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The Assistant of James Bond Rouge (7) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Great platform/shooter game; critics are liars! Austin Bruner (5) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
Highly criticised, but very little of it deserving. Jungle Jim (306) 3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars
an enhanced sonic game sonicteamUSA (38) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.3
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.5
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.3
Overall User Score (22 votes) 3.5

Critic Reviews

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Bright Hub (Dec 02, 2008)
This isn't a game that should be winning awards, but it isn't as abysmal as the gaming media would have you believe either. In truth, it's a solid and enjoyable action platformer, better than Sonic Adventure DX but not quite as good as Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. The game received a rating of E-10+ from the ESRB and is more thematically intense than other games in the series, and does include a few instances of harsh language, so it may not be suitable for very young gamers. If you're fortunately enough to find it in a bargain bin somewhere for $10 to $15, pick it up. Otherwise, it's worth at least a test rental. Considering that it plays well, has an interesting story to tell and features over 300 different ways to play through the game, I think you'll find it's worth the gamble.
Shadow the hedgehog has been getting a lot of low scores around the internet. The thing is that those reviewers did not spend enough time to get use to the camera, controls and the feel of the game. The game does an excellent job of combining platforming with shooting. Shadow the hedgehog is certainly not perfect but it at least can keep you entertain while you wait for the next Sonic 3-D title. If you liked previous Sonic 3-D titles and you have no problems to stop running and go destroy enemies then this might just be your game. But the best recommendation for this game is to pick it up when is in a lower price.
This game does enough things right that for the most part, you'll likely enjoy yourself while playing it. Recommended.
Game Over Online (Dec 28, 2005)
You could make a very real case for Shadow the Hedgehog not being a Sonic game, gameplay-wise, and I'd wholly agree with you. It's something other, though there are a few nods to its Sonic origins. It's much more focused on objective-based action adventure shenanigans, for example, with less of an emphasis on the insane speed that's part and parcel of the Sonic series. However, that does not explain how we ended up with such a lackluster game.
N-Zone (Jan 11, 2006)
Schnelle Saltos, MegasprĂŒnge und Turboschienen sorgen fĂŒr ein schnelles SpielgefĂŒhl. Ebenso kann man mit Waffen, die teilweise fast so groß sind wie Shadow selbst, so richtig auf den Putz hauen. Schade, dass die 3D-Shooter-Sequenzen genauso uninspiriert sind wie das Leveldesign und die Technik von Shadow the Hedgehog. Auch der Mehrspieler-Modus ist sehr enttĂ€uschend. Die Arenenauswahl ist dĂŒrftig und die Übersicht leidet unter der schlechten Bildschirmaufteilung deutlich. Schade, Sega!
In den meisten FĂ€llen lĂ€uft das Spiel recht flott und flĂŒssig, ab und zu kommt der Grafikaufbau aber nicht hinterher. Immer unter der BerĂŒcksichtigung, dass das Spiel aussieht wie vor sieben Jahren. Soundtechnisch hat sich seitdem auch nix getan. Dieselben Effekte, mehr Gequassel, schlechtere Musik. ĂŒberall nur ein Gitarren-Elektro-Mischmasch, unabhĂ€ngig vom optischen Stil. Und so wirkt auch das ganze Spiel: Wahllos zusammengeschustert und ohne erkennbare klare Linie. Sorry, Sega, aber das war ja wohl nichts!
SEGA-Portal.de (Sep 20, 2009)
Als ich das erste Mal von Shadow the Hedgehog hörte, war ich wirklich sehr skeptisch. Das legte sich jedoch mit der Zeit und seit dem Anzocken auf der GamesConvention stand es fest: Shadow the Hedgehog muss her! FĂŒr mich als Fan der Serie hat sich die Anschaffung wirklich gelohnt. Es macht Spass, und das ist doch die Hauptsache! Wenn ihr ein Jump’n’Run mit Actioneinlagen sucht und ĂŒber die technischen MĂ€ngel hinwegsehen könnt, kann ich euch Shadow the Hedgehog nur ans Herz legen, Fans greifen schon aufgrund der Story sowieso zu!
The Next Level (USA) (Feb 08, 2006)
Poor Sonic has been struggling to find solid footing ever since he jumped to 3-D. His most recent re-invention, the tag-team-based Sonic Heroes, was perhaps his most disappointing outing in his long history, and so, for this year’s holiday Sonic release, Sega takes a step back from the series and delivers an interesting spin-off featuring Sonic’s angsty counterpart, Shadow. If taken for what it is, Shadow is an enjoyable title. It was only ever meant as a holiday fix for Sonic fans, not a new direction for the series. While it’s not what I would call a return to form, it’s an enjoyable game with enough meat to keep in rotation for a good while. I’ll take that over another heartbreaker like Sonic Heroes any day.
4Players.de (Dec 21, 2005)
Gut, Böse, Neutral – Sonic goes Star Wars? Und das Entscheidungskonzept bringt tatsĂ€chlich etwas, jedenfalls zum Spielende - bis dahin ist es im Grunde wurscht, ob ihr alles zerhackstĂŒckt oder in Ruhe lasst. Und so schön die verschiedenen AbspĂ€nne auch sind – das Spiel wird dadurch nicht besser. Ihr schliddert wĂŒst ballernd (oder nicht, von KI keine Spur) durch die Levels, schwĂ€tzt hier ein wenig, igelt da ein bisschen. GewĂŒrzt mit den obligatorischen High-Speed-Einlagen sowie der wohl noch unvermeidlicheren miesen Kamera bleibt ein Spiel, das beinharten Sonic-Veteranen einiges bietet. Der Normalspieler fragt sich hingegen schon nach kurzer Zeit, warum Shadow nicht im Schatten geblieben ist – gerade angesichts gleichzeitig veröffentlichter Perlen wie Sonic Rush sieht der Schwarzstachel ganz traurig aus.
Press Start Online (Feb 28, 2006)
Shadow is very similar to Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 (indeed, the Shadow storyline links in to the latter) and so fans of those two will most probably enjoy Shadow. The trademark speed of Sonic is still here and racing down a hill at blazing speed never fails to thrill. However, this effect is watered down somewhat thanks to lamentably high levels of slowdown when things get a little hectic. Unfortunately, hardly anything that was wrong with SA2 - or even the inferior Sonic Heroes - has been fixed and so less dedicated Sonic fans will find this to be a distinctly average piece of platforming.
NGC Magazine (Dec, 2005)
Disappointingly, there's a lot wrong with this game. There are plenty of traditional loop-the-loops yet your constant need to shoot stops you getting enough speed up. There's no targeting system to speak of either, so you're often wasting ammo on empty space. Deaths are frequently unfair, and having to restart the level after five deaths is an unwelcome throwback to a more unforgiving time. It's also so short, you can see the end credits within two or three hours. Sadly not the Glock-buster Sega was hoping for. Shadow of the Hedgehog is unfortunately doomed to go down in Sega's history book as a terrible misfire.
Jeuxvideo.com (Nov 19, 2005)
N'y allons pas par quatre chemins, Shadow The Hedgehog est une déception. Plus confus qu'un Sonic Heroes à cause de l'utilisation d'armes, moins maniable, il bénéficie néanmoins d'une trÚs bonne idée : celle de nous laisser choisir la voie que l'on veut emprunter. Mis à part ça, le reste n'est pas formidable : on se retrouve avec un gameplay frustrant et un mode deux joueurs bien pauvre.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Nov 28, 2005)
As a long-term Sonic fan Shadow the Hedgehog fills me with absolute dread and disdain; it's an abysmal game that manages to expand upon the issues of previous Sonic games, whilst completing negating the core ingredients of the Sonic series. Nobody should even contemplate showing any interest in this title let alone picking it up, SEGA what have you done???
With a totally retro-classic Sonic already appearing on a DS near you, I can only suggest that if you own Nintendo's new handheld that you should seek out the real hedgehog and buy that game. If you're insatiably curious as to exploring the Shadow mythos just to see where it goes, by all means rent it for a few days.
IGN (Nov 17, 2005)
Shadow the Hedgehog is proof that Sonic Team needs to get with the program if it plans to compete with legitimate current and next- generation software. This is Sonic Adventure with guns and less polish, and players today are far more discerning than they were six years ago. Diehard Sonic fans will cling to the fact that the title still conjures up corkscrews and loop-de-loops, as well as an impressive sense of speed when Shadow really gets moving, and this is all true. But this doesn't make up for the game's long list of shortcomings, from stupid level design, unrefined controls and useless gunplay to disappointingly outdated graphics.
GameSpot (Nov 21, 2005)
Shadow the Hedgehog is an attempt to take the series into slightly edgier, more mature territory. That's all fine and good, but a game needs more than a bad attitude and some guns to be enjoyable. The multiple endings are great, and they provide some interesting insight into Shadow's past. Unfortunately, everything leading up to those endings is tedious and frustrating due to the nasty controls and an uncooperative camera. If you absolutely have to get a Sonic fix this holiday season, start with Sonic Rush. If that still isn't enough hedgehog, you might find something to like if you give Shadow a try, but you'll definitely find plenty to dislike, too.
Nintendo Difference (Dec 19, 2005)
AnnoncĂ© en grande pompe par Sega, Shadow the Hedgehog est en rĂ©alitĂ© une grosse dĂ©ception qui ne mĂ©rite pas de figurer dans votre ludothĂšque. Les dĂ©fauts sont tellement nombreux que mĂȘme les fans du hĂ©risson ne devraient pas y trouver leur compte. Sega, ressaisis-toi !
Game Freaks 365 (Nov, 2005)
Shadow the Hedgehog was a unique attempt at taking a different approach to the Sonic series classic happy go-lucky feel. This is fine by me, but it can't be done by just adding guns, some shady characters, and a bad attitude. Having multiple endings and different paths to choose was a good idea, however, I'd rather watch paint dry, then try and go through the pain of getting to those endings. I personally would like to see them give a try at Shadow the Hedgehog 2, and fix the mistakes (as there are many of them) that they made in this one. If you really want to play some Sonic this Christmas, I'd point you in the direction of Sonic Rush; unless you have an extreme infatuation with Shadow (or just want to have a chuckle at a game), I'd recommend turning another way.
Times Online (Jan 07, 2006)
Unlike the early games, which were developed to show off the speed of Sega’s new hardware, Shadow the Hedgehog offers nothing new. Instead, Sega seems to be lazily exploiting a franchise that appears way past its sell-by date. Reinvent the character by all means, but give him back his sharp edges.
videogamer.com (Nov 24, 2005)
The Sonic series has been on a downward spiral for a few years now, and while this isn't officially a Sonic title, it shows where the series' creators are going with the franchise, and it's almost heart breaking. Shadow the Hedgehog is an abomination and a game that even the most die-hard Sonic fan would struggle to enjoy. Hopefully they'll learn their lesson after the critical maulings and up their game for Sonic's next-gen debut.
AceGamez (2005)
The poor controls, tricky camera and an irritation-filled gaming experience is unfortunately what Shadow the Hedgehog is presented as, and this doesn't deserve to be found under too many Christmas tree's this year. Let's just hope that Sega get back to what Sonic does best, fast and frantic 2D action. [Keep your eyes peeled for Sonic the Hedgehog on Xbox 360 - I have a sneaky feeling that it's going to be a mind blowing return to form for our spiky blue pal! Ed].
Snackbar-Games.com (Dec 23, 2005)
Now, replay value? Quite a bit actually. According to the game theatre, the Pure Hero ending is listed as "1", and the Pure Evil ending is listed as "326". This means there are 326 possible ways to play through the game. And let's not forget about the Chaos Emeralds! While each playthrough may not take very long, there's 326 of them to be done before you can call 'complete' on them. And the game itself is very Pick-up-and-play-able. Overall, I'd give it an 8/10. A vast improvement over previous Sonic games, and starring a much more interesting lead character. Rent or Buy - Rent it. Then love it. Then buy it.
Chaotic, arbitrary, dull, and needlessly frustrating; this is video game design at its absolute worst. I'm afraid even Dr. Robotnik couldn't have killed Sonic off so effectively as Sega has managed to do with this game.
Thunderbolt Games (Feb 18, 2006)
In theory the game has a lot of replay value and playing through the game normally once will only let you see seven of the levels on offer (about a third). Inevitably though, by the end seven levels feels like more than enough. It seems unlikely that many people aside from Sonic fanatics will actually enjoy the game, despite its considerable superficial pleasures and alluring half-baked ideas. From its stripping down of the series’ most successful gameplay elements to its obviously desperate addition of weapons and ‘street’ cool this is still a product of a development studio with a good imagination. But also, it seems, a lazy one only too happy to jump on the same GTA bandwagon that’s currently carrying way too many developers.
GameSpy (Nov 16, 2005)
If you're simply starved for a new Sonic video game, Shadow the Hedgehog's here. Considering the flood of quality releases this year, however, only the diehard are going to find any reason to venture into this world of generic angst. For the followers, though, there's plenty of reason to stick around; you only experience a fraction of the levels on your first play (which is less than five hours), and there are piles of hidden secrets waiting to be discovered for the dedicated player. Most people won't have the patience for such hijinks, though, and Sonic fans are better off checking out Sonic Rush on Nintendo DS and hoping Sonic Team comes up with an all-new 3D Sonic formula for the next-generation.
Pro-G (Nov 24, 2005)
The Sonic series has been on a downward spiral for a few years now, and while this isn't officially a Sonic title, it shows where the series' creators are going with the franchise, and it's almost heart breaking. Shadow the Hedgehog is an abomination and a game that even the most die-hard Sonic fan would struggle to enjoy. Hopefully they'll learn their lesson after the critical maulings and up their game for Sonic's next-gen debut.
NintendoWorldReport (Feb 06, 2006)
In one of the game’s endings, Shadow tells Dr. Eggman that he will send him to hell, and he promptly follows this remark by killing him. That is nothing like any Sonic game I played as a kid. Those games were fast, colorful, simple, and fun - all things that Shadow the Hedgehog not only misses, but flat out ignores.
1UP (Nov 23, 2005)
Seems like someone in Japan decided it was a good time to make a Sonic game that was "street" but had no idea of how to go about it. Shadow loses his memory, starts toting guns he finds on the bodies of characters he kills (both friends and enemies), says words like "damn," and is the angsty yin to Sonic's hopeful yang. This premise would still be stupid even if Shadow didn't suffer from slowdown issues, a nonexistent lock-on system, a horrible camera, and bottomless pits in which to fall. But it does, and it is stupid--just like this is a stupid way to spend 50 bucks.
Not since Bubsy have I seen a mascot-based action game corner the market in unresponsive controls, disastrous level designs, inconsistent character designs, and (my favorite) just being flat out broken. At the very least, this game has its place in the history gaming for that. Shame on you, Sega.
The Video Game Critic (Mar 22, 2006)
Shadow's auto-aiming is sufficient most of the time, but the shooting action feels like an afterthought, and it's often easier to simply dash past most enemies. The two-player battle mode is an abomination, as you'll battle the camera in a futile attempt to even find your opponent! On a positive note, Shadow's soundtrack kicks ass, and its rocking intro got me all pumped up for what should have been a good time. I wanted to like Shadow the Hedgehog, but the frustration was too much to deny.
Lawrence (Jan 05, 2006)
Shadow the Hedgehog includes a two-player option, but it’s probably the most lazily developed multiplayer mode I’ve seen in a long time. It’s basic deathmatch style and the problems seen in the single-player mode are made even more apparent with the split screen. You could say Shadow has some replay value because of the branching levels, but that’s assuming it’s worth playing through even once (which it isn’t). Even if you’re a hardcore Sonic fan that has tolerated the last few releases, you’ll probably want to stay away from this one.

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