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Written by  :  Shaun Clark (2)
Written on  :  Apr 13, 2005

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Leon will own your soul

The Good

I liked the button press sequences, the use of the action feature, the stunning visuals are enough to make you drool. I loved the weapon selection and the really cool unlockables.

The Bad

The game was a bit too short, the story gap between RE4 and past Resident Evil games is frustrating, and the game has some questionable enemy designs.

The Bottom Line

RE4 is a fantastic survival horror ride about a special agent (Leon s Kennedy) on a top secret mission to save the presidents daughter, after a short investigation Leon discovers some very disturbing facts that get darker as the game progresses. Its a fresh start for RE with lots of action, puzzle solving and an arsenal of weapons fit for an army. Be sure to check this game out!