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Putting on a dark coat of paint on the same old game Lawnmower Man (145) 2.8 Stars2.8 Stars2.8 Stars2.8 Stars2.8 Stars
A very watered-down Pokemon game. Bob the Stickman (299) 2.4 Stars2.4 Stars2.4 Stars2.4 Stars2.4 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.8
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.8
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.4
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.7
Overall User Score (18 votes) 3.7

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N-Zone (Feb 24, 2004)
Genau wie Pokémon Rubin & Saphir machte mir Pokémon Colosseum einen Heidenspaß. Es vereint Altbewährtes aus Pokémon Stadion 1 und 2 mit Rubin & Saphir und bekam zudem noch einen Touch Final Fantasy verpasst. Und diese Mischung weiß mehr als zu überzeugen. Alle Achtung, Nintendo!
(PAL version)
Ob durch den leichten Designwandel auch Pokémon-Hasser bekehrt werden, ist wohl zweifelhaft, Vielleicht mag der eine oder andere ja dadurch seine Hemmschwelle ablegen. Aber Pokémon-Spiele sind nun mal für Fans gemacht, und eben solche kommen an Pokémon Colosseum nicht vorbei. Denn das Spiel bietet genau das, was Fans wollen: Einen großen Haufen Pokémon zum Sammeln, Trainieren und Kämpfen, verpackt in eine simple, aber unterhaltsame Story und dargestellt in zeitgemäßer Technik. Eine Kaufempfehlung? Aber sicher! Krallt es euch!
Vor allem Gameplay und Grafik werden euch während der Kämpfe nicht mehr loslassen. Die Zwei-gegen-Zwei-Duelle bringen frisches Blut in die etwas angestaubten Fights und während die 3D-Modelle der Monster-Armee selbst zwar etwas lasch wirken, werden euch die spektakulären Angriffs-Effekte Karpador-like mit offenem Mund vorm Bildschirm sitzen lassen! Im Moment können wir das Spiel auf Grund der brutalen Sprachhürde nur echten Fans empfehlen. Sobald die PAL-Version hier ist, steht aber ein neues Monster in den Regalen der Videospiele-Dealer!
Netjak (Apr 06, 2004)
Overall, Pokemon Colosseum was a bit of a surprise, since the expectation was little more than Pokemon Stadium: GameCube. While it is a little rough in the sound department, a few of the visuals are off, and it has slight limitations on how you can obtain your Pokemon, Colosseum is a worthy of a Pokemon fan’s time. This is the full-on console RPG many Pokemon fans have been clamoring for.
Jolt (UK) (May 20, 2004)
Pokemon Colosseum is the first RPG to make it onto a current-gen console, and as such will provide hours of enjoyment to any Pokemon fanatic, but newbies may well want to pick up a copy of Ruby/Sapphire first. Okay, it isn’t quite the definitive Pokemon game to end them all as we may have hoped, but for fans, this really is an essential purchase. Peeeee-ka-chooo! Ahem…
Diehard GameFan (Mar 21, 2004)
Here it is plain and simple. This is the best game on the cube released in 2004 so far. It’s the best turn based RPG released on any system in 2004 so far. You can play it along. You can play it with friends. You get rewarded like in no other game before it for completing the story mode and it’s a far better utilization of the GBA-GC connectivity than FF:CC, Wind Waker, or Animal Crossing. Is this the best Pokemon game EVER? No. It’s not. That’s Pokemon Crystal. But I can’t see anyone not picking up this game and having fun with it. If you have a Game Cube, you owe it to yourself to get this game. GO NOW!
GameZone (Mar 22, 2004)
You know how sometimes it's great to be wrong? This is one of those times. Pokemon Colosseum is a true sequel to the Game Boy Advance games. It could be considered a side-story, but the gameplay is a continuation of Ruby and Sapphire. It's got almost everything I wanted 3D Pokemon game to have – classic, addictive gameplay, good graphics, an excellent soundtrack, and decent length. It also has something you can't find in today's RPGs: replay value.
Edutaining Kids (May, 2004)
Although it doesn't boast as many activities as its two predecessors (Pokemon Stadium One and Two for N64), Pokemon Colosseum still has the charm of the older games. Colosseum is missing the mini-games and rental Pokemon (Pokemon instantly prepared for battle) that children enjoyed in the two Stadium games. Our younger testers missed these two features, while an older tester found Pokemon Colosseum more engaging because of the new-to-GCN story mode. The lack of a rental Pokemon feature can discourage younger children from battling more experienced players.
PGNx Media (Apr 12, 2004)
When it comes to the Pokemon franchise, Nintendo has been treating the Game Boy owners very pleasantly while giving console owners bits and pieces. The Game Boy has seen three full-fledged “chapters” in the Pokemon series. These have been complete with Pokemon raising, capturing and everything else that makes a Pokemon game a, well, Pokemon game. On the other hand, console owners were given 3D battling games, a picture-taking safari, and some personal time with the infamous Pikachu. Pokemon Colosseum attempts to remedy this by giving us the first true 3D Pokemon game. But does it deliver on its promise?
Pokémon Colosseum is solid as the first real Pokémon game for the GameCube. The problem is that Nintendo tried to squeeze two games in one. The story mode has no where near the complexities and storyline that the Game Boy games have had, and the Colosseum mode is no where near as customizable as the Stadium titles were for the N64. However, both play modes are enjoyable although the game just really does not live up to its excessive hype.
80 (Jul 05, 2004)
Für mich ist Pokemon Colosseum ein durchaus würdiger Nachfolger der Pokemon Stadium-Spiele. Grafisch hätte der Titel allerdings mehr Politur vertragen können. Dass der kurze Story-Modus es nicht ganz mit den Pokemon-Abenteuern für GBA mithalten kann, finden wir verschmerzbar. - Schließlich ist das Herzstück des Spieles die Arena. Im Multiplayer-Modus für jeden Mitspieler einen GBA zu verlangen, halten wir da schon eher für fragwürdig. Hätte man die Charakter-Daten nicht auch auf der Memory-Card speichern können? Insgesamt ein ordentliches und umfangreiches Spiel... und natürlich ein MUSS für jeden Pokemon-Fan!
Cubed3 (Jun 30, 2004)
Good, but not great. Everyone was expecting a massive groundbreaking title that would shake up the Pokémon franchise, well this aint it folks. Whilst the Dark/Shadow idea is very neat and adds a real drive and purpose to the game, the whole thing is pretty much what anyone might expect from a full-on 3D RPG of Pokémon. Not that we are complaining massively. This is a hugely enjoyable title and will no doubt delight Poké-nuts the world over, and perhaps even convert some former Poké-nots.
GamerDad (Jun 06, 2004)
Pokemon Colosseum is a lot like Pokemon Stadium. You battle Pokemon in 3-D. In other Pokemon games, you walk around battling foes, going to the Pokemon Center, and saving… a lot! Though it is a lot like the Pokemon Stadium games there are also a lot of different things about it. Pokemon Stadium featured nothing but battle after 3-D battle, no exploration or anything else from the Game Boy games. But Pokemon Colosseum is different. Well for one… you actually walk around! Yes, it's true! One of the major things about Pokemon Colosseum is that you walk (or should I say ride) from town to town. The only thing is that by the time you get to know the game, you'll probably get tired from walking everywhere.
79 (Jun 17, 2004)
Mit dem Kauf von Pokémon Colosseum können Fans eigentlich nicht viel falsch machen. Und auch an Rollenspielen interessierte Strategen, die mit Pokémon bisher noch nichts am Hut hatten, sollten nicht gleich gelangweilt abwinken, vereint der Titel doch recht überzeugend traditionelle RPG-Kost mit mehrspielertauglichen Taktikgeplänkeln. Für ein ausgewachsenes Rollenspiel ist die Handlung des Storymodus zwar viel zu durchsichtig und linear, aber die motivierende Kampfplanung und Charakterpflege trösten gekonnt darüber hinweg. Selbst die eher zweckmäßige Technik gerät durch stimmungsvolle Locations und Animationen schnell in Vergessenheit, während die eigentlich unnötige und von uns mit Punkteabzug geahndete GBA-Pflicht für Mehrspielerduelle wohl nur Nintendos Handheld-Abteilung Freude bereiten dürfte.
77 (Aug 03, 2004)
Pokémon Colosseum is certainly worth the Pokémon name and for the fans it's a must-have. Nintendo has done the right thing to incorporate a storyline but on the other side it wasn't a good choice to decrease the freedom by choosing the cities on a map. This makes the game miss the huge feeling you have with the other games. Also, there's way too little Pokémon to catch.
JeuxActu (Jun 09, 2004)
Après deux épisodes sympathiques, mais un peu léger, sur Nintendo 64, Pokémon Colosseum débarque sur GameCube avec une aventure inédite en 3D. Dommage que celle-ci soit finalement trop linéaire et un peu ennuyeuse. L’intérêt étant alors de récupérer des Pokémon rares pour les intégrer à son équipe sur GBA et pour ensuite affronter ses potes dans le mode Combat. Un mode qui reprend trait pour trait ce que l’on connaissait sur N64. Un jeu agréable, mais sans plus, qui plaira sans aucun doute aux jeunes (et moins jeunes) fans de l’univers Pokémon, les autres n’ayant de toute façon sûrement pas lu ce test jusqu’au bout.
IGN (Mar 22, 2004)
It's clear that the designers limited the direction of the GameCube's quest so as not to overshadow the Game Boy Advance design; if you want the full Pokemon experience, you're going to need a GBA system. But even with the lack of gameplay variety in its quest, Pokemon Colosseum is one hugely challenging game, and it has enough originality, not to mention a whole assortment uniquely catchable creatures, in its design to encourage both newbies and veterans alike to experience a new style of Pokemon adventure.
GameSpot (Mar 22, 2004)
Though its popularity isn't quite at the same fevered pitch it was back in the late '90s, Nintendo's Pokémon franchise still seems to have some spark left in it. The perennial pairs of Pokémon games that show up on the Game Boy platform have maintained a level of quality that, despite an aesthetic that some find too saccharine, has kept the franchise fresh and accessible. Though the weird metagame known as Pokémon Channel was released in the States a few months ago, it's been a long time since a real Pokémon game has been released outside the GBA, and the new Pokémon Colosseum does a decent job of filling this void. As the successor to Nintendo's Pokémon Stadium games for the N64, Colosseum largely gives fans what they want, which is lots of real freaky-looking monsters and lots of battling. It can be pretty fun, even if you're not already sold on the whole Pokémon thing, though it's probably not the best introduction to the franchise for novice players.
70 (Jun 02, 2004)
Certaines mauvaises langues ont déjà clamé haut et fort que Pokémon Colosseum n’était qu’une version améliorée de Pokémon Stadium. Une fois de plus, j’ai préféré faire fi de leur avis avant de me replonger dans le monde merveilleux des Pokémon. Et, croyez-moi, je ne le regrette aucunement ! Certes, l’avancé graphique n’est que relative par rapport à ce qu’on attendait, mais le reste dépasse de loin tout ce que les fans de la première heure auraient pu imaginer. Avec des effets spéciaux encore plus ahurissants, un scénario captivant et digne des plus grandes fictions du moment, plus d’une trentaine d’heures de jeu, une connectivité particulièrement bien pensée et deux modes aussi réussis l’un que l’autre, Pokémon Colosseum brise non seulement les règles du genre, mais parvient aisément à s’imposer comme la nouvelle référence. À bon entendeur, salut !
GameDaily (Apr 08, 2004)
Shortcomings aside, PC is a solid and welcome addition to the Pokemon universe and it should satisfy fans that have been yearning for a GameCube incarnation of the series. The Story Mode, Colosseum Battles, and the scores of items and Pokemon to find should give gamers plenty to busy themselves with. It feels very similar to other games in the franchise, but for those of you who've stuck with this series for the past several years, you know what you like, and I'm happy to say that Nintendo delivered.
70 (Mar 24, 2004)
If you haven’t played Pokémon before and you want to get on Nintendo’s biggest franchise, then I suggest starting with Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire, or better yet, wait for the best with the upcoming release of Pokémon Fire Red & Leaf Green (Water Blue in America). If the Story Mode in Pokémon Colosseum was a sign of things to come for Pokémon in 3D, then count me out. Until then, I will be happily playing the 2D versions.
70 (May 06, 2004)
Que les amateurs de Pokémon ne boudent pas leur plaisir. Il trouveront dans Pokémon Colosseum une bonne alternative aux derniers opus GBA, avec une aventure inédite qui comporte pas mal de bonnes idées et des arènes permettant de savourer pleinement les duels en 3D. Sorti de là, les non fans n'y trouveront pas grand intérêt.
If Pokémon had been around when I was 10, I would have been that crazy kid on your block who lived and breathed Pokémon in all its forms. However, the days that this would have interested me have passed, and I can only see this game for what it is: a shining example of working just hard enough to keep a franchise alive. The game isn’t glaringly sub-standard, but there was little effort put into innovation or moving the series forward.
GamePro (US) (Apr 21, 2004)
All good Pokémon boys and girls harbor a secret hope that someday, maybe, there will be a real, wonderful Pokémon role-playing game on a console and not just on a handheld system. Pokémon Colosseum doesn't herald the arrival of that magical day - but at least things are heading in the right direction.
Fans will and should pick this up. But many old devotees will be disappointed because, at best, Colosseum feels like a sad shell of the franchise's glory days and at worst, a poor example in the RPG genre.
UOL Jogos (Apr 02, 2004)
Vale deixar uma nota que o game exige pesados 47 blocos de cartão de memória, e não oferece as mesmas funções avançadas de gerenciamento de criaturas que "Pokémon Box" e os "Stadium" traziam. Infelizmente, a Nintendo americana parece não ter planos de oferecer essa ferramenta nos EUA.
Gameplanet (Jul 06, 2004)
Although the Pokemon experience makes the transition successfully to 3D, and retains the strategy that makes the series fun, the game does not deliver an RPG experience that lives up to those on the Game Boy.
Gamekult (May 19, 2004)
Non dénué de défauts, Pokémon Colosseum n'est rien d'autre qu'un gros add-on aux versions Pokémon Rubis et Saphir. D'un certain côté, le mode scénario apporte une réelle complémentarité aux volets de la GBA, mais avant de pouvoir s'amuser il faudra attendre plusieurs heures de jeu. Le problème vient du mode Colisée en lui-même, qui se réduit finalement à sa plus simple expression : une suite de combats avec quelques récompenses à la clef. Bien entendu, ceux qui veulent à tout prix compléter leur collection de Pokémon passeront des heures à tenter d'avoir des Pokémon femelles pour leur faire faire des oeufs plus tard, ou se referont un nombre incalculable de fois les différents combats afin d'obtenir des Poké Coupons pour les échanger contre des CT ou CS, mais sorti de cela, l'interface est bien triste.
GameSpy (Mar 29, 2004)
After years of waiting, the first "true 3D Pokémon RPG" is finally here, and... well, it's pretty good, but not quite what you might've been hoping for. Is Nintendo intentionally leading us on? Is it worried that all of us Pokémon addicts will leave for good if we are ever fully satisfied by the perfect Pokémon game?
Game Shark (Jun 18, 2004)
This game is not an evolution in the Pokemon franchise. It keeps everything that is familiar about the handheld games and ports it over to the Gamecube, bringing the monsters people are so familiar with alive in a different format. It represents a great improvement over Pokemon Stadium by actually offering some compelling single player play. With a higher difficulty level and some presentation quirks, Pokemon Colosseum is a great game for the Pokemon veteran and not such a great choice for someone just now getting into the games.