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    Hey Party Animals!!

    Call your friends and warn your neighbours, it’s time to have a ball! Go bananas with 90+ stages, multi-player madness, and 7 cool ways to play! Equal parts ‘party’ and ‘game’, Super Monkey Ball could be the most ‘well-rounded’ game you’ve ever played!

    Monkey Billiards Monkey Bowling Monkey Golf Monkey Fight Monkey Race Monkey Target

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65770) on Oct 15, 2005.

    Yes, we have lots of bananas today.

    Fred Durst isn't the only one who's "Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'" these days. Sega has a gang of madcap monkeys ready to roll into the mix, in a zany racing/action/minigame extravaganza for Nintendo GameCube called Super Monkey Ball.

    Accurately titled, Super Monkey Ball challenges players to control cute little monkeys who run around in transparent balls not unlike hamster balls. That the monkeys, balls and tracks all look great even in the midst of split-screen frenetic action is a terrific tribute to the Nintendo GameCube's processing power. This game supports Dolby Surround.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65770) on Oct 15, 2005. (French):


    Un singe pour qui ça roule !

    Apparu en 2000 dans les salles d'arcade du monde entier, Monkey Ball possède un principe simple qui rappelle étrangement Marble Madness.
    Vous dirigez un petit singe enfermé dans une boule transparente et devez l'amener au bout d'un chemin, dans le temps imparti. Tout cela en veillant à récolter un maximum de bananes.
    La vitesse, l'intertie et nombre d'obstacles vous en empêcheront, sans parler des adversaires qui rêvent de vous faire tomber du parcours.
    Un concept simple et fort, des possibilités multiples,... des heures de fun et de plaisir en perspective !


    • Un gameplay intuitif pour une prise en main immédiate qui confère une extrême précision à l'ensemble, Une maniabilité exemplaire qui tire pleinement partie de la manette Gamecube,
    • De nombreux mini-jeux jouables à 4 simultanés: Bowling, Fight, Target, Billard, Course ... Branchez 4 manettes sur votre Game Cube et éclatez-vous entre copains!
    • Des graphismes pointus et hauts en couleur pour un rendu graphique du plus bel effet,
    • Un mode multijoueur explosifs pour encore plus de fun,
    • Un concept unique avec plus de 90 plateaux de jeu inventifs et très bien pensés, qui lui confèrent une durée de vie quasi illimitée.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66571) on Sep 25, 2005.

Atari Australia Press Quotes - GameCube:
    "Super Monkey Ball sucks players in and doesn't let go. It's an old-school action-puzzler based on simplicity and dependent upon player determination and ultimately skill. It's got great level variation, spot-on control and some truly thoughtful, well created mazes and puzzles that must be completed using a combination of physics calculations, careful planning and a huge helping of patience"

    " The added multiplayer modes will almost overshadow the single-player mode if you can gather up four friends. I was surprised at their diversity"

    " Super Monkey Ball is well-balanced and addictive. You begin by crossing simple platforms, but soon after the game demands such precise control of the analog stick it will have you sweating bullets. Beginner mode is enjoyable, Advanced mode is challenging, and Expert mode is evil. If you can make it through all three modes and unlock the bonus levels you will have simultaneously mastered GameCube's analog stick on the controller. I was very pleased with the single-player mode, because I usually won't turn away from something until I'm successful. So, you end up spending a half-hour trying to pass just one level in practice mode. Then you might spend the next half-hour coming up with your own shortcuts. Puzzle addicts will clock a lot of gameplay time with Super Monkey Ball. "

    "All in all, though, a spectacular action-puzzle game that is absolutely recommended to just about anybody looking for an old-school, pure fun experience without all of the extra visual and audio bells and whistles that sell so many next-generation products." IGN Online

    “Monkey Ball packs a serious challenge, has more gameplay styles then you can shake a banana at and offers the best multiplayer action this side of Super Smash Bros. 88%” - Hyper Magazine

    “This novel game from Japan is changing the way people think about balls. 4.5/5” ICON - SMH Paper

    Contributed by Xoleras (66571) on May 12, 2004.

Atari Australia website - GameCube:
    Sega’s Super Monkey Ball for Nintendo GameCube will keep you rolling! Tilt the stages just right and your monkey will zip down ramps, launch across a vast ocean, and maneuver through party games galore. Because they inhabit a transparent ball, the four versatile monkeys can act as a bowling ball (with pretty impressive spin), golf ball, and billiard ball. And the party doesn’t end there! Engage in a variety of competitive races in Monkey Race, boxing in Monkey Fight, and flying in Monkey Target. While you plunge through the various beautiful stages that float high above deep canyons, the clock is running down, so don’t take your time negotiating those corners. If you fall off the side, all is not lost; simply scoop up more bananas and once you collect 100, you get another life! As with most monkeys, AiAi, MeeMee, Baby, and Gongon love to play -- and in this case, win! Bring them to victory and you will be treated to their dance of glory

  • Extensive game play for 1 to 4 players.
  • 10 Beginner stages, 30 Normal stages, 50 Advanced stages – and special hidden bonus stages.
  • Bright, upbeat music that changes with the diverse environments.
  • Simple controls get beginner gamers right into the game.
  • Adorable, heart-stealing characters make gameplay addictive.
  • Track your progress with Play Points and Rankings.
  • 6 Extra Modes of play include: Monkey Race, Monkey Fight, Monkey Target, Monkey Bowling, Monkey Billiards, and Monkey Golf!

    Contributed by Xoleras (66571) on May 12, 2004.

Back of Box (U.S./Canada):
    Hey Party Animals!!

    Call your friends and warn your neighbors, it's time to have a ball! Go bananas with 90+ stages, multi-player madness, and 7 cool ways to play! Equal parts "party" and "game", Super Monkey Ball could be the most "well-rounded" game you've ever played!

    Monkey Billiards

    Monkey Bowling

    Monkey Golf

    Monkey Fight

    Monkey Race

    Monkey Target

    Contributed by JPaterson (9534) on Jan 26, 2002.