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SoulCalibur II Screenshots (GameCube)

User Screenshots

GameCube version

Namco logo
Introduction: meet the various fighters!
Introduction: each fighter has a different animation
The gamecube version features Link as a bonus character
Title screen
Press Start to access the main menu
The main menu
The level map in single player story mode
Level introduction in single player story mode
The fighters for the next round
Raphael fights Taki
Attacking Voldo in weapons master mode
Choose your fighters!
Blocking an attack...
Two player Vs battle
Get ready for arcade mode stage 1
Ivy and Taki fighting
I've been knocked down by Charade!
Congratulations, you win!
Attacking Yunsung, and winning...
Instant replay
Each player features a variety of different moves
My opponent successfully ducks...
Cervantes is almost out of energy
Final battle....Fight!!
Cassandra attacking Yoshimitsu