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Written by  :  Classic Nigel (150)
Written on  :  Jun 09, 2007
Rating  :  4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars

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The Resident Evil Game To End All Resident Evils!

The Good

So I finally played Resident Evil 4 last Memorial Day Weekend what took me so long you ask? Well I had my initial doubts while this game did surprise me with its quality it still isn’t as good as some have said some would have you believe this game has no flaws however as you know(or at least should know) there is no such thing as a perfect game as a matter of fact this game is by far the best Resident Evil Ever!!! So much so that I don’t care if RE5 ever comes out they could stop making these games with this one, but then again this was doesn’t conclude much of anything so there still is story to be told Now on to actual features of the game.

As you must likely know by know the plot of this game revolves around Leon Kennedy being assigned to rescue the president’s daughter which I don’t care for it sound like the plot of a 80’s action movie but it gets better upon his arrival Leon finds that a cult is responsible for Ashley’s capture the enemies are very much in the vein of something pulled from H.P. Lovecraft at least they borrowed from something good and these new enemies are all smart, ruthless, and relentless very different from the zombies of previous entries Considering the fact that many reviews told me how this game was really hard only a few parts were difficult and none of them were bosses all the bosses were easy and the hardest one wasn’t the final boss or even the biggest boss the hardest boss was one of the earliest. Although it does seem out of place I like the new shopkeeper where you buy and upgrade items and sell treasure items for cash.

Alike past Resident Evil this one does an excellent job of presenting the atmosphere and making you think quickly to deal with the chainsaw men coming at you while still not scary it does a good job making you jump or when a chainsaw man takes off your head I was heard to remark “Oh Shit” the game also has better integrated puzzles less ones that would be impossible to figure out yourself This game also keeps you on your toes even during cut scenes if you’re not paying attention during a cut scene you might end up dead like with a knife in your chest, or falling in a pit full of spikes.

The Visuals are some of the best seen on the Gamecube it really sets the mood for the game and the controls allow for even better immersion I also liked the new behind the back view while it was awkward to get used to at first once I started playing I couldn’t imagine it any other way and the new targeting system makes this game blast who doesn’t like exploding heads with your shotgun?

The Bad

Now the bad mostly its little stuff like how for some reason in the boxes that you see around sometimes have snakes in them and even though the new inventory system is good I do have a gripe all the same type of ammo should take up only one space instead of taking up a different space each time you pick one up.

The Bottom Line

All in all this is a great new entry and is so good that even if you do not like the past Resident Evils this is worth a play. In the immortal words of the Shopkeeper “What are You Buying?”