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Super Bubble Pop Credits


ProgrammingStuart Sproston (as Dino), David Chapman
ArtistRick Stirling
AnimationIan Deary, John Saull, James Roberts, Paul Humphreys, Anthony Martin
DesignBob Hands
ProducerMick Waites
Lead TesterTom Armstrong
TestersJonathan Bell, Wez Foster, Michael Barlow, Steve Garnham, Gregory Ellis, Tim Wilson, Richard Hanheran, John Feather, Paul Tracey
QA ManagerMark Hooley
Animation ManagerJon Harrison
Art ManagerDerek Ham
R&D HeadSteven Caslin
R&DThomas Kuhn, Richard Gatehouse, Paul Tankard, Richard Palmer, Jeff Astor
Design ManagerDave Lago
Creative ManagerAndy Sutcliffe
Sound ManagerKevin Saville
VP DevelopmentDave Lee
VP MarketingAdele Callan
VP Business DevelopmentDarren Melbourne
COOAndrew Wall
CEOKevin Devine

Jaleco Entertainment

PresidentRichard P. Wnuk
Studio ManagerPaul Meegan
ProducerQuincy Roach
QA ManagerRobb Flynn
QA LeadJeff Mrochek
QA Senior TesterBill Mrochek
QA TesterSteve Caywood, Zack Fredenberg, Greg Garman, Bryan Hill, Suleiman Jacir, Aaron McIver, Michael Stamps

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rick Stirling (56) and リカルド・フィリペ (202870)