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Pro Rally macht es Einsteigern nicht ganz leicht, denn des eigenwillige Fahrverhalten erfordert einiges an Umgewöhnung. Wenn man die Wagen aber erst einmal im Griff hat und haarscharf an Abgründen und Felswänden vorbei über die Strecken rast, kommt spannendes Rennfeeling auf.
68 (Nov 09, 2002)
Auch wenn es für Rallye-Fans auf dem GameCube kaum Alternativen gibt, solltet Ihr Euch die Anschaffung von Pro Rally gut überlegen. Neben der eher mäßigen Technik und unspektakulären Präsentation sind die unrealistische Kollisionsabfrage, das nicht wirklich überzeugende Schadensmodell sowie die primitiven KI-Routinen der CPU-Fahrer und die vermurkste Steuerung nämlich handfeste Spielspaßhemmer. Zudem ist der gegenüber der PS2-Version deutlich höhere Verkaufspreis in keiner Weise gerechtfertigt. Zwar wurden die Ladezeiten verkürzt und endlich eine Cockpit-Ansicht eingebaut, aber ansonsten nichts verändert und bei den Spielmodi der fordernde Challenge-Modus unverständlicherweise sogar wegrationalisiert. Wartet also lieber auf Rally Championship oder Rally Fusion, wenn Ihr neben dem GameCube keine andere Konsole besitzt und unbedingt ein Rallye-Spiel sucht.
GameSpy (Nov 24, 2002)
GameCubists have been waiting a while for a solid rally title. Unfortunately, Pro Rally isn't it. There are just too many things wrong with it. The fact that you basically have to beat what amounts to a "final boss" before you even have access to some seventy-percent of the game is just goofy. In addition, game physics are not what they should be in a title that's all about fast starts and stops. With Colin McRae and Rally Fusion set for 'Cube release, rally fans would be better off biding their time killing zombies, 360-McTwisting, and vacuuming.
Gaming Target (Nov 11, 2002)
There are lots of tracks in Pro Rally and it could be a good idea to try some of them out in Time Trial or Versus Mode before diving headfirst into the Championship. Whatever mode one chooses to play, however, the feeling of mediocrity will be there. The aural experience isn’t anything to call over one’s neighbours for either. With dinky collision sounds and sharp engine noises, Pro Rally’s sound effects don’t succeed in rising above average. As for the music, the harsh critic might say that the term abysmal feels inadequate when it comes to describing it. In short, there are better games out there both on current and past systems that are better choices than this half-hearted effort.
IGN (Nov 08, 2002)
It's clear that the team at Ubi Soft had some decent ideas, but there's a very blurry line between the arcade and simulation aspects of Pro Rally 2002. For example, there's no speedometor and for manual shifting you have to switch to "driver's seat" view. So, while I had fun with it for a while, I just couldn't attach myself to it. After seeing what's being done with other rally titles out there like Rallisport Challenge, Colin McRae, and even Rally Fusion, it doesn't seem Pro Rally 2002 has much to stand on outside of being the first in the genre for GameCube. Check it out for a rental, but for a long-term investment there should be more rally goodness soon enough.
60 (Mar 27, 2003)
Un produit mal fini, voilà ce qu'on se dit en jouant à Pro Rally. Si le titre d'Ubi Soft avait bénéficié d'un peu plus de soins, il en serait ressorti un très bon jeu de rallye. Malheureusement à la place on obtient quelque chose de bancal malgré un gameplay bien sympa, qui aurait pu être tout de même amélioré, et des modes de jeu satisfaisants.
GameSpot (Nov 14, 2002)
Pro Rally is the first rally game to be released for the GameCube, but even that isn't reason enough to recommend it for purchase. Its problems with control and physics and its largely forgettable graphics and sound can't be overlooked. It's a frustrating game with a career mode that's too short, and, ultimately, you'd be better off without it.
Game Chronicles (Jan 23, 2003)
It’s not the deepest or the most realistic racer on the block, but it’s the only rally racing game the GameCube has got (for now). If you don’t have any other consoles and you have that unquenchable thirst for off-road racing then give this one a rental. If you like it you can probably find it for a budget price, but most racers will probably want to hold out for something a bit better.