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SSX Tricky Screenshots (GameCube)

User Screenshots

GameCube version

Title screen from game introduction
Title screen / main menu
Choose an event
Character selection; you may also customize your board and appearance
Choose a course to compete on
Elise riding down Garabaldi...don't hit the fence!
A rail trick
Performing a mid air trick
Practice performing tricks, the computer shows what buttons to push
That big red star is a 5x point multiplier, and I missed it!
This rail is a good way to get places fast...
Prepare for a race!
Racing; everyone always seems to get in my way
A victory! Zoe waves to the crowd...
Hope the sun doesn't get in your eyes much...
Snow boarding across a wooden bridge? I'm not sure how well this will turn out...
A race; I've reached a checkpoint!
Watch out for that tree!!
Hey, I found a pretty neat short cut!
Some other racers are knocking me over...
You can get a lot of air at the Tokyo Megaplex
Tried to jump into this tunnel, but missed
Hmm, this jump ahead looks like a good place to attempt a trick...
Excellent, a 3x point multiplier!
Jumping over some bumps in this tunnel
Racing; I'm in 3rd place now...
Jumping through the air...missed that rail, though
Uh oh, other riders coming up behind me...
Perform tricks at this terrain park
The loading screen gives an overview of the next event and course