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Resident Evil 0 Screenshots (GameCube)

User Screenshots

GameCube version

Main menu
The story opens with the train incident
Alpha team has been dispatched to check the train
Intro cinematic shows us the first S.T.A.R.S. team arriving on the crime scene... forcefully.
Exploring the dark forest
Found the train, but there's no sign of passengers... at least not alive ones
And what have we hear... an impolite hungry zombie, eh? Say please....
Rebecca teaching the zombies some manners.
Searching what's left of the train only to find more questions.
This time map also serves to show you where you left some item, which is pretty neat update.
Key items will usually glow, but ordinary objects such as ammo or healing herbs will only glow after you look at them.
Meeting Billy... an escape convict you and your squad were trying to locate.
I found the escaped convict... or he found me
As usually, typewritters are where you can save your game status... that is, if you have some ink.
RE0 introduces real teamplay as now you have to worry about both, the partner character (the one that AI controls) and your main character (under your control).
Reporting your status to the team leader
The VIP area of the train
For climbing up some ladders, entering some holes, or such, you'll always get prompted first.
Close encounter with a doberman.
Walking on the train roof while the rain is raging outside. The effect and character movement in this particular scene is amazing and taken care with lots of details.
Showdown with a first boss... takes exactly 10 gun bullets on easy mode.
Characters move differently, depending on terrain and weather conditions. Wether moving through water, running around, or climbing up the stairs. The game is full of itzy-bitzy details.
Armed and dangerous.
One of typical fix-me kinda puzzles.
Lighting effects and shadows are extremely detailed, even though 3d characters appear to be moving on the static background sets.
Good ol' pal Wesker... while he was human. This game unravels some truth even before his first appearance in original Resident Evil.
Now, who forgot to wash the dishes!? I'm not joking!
Next time listen to my advice and keep the heads down.
Is it hot here, or is it just me?
Rebecca barely holding on the grid while Billy is doing the monkey busyness.
FMVs are undoubtedly on the level for Capcom.
Great thing about team work is the way of disposing multiple enemies, as partner character always neatly guards your back.
Gotta defeat the queen before everything explodes
Billy with a magnum (ingame graphic).
Billy with a magnum (prerendered cinematic).
There goes the mansion
The cutest RE heroine, and of course, the first one, before the mansion incident.