Pre-Order Bonus Disc

In the United States, Canada, and Japan, pre-ordered copies of the game came with an exclusive bonus disc. In addition to game and movie previews, the disc contained one or more Pokémon that could be downloaded to Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, depending on region. The Japanese disc contained Pikachu and Celebi, while the US and Canadian disc contained Jirachi.

Only participating stores carried the pre-order release with the bonus disc. In the United States, these were Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Electronics Boutique, GameStop, Game Crazy, Kay Bee, Toys 'R' Us, Kmart, Media Play, and Fred Meyer. The participating stores in Canada were Toys 'R' Us, Future Shop, Best Buy, Microplay, and Electronics Boutique.

E-Reader Shadow Pokémon

In Japan, a set of E-Cards was released with Pokémon Colosseum compatibility, allowing players to challenge special trainers in Phenac Colosseum. Scanning all 24 of these cards and defeating all the associated trainers would grant access to a bonus Shadow Pokémon depending on the chosen difficulty for these trainer battles. Three Shadow Pokémon were granted in total, those being Togepi, Mareep, and Scizor.

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