Written by  :  MasterMegid (902)
Written on  :  Aug 25, 2006
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The Rape Of The Starfox Series

The Good

StarFox is one of most beloved of all the Nintendo franchises. The SNES and N64 versions of the game were amazing the Gamecube one sadly sucks.

The plot is typical of StarFox only more moronic. I won’t get into it here.

The Graphics are good. Hell they are amazing. Easily one of the games best features. Alas graphics do not make the game. This game really shows the power of the Gamecube. The multiplayer is fun. There are many different modes of play all of which are fun to play. If you have friends and multiple controllers, sadly there is no online component. If only the rest of the game was as well done as the multiplayer.

The Bad

The Gameplay is horrible. There are three types. Rail line shooting, in an Arwing. Free form shooting in an Arwing, and segments in which Fox goes on foot. The only one of these segments that is well done is the free fly ship mode. The rail line segments are lame, and the on foot missions are almost impossible. The controls are shit. And the objectives are often unclear. There are also regenerating bad guys. Why Nintendo?

The voice acting is horrendous. And the music and sound effects leave too much to be desired.

The Bottom Line

Overall I can not recommend this game. If you must have a Star Fox game get, StarFox Adventures. Or get this game cheap and just play the multiplayer. Why did Nintendo let Namco make this game? Namco can not even make there own games well. Shame on you Nintendo.