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N-Zone (Aug 10, 2006)
Insgesamt gelingt der Monkey Ball-Serie der Sprung vom Geschicklichkeits- ins Adventure-Genre aufgrund der etwas trägen Spielbarkeit nicht besonders gut. Zum Glück bietet der Multiplayer-Modus mehr und kann länger unterhalten als das dröge Soloabenteuer.
The Next Level (Sep 04, 2006)
Adventure is really only going to appeal to a certain segment of the audience of the originals. Younger gamers with a love of platformers and enough patience to cope with a some sometimes uneven challenge will find a satisfying game here, but many of the older set will simply grow bored of running errands and odd jobs. For the purists, I would recommend holding out for the truly impressive Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz coming this fall. But some of their younger brothers and sisters might find what they want here.
60 (Sep 21, 2009)
Wer die ersten Teile der Super Monkey Ball Serie mochte, findet an diesem Titel nicht unbedingt auch Gefallen, ist doch der Hauptteil der Vorgänger nun nur noch zu einer Nebensache geworden. Es handelt sich hier zwar in keinerlei Hinsicht um ein schlechtes Spiel, allerdings glückte der Versuch, die Affenbande in freier Wildbahn auszusetzen aufgrund einer eher unmotivierenden Story und eintönigen Missionen einfach nicht – auch wenn die neuen Balleigenschaften das Spielgeschehen teilweise auflockerten. Aiai und seine Freunde gehören nunmal in ihre Puzzles, und dahin werden sie zum Wii-Launch auch wieder zurückgeschickt.
GameZone (Aug 17, 2006)
The Super Monkey Ball franchise just proves that adding monkeys to your Marble Madness-inspired puzzle game makes for good time because - let’s face it - what gamer doesn’t like great puzzles and controlling monkeys encased in a protective bubble? Yet the main reason the franchise is so addictive is the variety of race-to-the-finish-line-style puzzles that require some thought to complete successfully. Super Monkey Ball Adventure for the GameCube is the latest addition to the franchise but, sadly enough, this isn’t the best game in the series to grace our favorite cube.
GameSpot (Aug 08, 2006)
Super Monkey Ball has proven itself to be a singularly bizarre, unique game series. You could draw some flimsy comparisons to Marble Madness, but even then you're not giving Sega credit for SMB's potent cocktail of three-dimensional puzzle-solving and harrowing platform action. Combined with its distinctly Japanese style, which was like equal parts Sonic the Hedgehog and Hello Kitty, Super Monkey Ball felt like it was developed with little concern for market forces or key demographics. It's kind of depressing, then, to watch the series degenerate into a frustrating, haphazard mush with Super Monkey Ball Adventure.
Game Over Online (Aug 29, 2006)
Taken as a whole, this isn't a terrible game, just a very disappointing one. If you want to get the most out of it, buy it for the new puzzles and not the story mode. Also, unless you've got a burning desire to play new SMB puzzles right now, just wait for a price drop. $40 is way too much for just 30 new puzzles, especially when SMB Deluxe can be had for less than that (and even bundled with Sonic Mega Collection Plus for Xbox owners). With so many top-shelf games coming out in the next month or two, I can't really recommend this right now.
GamerDad (Aug 13, 2006)
While it is easy to tell that the developers of Super Monkey Ball Adventure tried to implement classic Monkey Ball gameplay into the adventure, the whole trip ultimately falls short. None of the mini-games are any better than in previous installments, and the main adventure suffers from unclear goals, frustrating gameplay, and minor quibbles like sound effects that annoyingly loop over and over again. Definitely not top banana.
GameSpy (Aug 09, 2006)
Unless you're very forgiving, impervious to frustration, or blindly love all things Monkey Ball, Super Monkey Ball Adventure probably isn't your idea of a good time. It's an interesting concept, and there are some enjoyable party games and challenges, but the level of craftsmanship that made the earlier games hits just isn't here. These monkeys know how to have fun, but it doesn't look like they're really cut out for adventuring.
IGN (Aug 07, 2006)
The Super Monkey Ball franchise was born of classics like Marble Madness and has always been an arcade-paced affair. At the heart of previous games was a series of puzzle mazes, each designed to challenge your brain and your reflexes. The goal was simply to reach the goal by any means necessary. If you were a pro, you found ways to bounce your glass-encased monkey off objects and around turns for spectacular shortcuts. If you were a novice, you probably jerked your way through the obstacles, all the while twisting your controller as though you might be wrestling it from a monkey's grip. But either way, you could pick up and play the titles from the start and whether you were a whiz or a joke, you found yourself having a lot of fun.
Lawrence (Sep 06, 2006)
SMBA is a serious misstep for the series. The other games gave players exactly what they wanted, and somehow succeeded in being more charming and fun. There is really no reason to pick this one up. Save your money and get one of the older Monkey Ball games. At least your ears will thank you for it.
Nintendo Difference (Aug 06, 2006)
On hésite à classer Super Monkey Ball Adventure dans le domaine des daubes. L'intention était louable mais le résultat n'est pas du tout à la hauteur des espérances. Résultat, le jeu en devient sans intérêt aucun et ne parvient pas à la cheville de ses grands frères. Sega ferait bien de confier à nouveau le développement du jeu à Amusement Vision, créateur des deux premiers volets. Foncez plutôt sur ces deux là si vous ne les avez pas encore, mais évitez celui-ci à tout prix. Même pour rien, il ne vaut pas le coup.
40 (Jul 18, 2006)
En adoptant un système de progression radicalement différent des précédents volets de la série sans se donner les moyens d'aboutir à un résultat correct, Super Monkey Ball Adventure risque de perdre en route un bon nombre de fans. Avec son gameplay inadapté et ses challenges insurmontables, ce titre ne procure aucun plaisir de jeu. Pire, vous en viendrez probablement à le haïr.
1UP (Jul 31, 2006)
The basic idea is that you take your chosen monkey-in-a-ball from island to island to bring happiness and allow a couple to wed. It doesn't matter; your real mission is to go around the islands and play the various minigames, teleport into puzzles to unlock things, and gather bananas to unlock characters and minigames. But, except for a few corners you can whirl around in, none of the areas are designed for a character that's rolling and hard to control. Mess up and you restart at a seemingly randomly placed checkpoint.