a true sequel in every way. It actually surprised me with how much smoother it played than its predecessor. Not only that, but the few new gameplay elements add exponentially to the experience.
VGPub (2004)
Pikmin is quickly becoming a favorite franchise among the Nintendo-owning gamers, and this title is sure to bring even more into the fold. While the game does appear to have a childish slant to it, the game is challenging and deeper than almost anything else in Nintendo's catalog. If you didn't like the first, it's still worth giving the sequel a shot, and those that loved the first will only find more to like.
GameZone (Sep 20, 2004)
Pikmin 2 is not destined to become a classic – it already is one. This is unquestionably one of the top 5 GameCube games. I'm not just talking Nintendo-made GameCube games, but all GameCube games. It's everything I wanted from the sequel. Its length far surpassed my expectations. I never expected to be sitting in front of the TV for several nights in a row, struggling to finish the game as quickly as possible. Not because I wanted it to be over, but because I couldn't wait to experience every moment.
93 (Sep 05, 2004)
Its unpredictable puzzle design and its imaginative enemy and boss battles keep you on your toes. Its controls are just about perfect. Yes, the link between players and game -- the controller -- has nearly been eliminated here. The story is charming and Nintendo-like. And it’s covered with polish. In the end, this is a truly solid piece of work that feels like a Miyamoto game and as well feels completely different from anything else you can play this year. Like with Pikmin, words cannot exactly describe what is so compelling about Pikmin 2, but it doesn’t matter.
IGN (Aug 20, 2004)
The first Pikmin was a great game. It splashed in elements of real-time strategy titles, peppered everything with play mechanics seemingly inspired by classics like Lemmings, and topped it all off with a lovable style that was wholly owned by Nintendo. For some, it was an initially daunting experience. All of those colorful creatures and no idea what to do with them. But those who gave the game a chance quickly learned that the experience was made completely intuitive thanks to smartly simplified controls. Commanding Pikmin was fun, not frustrating, which surprised many console gamers who had come to believe that the term "RTS" was synonymous with complicated functionality.
GameSpot (Aug 31, 2004)
With Pikmin 2, Nintendo has addressed the bulk of the shortcomings of its predecessor by crafting a game that tops the original in nearly every way.
(PAL version)
Die Änderungen gegenüber dem Vorgänger sind zwar marginal, aber kräftig: Das Wegfallen eines Zeitlimits ist ein dicker Pluspunkt, die neuen Pikmin-Arten sowie der zweite Anführer bringen noch etwas mehr Spieltiefe hinein. Unterm Strich also das gleiche Spiel, wie vorher, nur besser!
Miyamoto und sein Team haben außerdem den Timer des ersten Teils rausgeschmissen. Pikmin 2 spielt sich deshalb freier, aber aufgrund der neuen Charaktere und Gebiete auch rasanter. Schelte gibt es einzig für den etwas lahmen Zweispielermodus. Hätte Nintendo hier einige Optionen mehr eingebaut, wären die Duelle nicht schon nach wenigen Spielen ausgereizt.
Gamer 2.0 (Sep 07, 2007)
Nintendo delayed the release of Pikmin 2 time and time again and with their track record of delayed games'this, once again, has been well worth the wait. Nintendo also let out a bit of humor and effort to get brand names as you can pick up a Duracell battery, which the game calls a Courage Reactor. There's a lot of other brand name stuff in there like Vlasic Pickles and Chap Stick,'but it's all pretty much there for some good-natured'comic relief. There's even an extra little option called the Piklopedia, where you can check out all the enemies, areas, and other interesting things in the game. With twice the parts, twice the length, and twice the Pikmin, you should have twice as much with Pikmin 2. Or if you somehow missed out on the first Pikmin, this would be a fantastic place to start.
Gaming Age (2004)
Pikmin 2 is one of those rare games where the entire package comes together so well that it creates such a fun and memorable experience that you never want the game to end. Taking the time to truly explore each area of the game and solving the game’s many mysteries should take most gamers at least 20 hours to play though. This is one game that should be on every GameCube owner’s must-have list.
Jolt (UK) (Jan 17, 2005)
Pikmin 2 excels in every respect. The first was already great, but the tweaks, both major and minor, have all served to make for an even finer and more complete experience. The removal of the overly restrictive time limit and the addition of multiplayer are by far the best strokes spread onto the canvas. If you’re new to the series, don’t let the fact that it sounds complicated put you off, as everything feels so natural once you’ve got your WaveBird or commoner’s joypad nestled within your sweaty grasp. Pikmin 2 is fantastic – that’s how simple it is.
Worth Playing (Sep 22, 2004)
The original Pikmin debuted alongside the GameCube during its 2001 launch and was lauded for its charm and originality. Pikmin 2 follows up on that success with another unique and palatable strategy adventure lifted straight out of Shigeru Miyamoto’s own backyard. While the first Pikmin was a great game and an impressive franchise first effort, it did come under fire for its disappointing overall length and lack of additional modes. Pikmin 2 addresses these issues with a substantially longer single-player mode, the addition of multiple multi-player friendly modes, as well as plenty of refinements and improvements to nearly every other facet of the title.
90 (Oct 11, 2004)
Wunderbar! Es gibt Spiele, die verzaubern von der ersten Sekunde an und lassen einen nicht mehr los. Pikmin 2 entführt euch in einen charmanten Mikrokosmos zwischen Pusteblumen und Baumstümpfen, der eure ganzen strategischen Qualitäten fordert. Und obwohl es "nur" ein Nachfolger ist, ist es einer der besten, die mir je untergekommen sind. Shigeru Miyamoto und Takashi Tezuka haben das nervige Zeitlimit des Vorgängers gestrichen und dafür jede Menge neuer Möglichkeiten integriert, die Planer und Feldherren begeistern werden. Vor allem die Kooperation im Team, die vielen nützlichen Items, das tolle Lexikon und die spannenden Multiplayer-Modi werten das Spielerlebnis enorm auf. Hinzu kommt eine traumhafte Kulisse, die selbst im totalen Zoom mit verblüffenden Details protzt. Zu kritisieren bleibt nur die belanglose Story mit ihrer fehlenden Sprachausgabe sowie das Fehlen einer zu zweit spielbaren Kampagne.
90 (Oct 12, 2004)
Dem Charme der knuffigen Pikmin kann sich einfach niemand entziehen. Mit dem zweiten Teil hat es Nintendo tatsächlich geschafft, den schon grandiosen Vorgänger noch einmal zu toppen. Selten war ein Spiel so entspannend und spannend zugleich. Das Wegfallen des Zeitdrucks lässt mich nun endlich unbeschwert Knobeln und meine taktische "Kriegsführung" optimieren. Die genialen neuen Pikmin fügen sich perfekt ins Spiel ein, ohne es komplizierter oder unübersichtlicher zu machen. Die neuen Spielmodi, der gestiegene Umfang und die phänomenale Präsentation machen den Titel zum Superhit. Für mich definitiv ein Grund sich auch jetzt noch einen Gamecube zuzulegen - Kaufen, marsch, marsch!
En härlig utmaning att älska varje minut av, sedan blir det battle och co-op när singelspelet tagit slut. En utmaning för barnasinne, fantasi och intellekt. Pikmin 2 är nästintill perfekt.
Wham! gaming (Sep 06, 2004)
All things considered, however, most players will hopefully find Pikmin 2 to be a very beautifully coloured, unique, pleasurable game to play that doesn’t require a massive time-investment to enjoy. Utilising each of the five pikmin-type talents is fun; the pikmin are easy to command and control, and the multi-tasking with Louie adds a lot of depth. Back-tracking is never a chore because going to both new and old locales is entertaining when you’ve found new pikmin that can do new things, such as going back to a water area once you’ve acquired the blue pikmin. Overall, Pikmin 2 is simply a well-crafted masterpiece that is definitely worth a buyer’s consideration.
GamesRadar (Feb 15, 2006)
Pikmin 2 is a low-key treasure, and a must-have if you've got a GameCube. Life-worryingly addictive and hippo-huge fun.
If you're ready for a change of pace, look no further than Pikmin 2. If you're looking for a high-quality, clean game, look no further than Pikmin 2. If you're looking for a typical sequel, look elsewhere. Pikmin 2 is a Reviewer's Choice!
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Oct 13, 2004)
An excellent addition to the unique and enjoyable library of Nintendo titles on the GameCube; if you're a fan of Pikmin you can't be without this, if you've never seen them before do yourself a favour and pick this up - you may just fall in love with the little guys.
Thunderbolt Games (Feb 28, 2005)
In this past year of sequels, the gaming community was both treated and cheated by certain big name titles. While some of these sequels come off as mere shadows of their predecessors, Pikmin 2 shines brightly among the rest. Instead of being geared to mainstream gamers, this game opts to give its small fanbase even more of what they enjoy. With tons of new levels, characters, and treasures, this game will have you coming back for more, even after you’ve paid off that debt. They’ve taken everything that we’ve held dear about the original, and expanded it throughout, making a more complete game and creating something that is a pleasure to play.
NintendoWorldReport (Sep 06, 2004)
The second Pikmin game is the kind of sequel that Nintendo isn't known for. The basic gameplay is exactly the same, but many, many features and subtleties have been upgraded to make this a more complete and enjoyable game. Unlike its precursor, Pikmin 2 is very much worth paying full price for, as the game experience is much longer, and the extracurricular modes have more longevity. It's not the greatest game Nintendo has ever released, but this is the kind of title that belongs in most Nintendo fans' collections, and that intelligent non-GameCube owners will yearn for. Isn't that enough to make you want it?
Nintendojo (Sep 06, 2004)
Minor gripes aside, Pikmin 2 has not only established the Pikmin franchise as a Nintendo powerhouse, but also helped clear the sequel-heavy misconception associated with the Nintendo brand at the launch of the GameCube. If anything, this title only makes me more anxious for the next iteration in the Pikmin series. Any self respecting GameCube owner should definitely give this title a whirl.
N-Europe (Oct 14, 2004)
This game is a true gem. Start playing and it will suck you into the Pikmin world's gorgeous environments and exciting, highly enjoyable gameplay. Nintendo have taken the strategy genre into a whole new direction, and the result is an absolutely stunning experience that will make you sad to see it end. And even when you've completed the single player game a couple of months down the line, you'll keep returning for the multiplayer. This is the kind of game that may well be ignored by the mass market, but you'd be a fool to dismiss this - it's a huge amount of fun, full of that magical gameplay you can only expect from Nintendo, and one of the best games on the GameCube.
90 (Oct 19, 2004)
The main game itself clocks in at around 30 hours depending on how you play, and that my friends is the beauty of the second coming of Pikmin; there's no more rushing through levels or restarting the whole game simply because you missed one item. Even after your $10,000 debt is repaid, you are left with the option to continue your game and search for all of the treasure and the rest of your bad-guy collection. This is all in addition to two multi-player modes, where one is unlockable. The only problem here is that we have no full-blown two-player co-op. Other than that, this game is packed to the gills and well worth your time.
Video Games Daily (May 07, 2007)
A well-made sequel. If you loved the first game you will adore Pikmin 2. The single-player game puts lots of new twists on the original's template and there's a whole ton of replay value with the new challenge mode and multiplayer modes. We're looking forward to Pikmin 3.
GamersMark (Sep 15, 2004)
Pikmin 2 is an amazing game that is appealing to players of all ages and skill levels. Its cheery atmosphere may throw off a few potential players, but trust me when I say it’s going to be worth the experience even if you believe you won’t enjoy it, because I guarantee that you will. As a sequel, Pikmin 2 is pulled off very well. Although it feels much like its predecessor, there are changes and additions to gameplay that manage to keep the game fresh till the end. Pikmin 2 is a worthy addition to any GameCube owner’s library.
GameDaily (Aug 31, 2004)
The bottom line is that the gameplay itself in the original title was among the best seen in a long time. The game was simply too brief, lacked replay value, and too stressful thanks to the time limit. Pikmin 2 remedies all of those concerns, and adds plenty more you didn't even know you wanted. The title isn't perfect, but no flaw glares in the face of a game that's so fun and charming. It's one of the GameCube's best.
Game Critics (Aug 11, 2004)
So in the end, Pikmin 2 manages to greatly innovate while still pleasing stubborn fans like myself. And with two-player versus and cooperative modes, a challenge mode featuring no fewer than 30 multi-floored stages, and at least one unlockable character, the bang/buck ratio is way, way up there. It's an unqualified success in that does everything a sequel should do while still being what a sequel needs to be in today's market climate. Even though it's most definitely a must-buy masterpiece, in my hard-headed opinion Pikmin 2 is still a tad bit shy of toppling the classic original.
Darkstation (Oct 03, 2004)
For all of the fans of the original Pikmin, or any strategy enthusiast, you need to go our and buy this game right away. For those of you who are tentative give this game a rent and see how rewarding it can be.
Cubed3 (Oct 10, 2004)
With the first Pikmin proving to be so delightful at its core as to warrant its return, unchanged, still remaining as decidedly fresh as before is true testament to Miyamoto-san's creativity and vision. Then the fact that this sequel has come on so far in terms of options and length pushes Pikmin 2 into the 'classic' leagues, should definitely sell by the bucket-load and will most certainly peak us for the release of Pikmin 3 in the future!
Armchair Empire, The (Oct 25, 2004)
Captain Olimar (and, yes, even Louie) could very easily achieve “flagship character” status if they appear on GameCube a couple more times or on the DS in the near future. Pikmin 2 is a game that gets everything right; the puzzles are just hard enough to be a challenge without being too frustrating, the presentation pleasing and the control spot-on. If you enjoyed the original or think strategy games just can’t work on a console, Pikmin 2 comes highly recommended.
Cheat Code Central (Aug 23, 2005)
Pikman 2 is a must-have for any Cube owner, regardless of their ambivalence toward real-time strategy games. Pikman 2 redefines the genre and makes it not only accessible to the masses, but a whole lot of fun as well.
AceGamez (Sep 21, 2004)
If you enjoyed the original Pikmin, get ready to fall in love again. If you didn't like it, well, chances are you won't feel too different about this one, as it is still very similar. If you've never played it, then shame on you! Go check out this excellent strategy game now and if you're a 100% completion nut then you'll get a good amount out of Pikmin 2, as there are lots of things to earn that aren't exactly easy or quick. If you have a friend who enjoys it too, do be sure to add it to your collection, as you'll always be able to back with a buddy and try to beat your highest scores in Challenge mode.
N-Zone (Nov 05, 2004)
Auch die PAL-Version von Pikmin 2 hat mich ganz und gar überzeugt. Am Knuddelfaktor hat sich natürlich nichts verändert, was aber nicht zu vorschnell bewertet werden sollte. Die Pikmin haben es nämlich faustdick hinter den Ohren und nehmen es mit Gegnern auf, die um ein Vielfaches größer sind als sie selbst. Positiv ist, dass es jetzt fünf verschiedene Pikmin-Rassen gibt, die alle unterschiedliche Fähigkeiten besitzen. Allerdings lässt die KI der Pikmin manchmal zu wünschen übrig. Der Mehrspieler-Modus ist hingegen eine tolle Verbesserung, und macht beim Spielen zu zweit wirklich eine Menge Spass und somit nicht nur ein Feature, um den Umfang des Spiels aufzuwerten. Fans des Vorgängers werden das Spiel lieben und alle anderen, die sich darauf einlassen, auch.
Nintendo has engineered a sequel that genuinely expands on what was already a strong, likeable experience, and the resulting title is one that shines brightly compared to many videogame follow-ups. The few weaknesses of the first title have been largely papered over, with the singleplayer game now posing a significantly beefier challenge. And in the run-up to a Christmas dominated by big-budget blockbusters, it’s one challenge that PALGN hopes will attract the audience it so richly deserves.
1UP (Aug 31, 2004)
Nature, as the saying goes, is red in tooth and claw. With its savage conflict pitting vegetable against insect, Pikmin 2 certainly upholds that maxim. But it also proves that beneath all that violence, nature is unbearably cute.
GameSpy (Aug 31, 2004)
Captain Olimar sequel kicks it up a notch and provides a dose of classic Nintendo magic.
90 (UK) (Oct 07, 2004)
Difficult to explain. That's Pikmin all over for us. Not in the sense that it's overly complicated or in any way perplexing - it's a wonderful teacher, and you're never left lagging behind the rest of the class - but more in the sense that it's difficult to explain to people with no frame of reference. Perfect example: standing at the bar last night, we found ourselves chatting to a random blonde lady (having correctly predicted that having turned up after us, with breasts, she would be served first), who asked us what we'd been doing that afternoon. Given the alcohol, our choice of words probably wasn't spectacularly clever, but "The last thing I did before coming here was celebrate my little yellow flower people fwapping their petals against electric fences," probably ruined our chances of being asked anything else and left her questioning our sexuality.
Netjak (Sep 08, 2004)
Pikmin 2 is a solid little title, despite annoyances like imperfect control and an inadequate save system. It isn’t for everyone, but if your interest has been piqued, I highly encourage you to check it out. This game extends the playability by doing away with the time limit, and challenge mode is highly addictive. Pikmin 2 is the first of quite a number of video game sequels hitting store shelves in the coming months, while it is not quite perfect, it will provide hours of entertainment.
Game Over Online (Jan 20, 2005)
On the surface, it seems easy to dismiss Pikmin 2 as a kids’ game, too simple or cutesy for “real” gamers. On the other hand, sometimes the simple games are the best. For the typical gamer looking for something a little more unique, or for the novice gamer (maybe a girlfriend?) looking for something a little less blood-and-guts, Pikmin 2 just might be the way to go.
Game Informer Magazine (Aug 01, 2004)
The concept may be just as extraordinary as its predecessors’s, but with a hefty dosage of multiplayer and a quest that isn’t as nerve-racking, Pikmin 2 is deserving of mainstream recognition and is easily the most noteworthy and praiseworthy GameCube product this summer.
Gamezine (Oct 14, 2004)
Pikmin 2 n’est sûrement pas la sortie de l’année pour la plupart d’entre vous, mais je pense que vous y trouverez un attachement particulier, surtout si vous aimez les prises de têtes ;). Un magnifique achat pour votre grand fiston de 15 ans. Non, c’est pas vrai j’ai pas 15 ans, j’ai 16 ans et je vous fais pipi dessus. Ou encore à votre petit-fils de 7 ans (ah voilà qui correspond mieux à l’âge mental de Gonc, dirait street…).
GamesCollection (Mar 23, 2009)
Il fattore frustrazione qui è ai massimi livelli e paradossalmente la maggiore quantità di contenuti offerta sembra abbassare la qualità complessiva di un gioco comunque magico e spesso appagante come il predecessore.
Nintendo Difference (Oct 19, 2004)
Pikmin 2 est la digne suite du premier opus. Avec sa durée de vie bien meilleure et son gameplay toujours aussi parfait, Pikmin 2 s'affirme comme la référence des jeux de stratégie sur Gamecube.
JeuxActu (Oct 06, 2004)
Reprenant les principales caractéristiques de son prédécesseur, Pikmin 2 réussit donc à apporter les nouveautés adéquates pour renouveler totalement l’intérêt du jeu. Plus long, plus riche, plus prenant, plus tactique, Pikmin 2 est plus qu’une suite, et s’il n’apporte pas la surprise du premier épisode, véritable ovni à l’époque, il est toutefois meilleur et donc forcément indispensable !
Just RPG (Oct 07, 2004)
Take the excellent formula to the original Pikmin and combine it with new Pikmin colors, a new character and a versus mode and you've obviously got a great game. Still, I found the sublevels and the limitations on being able to collect the white and purple Pikmin pretty tedious. If you liked the original Pikmin, you're bound to like this. Perhaps a few of the game's mechanics could have been improved upon, but Pikmin 2 is a gaming experience you'll enjoy!
Game Revolution (Sep, 2004)
Though it lacks much of the original's novelty value, Pikmin 2 is a solid sequel. Fans of the original shouldn't pass it up, and those new to Miyamoto's gardening techniques should dig in immediately.
Games TM (Oct 07, 2004)
We're sure that purists will swear blind that this title is inferior to its predecessor, and we'll be the first to admit that it's lost a little of the charm that made Pikmin so memorable. But originality at this level only really works well once, and Pikmin 2 is a superb way to continue the series.
Gamekult (Sep 16, 2004)
Pikmin 2 est une suite de qualité. Le jeu dépasse sans problèmes son prédécesseur, déjà très bon, dans tous les domaines et constituera désormais la nouvelle référence du jeu de stratégie et de réflexion sur GameCube. Plus long, plus riche et désormais jouable à deux, Pikmin 2 c'est surtout un concept ultra original qui dépaysera vraiment les joueurs en quête de gameplay différent et réussi. Si ceux qui avaient aimé le premier épisode de la série écolo de Nintendo se laisseront tenter à juste titre, les néophytes pourront eux aussi garder un oeil sur cette production remarquable.
The Next Level (USA) (Sep 27, 2004)
Overall, Pikmin 2 will not disappoint either veterans or newcomers. Pikmin 2 possesses depth, strategy and fun and is one of the most accessible games for players of all ages. Although the game cannot be considered as innovative as the first installment, it certainly can be considered one of the GameCube’s borderline classics.
80 (Jul 25, 2008)
se stavate ponderando un futuro acquisto, oltre ai soliti gioconi che tutti conoscono, riservate un posto anche a questo action/rompicapo, perché merita davvero.
PlayDevil (Feb 14, 2005)
I really enjoyed this new Pikmin adventure from Nintendo. I loved the first game which stood out for its originality, excellent gameplay and great graphics. Now with the sequel "Pikmin 2" Nintendo is still on track. It delivers the same fun-to-play feel, again great gameplay and the addition of 2 new Pikmin types. The puzzles are better and sometimes bigger too and well those little Pikmin are still so adorable! Louie, a new character is introduced in this new adventure and you have the ability to play with him and help Olimar at the same time. Anybody who played the first game and loved it, Pikmin 2 is definitely one to go for. For gamers that haven't played any game yet, go rent it and i'm sure you'll love Pikmin 2.
GotNext (Sep 27, 2004)
Overall, Pikmin 2 will not disappoint either veterans or newcomers. Pikmin 2 possesses depth, strategy and fun and is one of the most accessible games for players of all ages. Although the game cannot be considered as innovative as the first installment, it certainly can be considered one of the GameCube’s borderline classics.
75 (Oct 07, 2004)
Les Pikmin étant des créatures fort sympathiques mais ayant un peu de mal à s'exprimer, je vous le demande en leur nom. Arrêtez de jeter n'importe quoi dans la précieuse nature qui leur sert de lieu de vie si vous ne voulez pas avoir sur la conscience la mort d'un Pikmin qui se sera battu jusqu'au bout pour ramener ce qu'il aura pris pour un précieux trésor. Les Pikmin ont besoin de vous, alors venez-leur en aide et vous en serez récompensé par une expérience enrichissante et très dépaysante.
Nintendo Spin (Feb 02, 2007)
I wish I could say, "If you enjoyed the original Pikmin, this one's even better," but obviously that didn't ring true for me. All Nintendo needed to do for a good sequel was eliminate the 30-day timer and add a lot of new content. But instead of getting more imaginative, open areas, we ended up with a series of annoying and boring underground mazes that somehow manage to take up the majority of the game. Granted, the RTS nature of Pikmin in general is still fun, inventive, and charming, but, unless that 2-player mode really appeals to you, your best bet may be to wait for the inevitable third release on Wii and hope that Nintendo can finally find a happy medium with this franchise. And Nintendo? Please, please make the pikmin a little smarter!
70 (Oct 29, 2004)
Nette évolution du premier volet, Pikmin 2 n´est pas une révolution. Néanmoins, la suppression de la limite de temps, les deux nouvelles variétés de Pikmin et le mode deux joueurs offrent aux initiés comme aux débutants, une vraie raison d´acheter ce petit jeu si original. Le petit dernier surclasse en tous points son aîné, tout en restant dans la même tonalité. Ceux qui ont aimé le premier adoreront. Les autres pourront se laisser tenter par un jeu poétique et bien ficelé, dans lequel vous rencontrerez des créatures auxquelles il est bien difficile de ne pas s´attacher. Un produit qui nous rappelle les bons moments passés avec les Lemmings et même les Worms, sur une plateforme en manque de nouvelle mascotte.
Bordersdown (May 11, 2004)
Pikmin 2 features two very different styles of play, but they are two halves of one game that do not fit together very well. It is a shame that the underground lairs were not presented as a separate quest, or that individual chambers cannot be directly visited once a lair has been fully explored. Despite this, a great many hours of enjoyment can be had from this game. To surmise then, Pikmin 2 is a great exploration-based real time strategy and puzzle game, but a fractured one.